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This is a rant, you may not want to read it.

I have never been more disappointed in the American people especially the men than I am these days.

Dear sirs political and the just plain misogynistic,

Treating women like second class citizens. Eroding away every single hard-earned human right we have. Hating on us.

How proud all the women of your families must be of you.

I wonder if your problem with women stems from your mother not paying enough attention to you when you were a spoiled child who pulled the wings off flies.

I’m sure she must have ignored your temper tantrums since you still have them today when you don’t get your way. Or did your privileged ass have a Nanny who fed you drugs to put you to sleep so she could screw your daddy?

Did Mommy dearest bottle feed you instead of nurse you? Is that why you can’t stand seeing a woman do what is natural.

If it weren’t for women you wouldn’t be here. Keep that in mind.

If all the women of this country stood together you wouldn’t exist. You’d become a bad memory. We outnumber you and yet you bully us, pay us less than we are worth, take away our humanity, and try to suppress our free will?

If you were afraid of us before, continue to wage your war on us and you will learn the true meaning of fear.

Y’all have to sleep sometime.

Kermit face

Election day.… I am so glad it’s finally over, that I really don’t want to watch the returns…. Surprise me tomorrow.

     Don’t call me and try to convince me I should vote for your candidate today, or for that matter, all night last night.  I’ve made up my mind.  (Romney managed to hit us twenty times during our dinner last night and at least three times an hour up to two a.m.)  Lucky for him, the calls were robotic and not human.  I pity any human who could’ve called me by the end of that dinner hour, even more so, the one a.m. caller.  They would have had an earful of the choicest of cuss words strung together most creatively and telling them where to stick their candidate… 

     Note to candidates in the NEXT election who want my vote:  Don’t spend money driving me crazy with phone calls and TV ads, Don’t lie to me—I am not stupid or uninformed, and most of all keep away from mud-slinging.

     You all have a good one!  Don’t forget to vote.


Sometimes I truly wonder about people.

     I can’t believe the people in Wisconsin allowing that man to continue in office like they did.  I know several people who live there, they all voted against him, and yet he managed to snag just enough votes to stay in.  When will people learn?  He’s only going to screw them all in the end.   People of Wisconsin, be prepared to bend over and get it from behind.

     Then there are our federal government officials who are more concerned about what we women do with our reproductive systems than good health care for all American citizens.  I don’t see them trying to regulate men’s reproductive systems.  They aren’t doctors, they are the idiots that we put in office.  What they seem to forget is we put them in there and we can take them out.  All it takes is a trip to the voting booth. 

     And what’s with government trying to tell us what to eat and drink.  Excuse me but methinks they overstep their bounds.  I don’t drink sugary drinks but I’ll march for anyone else to have the right to do so.

     You all have a good one.

Supreme Court Ruling: Strip-Searches Allowed for Any Arrest

     They have got to be kidding!  This opens the door for gross abuse of power!  As a woman I find this ruling frightening.

     Does anyone else find this ruling scary as hell? 

     This is oh, so wrong on oh,so many levels.  Our individual rights are being whittled away on a daily basis.  Do we dare ask what is next?