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A new week

     I’m hoping that today I hear from my cardiologist.  I’d really hate to have to wait all week to hear about what he thinks of the tests.  My luck, if he does call today, he calls while I’m gone for my walk.  Sometimes I really hate HIPPA, since they get so weird about giving any information to The Curmudgeon.

     Yes, after an entire week of doctor appointments, I am more than a little happy to get back to taking my walk today. 

      The Curmudgeon’s blood tests came back and according to his neurologist he’s anemic.  He has an appointment to see our family doctor later this week.

      You all have a good one!

Lazy Sunday

This is me today….

I just want to snooze.

Friday is over isn’t it?

     Not my favorite thing to hear when I first wake up is The Curmudgeon moaning and groaning.  This is a sign of a very bad day.  I trudged down the stairs to find him on his hands and knees wiping the floor and cabinets with a paper towel

     “What happened?”

     “The coffee pot is leaking all over the place.”  He replied.

     I walked over to the sink and picked up the pot.  When I did I spotted a hole in it.  “Um, maybe because there’s a hole in the pot.  I’m betting you banged it…”  I looked in the sink and sure enough I found some chips of glass.  “Put a hole in it.  Lovely.  I’m guessing this means there’s no coffee?”

     Those who know me know that this is me without coffee…

     Therefore I walked over to G’s house to mooch a cup of coffee, but no one answered the door.  ACK! 

     Then I decided to waste no more time and go buy a replacement carafe at Target.  They didn’t have any, in fact I was told that the company no longer makes this particular carafe.  Yikes!!!!  I looked at all the coffee makers they had to offer and made a decision.  I now have a new coffee maker that has an insulated stainless steel unbreakable coffee carafe.

     I hugged my precious cargo to my chest and fled for the check out counter directly across from the Starbucks stand.  As I swiped my charge card I yelled across the aisle to the Starbucks clerk, “Give me the largest darkest one you have, I’ll be right there!”

  I left Target with a new coffee maker while happily sipping on a large cup of coffee.  The day suddenly seemed brighter.  Instead of heading directly home I stopped at the camera shop and picked up my CD of wedding pictures!!!  Yes, the day improved rapidly.

     You all have a good one!

I get an A for plays well with others

     To all the great gals at St. Luke’s Diagnostic Center, thank you for making an afternoon of tests tolerable.  We played well together. 

     I was glad I took my Kindle and MP3 player along.  When I first got there, the waiting room was practically empty.  After a little while, a crowd of loud people came in.  I knew then it was time to plug the MP3 into my ears and block them out so I could read.

     I did keep one eye on the front of the room for anyone coming in to take me back for my testing.  Good thing too because I didn’t hear my name called but looked up in time to see it called.  LOL!

     I was poked, pinched, stuck, prodded, and walked until I was so out of breath I could barely finish telling the funny story I’d begun. 

     The ladies all told me that what they saw looked good but I haven’t had the official word from my doctor so I’ll be on pins and needles until he lets me know what is going on.

     You all have a good one.

Still not up to par

     Two doctor appointments in two days is no fun but three days is worse.  I’m back to the cardiologist’s office today for both an echo cardiogram and a nuclear stress test.

     Only had about two hours of sleep last night not sure how much I’ll get tonight.

      Gavin and Patty played alarm clock long before my alarm went off yesterday.  Therefore they weren’t invited into my room to bed bounce. 

     You all have a good one!

Mommy is tired and I think it’s all my fault

     I woke Mom early yesterday morning.  I bounced on her bed and chased my Sissie down the steps when she came in the room.   Chased a big house fly and almost knocked Daddy over too.

     Daddy gave us our breakfast and cookies and then Mommy went away for a long time today.  Daddy worried when she was gone so long and called the doctor’s office to see if she was still there.  They said she’d just left.

     Yay, Mommy came home right before dinnertime.  She told Daddy she felt like a pin cushion.  Mommy gave us our dinner and then they had the food guy come to the door with egg foo youngs and other stuff. 

     Mommy fell asleep in her chair so jumped up on her to keep her warm.  I think I have a new name.

     Love you all!


Low and slow, a good thing

     I’ve been flying low and slow for the past few days.  It has helped my back feel better.  Maybe there’s a reason we’re having a week of rain. 

