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Lucy is silly

You know your dog is relaxed when she’s been sound asleep, lifts her head to look at you, and her tongue is sticking out a mile. *Giggle*

Nice to see how a year in this house has her happy, relaxed, and full of herself.

She does a wild hucklebutt in the living room at least once a day, playing pinball off the couch and the chairs.

She greats the next door neighbors with a wagging tail and plenty of kisses when she can get them.

She’s completely adopted her Auntie G and scolds her if she forgets to give her a cookie when she comes in.

She sticks her head under her brother’s blanket that covers his crate to tease the crap out of him when he’s napping.

Yeah, I think she fits in fine here.

Lucy sleeping

Lucy sleeping

I hope they can put him back on the Tecfidera soon

The last two days The Curmudgeon has had a bad time of it. Which means he’s been sitting in his chair more and I’ve been getting less sleep.

At least yesterday, unlike the day before, he didn’t wake me with a panic call that jolted me out of bed in an adrenalin rush that later made me sluggish and gave me a hell of a headache.

His walking is crap again. He’s doing more falling and is being a stubborn sod about using his walker. He won’t unless he’s already fallen down. (Sigh)

He had a blood test yesterday, keep your fingers crossed that his lymphocyte numbers went down.

You all have a good one.

Lucy is waiting for some warm, sunny days to get here so she can go for walks in the park.


Laughing at Lucy.

Oh, this poor girl truly hates snow and cold. She is a creature after my heart. We heartily agree that the cold and snow can go away.

She protests every trip outside and is quick to dash back in. Then she insists on a warming period on the couch all wrapped up in her fuzzy blanket. Tonight she is sporting her grey one since the gold blanket is in the dryer at the moment.

HPIM4237She is so different from Gavin who doesn’t mind the snow in the least and hates to be covered up.

What a pair. We love them and they always manage to make us laugh.

Hot dog…No, I really mean the dog is hot.

The two crate cushions I ordered arrived today. I put one in Gavin’s crate right away.

We soon discovered that Gavin prefers his crate without a cushion. He wants his fuzzy blankets that he can shove into a corner and lie on the bare crate bottom. He gets too warm otherwise.

This means Lucy has two crate cushions we can rotate them or save one until she destroys the other.

Knowing her, we probably should save one.

HPIM4316I dis da face ob sombuddy who ‘splodes soft beds?

You betcha!

The dog isn’t dumb.

Yesterday, Lucy received a hoodie I’d ordered for her because she is more sensitive to the cold than Mr. Nova Scotia born Gavin. He loves the cold weather.

After going outside wearing the hoodie a couple of times, Lucy now stands in front of where I keep it, and barks to have it put on before she rings the bells to go out.

I think she likes staying warm. Well, don’t we all when the weather turns frigid?

It seems that when she’s not wrapped up in the fuzzy blanket like a bully burrito, she’s now asking for her hoodie. And people say dogs are dumb.

HPIM4235Momma pwease come ober here and cober me wight.

HPIM4239I wubs my hoodie. Momma bought it here:

I got kicked off the couch

Someone decided that my spot was hers. All I did was go down into the basement to fold clothes and returned to find Lucy had not only moved over into my spot, but she had commandeered my pillow too.


HPIM4208And she has the nerve to give the stink eye when I snap a few pictures.

Theraputic dog snuggling

I had plans to get some housework done this weekend. As usual, with any plans I make, that fell through. Instead I spent all day yesterday spoiling the dogs and reading.

Why did I do that? Well, I woke up with a cranky back so I figured rather than cause it more strain I’d put the Tens machine on it and relax. By night-time, my back felt pretty darned good.

I do love my little Tens machine.

You all have a good one. I’m going to go back to cuddling with Lucy.






Can I have some peanut butter cracker?

HPIM4137I helped you make them.

HPIM4138I made sure you got to the living room with them.

HPIM4139If I look pitiful enough, will you share?

Calling Nurse Lucy.

So far, The Curmudgeon has spent two days in bed. This is not a good thing. Yesterday, he was a bit better than the day before. He’s nowhere near ready to be back downstairs.

Lucy missed her Daddy and kept poking around the gate on the stairs any chance she got. This evening, after dinner, I leashed her and took her upstairs to see him. Once she saw him on his bed, she started wagging her tail like crazy. I lifted her on the bed and she snuggled right down on top of him. Our little bully nurse.

Gavin doesn’t even notice his daddy isn’t downstairs.

I am hoping against hope that The Curmudgeon is feeling a lot better when he wakes up today.

You all have a good one!

HPIM3859She’s looking forward to him back in his chair so she can snuggle like this.

A variety of tidbits

Yes, the decorations are beginning to make their way to various locations in the house.

There’s been no progress on Audrey 2, don’t ask. I need to find a starting point.

Needed my Tens unit again yesterday, my back was acting up a bit. I love my Tens, it makes the pain go away so easily.

Gavin and Lucy tired each other out so bad yesterday, that Gavin crawled into his crate, barked to have the door closed and cover dropped, and was out for hours afterwards. Lucy looked like a dead critter on the couch she was so sound asleep.

You all have a good one! I’m going out to lunch today. Whoohoo Red Lobster! G’s treat. Pity The Curmudgeon, he’s not going.

HPIM3348Agatha is back in her spot.


Pictures…playing with black and white and one sepia







Someone is feeling better.

HPIM3675Always the Daddy’s girl.

Patty is much improved from Sunday night. There have been no more let’s scare Mom and Dad incidents. She has taken advantage as is typical of a bull terrier. She’s been back in Daddy’s chair, a practice we stopped after the second chair had to go back to the store.  Not from her, but from the poor workmanship. (Lazy Boy chairs are not what they used to be, their quality is way down.)  Chair number 3 has its problems too but we’re sick of having to call them about the chairs.  Next one, we buy elsewhere, and a different brand.

HPIM3680You done with that bone yet?