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The state of this once great nation…

Our nation has deteriorated into a steaming pile of shit.

The squatter in the White House promotes violence and racism. He is corrupt, vile, and has sunk himself comfortably into the stench of the swamp that is our capital.

He is a devotee of Mein Kampf, a lover of all things Hitler. He does not belong in the office he holds, he belongs in a jail cell awaiting his execution for treason to this nation.

In the cells next to him should reside Pence, Ryan, Sessions and the entire republican congress and senate.

Get out and Vote blue!

New drug for Lucy’s allergies

Lucy has been on Apoquel for some time and it helped a lot. However, lately she’s had several minor relapses and that’s not good. We do not want her miserable.

Our vets decided that Cytopoint might be best for her.

She had her first shot today after loving up on everyone in the office.

She goes back in four weeks for her next one. We hope that she does well and can eventually stretch out the times between injections.

For more information you can read this article:

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This could be a miracle for us…

My cousin found this Raizer Liftup and shared this YouTube film with me. She knows how badly The Curmudgeon has screwed up my back. (He always insists I help him up and it strains my back, which never gets a chance to recover.)

I only hope that we can afford one. I contacted the US supplier to find out the price but have not heard back as yet. Tomorrow The Curmudgeon is going to look into if his insurance would cover it (which we doubt they will) but worth looking into it.

This little piece of equipment would be a miracle for us. Not only would it save me calling 911 on a frequent flyer plan, and save my back…but it would afford us more security and safety for him.

Keep your fingers crossed that is affordable and not way out of line.


Bathed dog indignant!

Well Lucy, that’ll teach you not to sneak upstairs when The Curmudgeon leaves the gate open. Maybe. At least you smell nice.


Baffs are no fun!

Fireworks, the bane of Lucy’s life

Fireworks, even in the distance, will cause Lucy to run to her crate and hide. I dread the 4th and all the days before and after where people never consider the terror they cause pets.

No, they only think of how they like to hear things go bang and watch flames and colors.

Please remember that for every firework you set off you are scaring the beejeezis out of someone’s pet.

Control yourselves and limit the use to the one day, PLEASE. One day of watching her hide in her crate, afraid to go out, afraid of each bang is more than enough.

In the mouse wars…

We caught another one last night and I saw one, out of the corner of my eye, go skittering past my desk tonight.

So far the electric trap has had no results.

I discovered the one with the plastic bait holder that I had set in the kitchen was nearly impossible to set off even by pounding on it with a yardstick. No wonder that one never went off.

Yep tossed that one and the other plastic bait holder one into the trash and pulled out two of the newly-arrived old fashioned ones with the little metal bait holder and hair trigger. One is set in the kitchen and the other in the living room.

We’ll see how long it takes for more results.

Nothing like a lazy day…

This is what you do when the fireworks are occasionally going off and you really don’t want to wander into your *safe place* otherwise known as your kennel.

I am so sick of this administration

Never in our history have we ever had an administration as crooked, corrupt, devious, mentally deficient, morally bankrupt, and treasonous than the one we have these days.

I pray the UN, the Hague, and all our former allies will come to the aide of we the people who are trapped in this stranglehold of corruption.

Daily they wipe their feet on our backs and spit on us.

They seek to deny us our human rights. They seek to kill of those of us who are aged, ill, of mental and physical disability by denying us proper health care.

Instead they seek to make a profit on all the misery they inflict.

We rise.

We fight.

We resist.

We need assistance in removing the cancer from our government. As we once came to your aid, we ask for yours today.

Went and did it….

I ordered two new ceiling fans. One of our (matching two in the living room) fans lost the will to fan. Well, actually the chain to change speeds broke in the switch while the fan was on high. It is permanently on high.

The Curmudgeon said (the other day) that we should replace the fans since ours were 20 years old anyway. And the other fan’s switch is getting twitchy.

Had to order them and not pick them up because they didn’t have them in the store. Of course. Costs a fortune to have them delivered but WTH.

Now all I need to do is find someone to install them, which anyone can do under The Curmudgeon’s tutelage. Except for me, I can’t work on stuff over my head, my shoulders can’t take it.

Bits and pieces

My cardiologist appointment went very well. He is very happy with all my test results and will see me in six months again.

Lucy asks people to please lay off setting off fireworks, she is tired of hiding in her crate and it’s not even the fourth yet.

#45’s so called solution to the family separations is worse because it now allows him to imprison people indefinitely!

The Curmudgeon’s health is spiraling ever downward. His kidney function is way down according to the blood tests he had done last week. He’s still anemic and his Keppra levels are so high due to poor kidney function that they dropped his dosage.

Life goes on.

I wish I could find an affordable handyman to get a few things done around here.

It was hot here today…

I meant to post this yesterday…

All she wanted was to sleep in the AC.





Winning the battle of the mouse invasion

Every year, we suffer an invasion of mice at least once a year. This is what happens when you live next door to an open field. In my case a large cemetery.

Now you may want me to live catch and set them free but if I do that they’ll just keep on coming back. (I really don’t like watching a mouse scamper across the floor in front of me.)

I am not so cruel as to use glue traps–to me they suffer much more and unnecessarily when you use them.

Nope, I use the old spring and bait trap which normally will kill them instantly. They don’t suffer like they do from poisons and glue traps.

However, I’d replaced my old worn out traps with new ones this year …a new bait holder made of plastic and the new traps weren’t catching them. It began to look as if it’d take a ten pound mouse to set the effers off.

Yes, they’d set them off but would be gone before the trap closed. All we’d get is a trap *snap* and no mouse.

I finally got them to set lighter…so far it’s mice/ 4 snaps empty traps…me/4 more snaps and 4 dead mice. I have ordered more traps in the older style and one electric one.

Looks like we might actually put a dent in the invaders this time. Sure do wish we could find where they are getting in.