      Unbelievable how everything has greened up around here.  The gardens will need more than a bit of weeding next weekend, which is when they say we’ll have some sun again.  I really need to buy some mulch.

     Gavin and Patty aren’t thrilled about the wet weather.  At least that means they are out and back in fast. 

      You all have a good one!

A multitude of thoughts

     It seems that this year the Bull Terrier community is taking a lot of hits.  We’ve lost a lot of good people so far this year and another one left us yesterday.  My heartfelt condolences to all the families of the bullie people we’ve lost.

     Rainy weather here has made all the leaves pop and those that had already opened grew almost visibly in one day.  The Curmudgeon is grumbling that as soon as the yard is dry enough he’s going to have to mow again.

     To the north and west of us I hear they are getting snow.  I hope they keep it to themselves, I don’t want to share.

     Nothing happening on the house yet but I am hopeful that we’ll get some good news soon.  I am keeping my fingers crossed for a bidding war.

The rain might settle my allergies for a while.  That would be nice,  I do like breathing.

     The pups are not pleased with the rain.  I keep telling them that we need it but they don’t care, they want it to go away.

     You all have a good one!

Yes, yes they are good guard dogs

     When these two pups decide to bark at a stranger, they sound like ten dogs vying to tear the person apart.  Someone working on the upcoming election had the misfortune to find this out today.

     When he knocked on the door Gavin and Patty went from snoozing in chairs waiting for Mom to wake up to ‘look at us we are vicious guard dogs’ mode in one second flat.

     He made a remark about what good guard dogs they were to The Curmudgeon.  To which he replied, “Yes, yes they are.”

     Invited guests equal overly friendly, love you, love you smoochy dogs.  Whereas uninvited guests equal “Mommy, can we snack on them?”

Lazy day pictures

38 years lost and now found.

     For the 38 years since our wedding we had none of our wedding pictures.  They’d disappeared, were lost, they were gone forever only a few weeks after the wedding.  For years we searched and my relatives searched to no avail.  What few wedding pictures we’ve had all these years were gathered from snap shots taken by friends and relatives.

     By serendipity some wedding slides surfaced yesterday.  Not all of them, but some great ones from the wedding and reception that we thought we’d never see again.   I have pictures of my Father, Mother, Gramma (Mom’s mom), and Grandpa (Dad’s dad)!!!

     We intend to have the slides put on a disk.   I told The Curmudgeon they go over to the photo place no later than Wednesday of next week!

     We are now only missing a few pictures that my brother-in-law took of us at the Rose Gardens.

A walk in the park

     Yesterday, I woke early to the pain in my back.  I hate beating my alarm clock up in the ‘morning’…okay, my morning.  In my opinion, to beat my alarm by an hour sucks big time. 

     This called for coffee, anti-inflammatory drugs, and some slow moving.  About an hour later, I was still sore but not horribly so.  I was also up for a walk because I figured if I stopped moving I’d get stiff and it would take longer to recover from whatever I did to my back.

     G never goes walking on Wednesday that’s her grocery day.  Therefore it was Annie and I who were going.  I asked Annie if she minded me bringing Miss Patty along.  She didn’t mind a bit. 

     Crated Gavin and asked Patty if she wanted to go for a walk.  LOL, She started bouncing off the walls she was so excited to go somewhere with Mommy.

     She was surprised to be getting in the car.  “I thought we was going for walkies, Mom?”  She’s never gone walking at the park before.

     Patty has a complex about other dogs since a pittie attacked her quite a few years ago.  She does NOT like other dogs (except for her brother Gavin) and I do fear she’d attack another dog if given the slightest chance to do so.

     However, she is the easier of these two dogs to handle.  Gavin’s low center of gravity and heavy-duty power makes him a bit too much for me to walk when I’m injured.

      This all explained to Annie had us a wise ally during the walk in the park.  We only saw three dogs two of whom we did have to manage a form of warning about Patty and her attitude.

     With her favorite cookies to distract her and plenty of praise for “leaving it” when she did see the other dog and go into extreme alert mode I call her first walk in the park a success.

     The best part is the very tired dog who, after dinner, all she wanted was to go to bed.