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Date set for house cleanout sale!


     The old refrigerator is out of the house.  All the furniture is polished.  Most of the stuff is set up in the basement.  We still have some tables to do and tools to sort into groupings.  The sale is July ninth and tenth from 9a.m to 5p.m.!!!  If you are in the Allentown area and you want to know where it is.  E-mail me.  Bring plenty of cash because everything must go and we’re willing to negotiate.

     I need to empty the house and (I hope) make enough money from the sale to pay the painters and buy flooring for the kitchen and bathroom. 

Even my fish have me trained


     The dogs are spoiled.  I admit it they have us well trained.  DH claims that the Koi have me well trained too.  Can I help it if they love worms and I poke around next to the compost bin to find some so my fish can enjoy a snack?  It’s fun to have my lovely finny pets come to the surface and take the worms from my hand.

     Even our new little guy is getting into the act.  He was brave enough to take a worm from me last night.  Yes, I keep saying he in hopes that this new one is a male since the other six are females.  He still looks tiny next to them but he is growing rapidly.

Dust bunny coup quelled


     I need a house brownie to clean my house.  I’ve been so busy working on the other house that mine is suffering.  The dust bunnies have taken over.  One particularly vicious looking dust bunny with teeth and claws threatened to hold the dogs hostage last night.  Thank goodness, DH was able to use his police training to talk it out down and take it prisoner.

     For a bit, I worried that the others would riot.  However, most bunnies are nervous creatures and dust bunnies are no different.  They quickly disbursed after DH took their leader down.  He’s my hero.

     Then there’s that cobweb problem that cropped up tonight.  You know you’ve neglected the housekeeping when you see them decorating your lampshades like fringe.

The end of the tunnel is close enough to feel the fresh air


     I might have time to do things I want and need to do soon.  G and I carried all the small stuff to the basement for that part of the sale.  All we have to do is set up tables and put stuff out.

     We rearranged the furniture upstairs so that it is well displayed.  With the removal of the old refrigerator and a little cleaning to do yet that area is ready for the sale.

     It’s taken us eight months to get this far.  We are ready to get to the end of this ASAP now.  I do believe that after another Wednesday we can set the sale date and give it a go.

     Can I have a YIPPEE?

Prepping for the sale…


     Our Craig’s list, list for the household clearance sale is lengthy.  Therefore, this is a test to see if I can include enough items on it to create interest.

     Furniture: sofa, lounge chair, coffee table and two end tables, numerous lamps, Kimball organ—needs repair, bedroom set with king size headboard, large Lane chest (valued at over $800.00), oak table, chairs, circa 1950’s Dinette and 6 chairs, sewing machine in cabinet, small NEW chest freezer, and antique wood phonograph/radio cabinet.  Three sets of antique dishes—excellent condition.

     Asst. Household items, glassware, asst ceramic and glass beer steins, old records 33’s and 78’s, and old books–some first editions.

    Two large tool chests–one is a Craftsman, and asst tools, scrap wood ideal for crafts.

One home repair off OUR list


     Our house looks strange.  It has no chimney.  Our friendly neighborhood roofer D removed the old crumbly one and will soon be in the process of installing a new one.  I had visions of the old chimney crashing down on my van.  D is in a slow period so we thought why not have it fixed now.  There goes the savings account again.

     You couldn’t get me up on our roof for any amount of money.  Heck, I don’t like to climb a six-foot ladder.  D leans way over the edge to reach the loads of bricks his helper sends up.

     I couldn’t watch.  I had to go inside and cringe.

     He’s going to work on the MIL’s roof next.  I hope he’s gentle on us and doesn’t charge a fortune for it.

We should go fishing

     My two favorite Fotosketched pics of DH fishing.

We accomplished a lot today


     Before I got over to the house, DH went over to lend R a hand while he removed the ice maker tap from a water pipe.  (Hey, Chuck one less thing to do!)  We figured we might as well take advantage of R’s plumbing skills when he offered. 

     Much to my surprise, when G and I did get there, the large six body capacity chest freezer and the little electric stove that were in basement were gone thanks to the neighbors.  DH and R had already left for home too. 

     The newer refrigerator that the in-laws had in the basement is what we’re putting upstairs to replace the old nasty one and it is now sitting by the basement door.  It will remain there until the painters are finished. 

     All the old linoleum on the basement floor is up and out thanks to the neighbor’s son.  He used an ice chopper to get under it and then tore it all into manageable pieces.  Two layers of the nasty stuff!  The cement floor underneath looks great and will go a long way towards selling the house.

     G and I hauled many boxes of glassware and other household items downstairs.  We hope to set up our sale with small items and tools in the basement and the furniture upstairs.  It looks as though the big sale will be possible in about two or three weeks.

I can tell that it is cherry season


     If you look at the picture above, you can’t see it, but off to the left beyond the edge of the picture is a cherry tree.  From the size of it, we believe it to be at least one hundred years old.  The cherries are ripe now. 

     How can I tell without going up to the tree to look at them?  Every single gosh darned bird around has brought cherries to my yard to picnic on them.  I’ve found cherry bits and pits in the waterfall, on the furniture, and in the bird bath.  Need I tell you about the color of the bird poop that’s also everywhere?

     I can’t wait for cherry season to end.  I’m tired of scrubbing the white yard furniture….

Writer at work do not disturb!


     I have that sign hanging on my desk but it doesn’t seem to succeed in keeping interruptions at bay. 

     So far this week I haven’t had a chance to really sit down and do any writing.  I’m hoping that today I’ll get some time.  If I’m lucky DH will go take a nap in the afternoon, the dogs will snooze in their favorite places, and other than running up and down the steps to do laundry I’ll be able to write.

     I’m working on three books at once.  In all three, I’m trying to add more description, some dialogue, and move the story along without boring my readers to tears.  We’ll see what happens.  I can do this IF I have no interruptions.

     Last night, I’d no sooner started to work than DH came back downstairs after a couple of hours.  DH likes to talk to me when he does this.  I was getting into a roll but he bounced me out of it.  He doesn’t get the homemaker by day, writer by night picture.

     I want to write.  I thinking of duct taping DH to his bed.  Mwahahaha!

A mish mash of things


     Thanks to DH’s best friend R, we are a few items lighter over at the house.  He also fixed a downspout while he was there.  One less item on our fixit list we need to do.

     I hope all you fathers had a good father’s day.  It doesn’t feel as though sixteen years have passed since my father died.  I think when you lose someone you love so very much the years never add up in your heart.  It always seems like yesterday.

     Off to DH’s neurologist appointment today.  I’m still not sure what I think of her yet.  Although since she changed DH’s antidepressant, he says he feels better than he did on the old one.

     Little Max, our new black Koi is getting quite competitive for the food.  He’s growing well.

     I hope you all have a good day.

Brain farts or TMI?


     I am tired of not being able ‘to think of the word.’  I find myself stuttering in the middle of a conversation as my brain gropes for a word.  It’s driving me crazy.  DH and G are kind enough to let me to substitute, “whatever or whoever the heck it is” for the word that my brain is struggling to find in its thesaurus.

     Is it too much information to sort through or brain farts?  Let me digest that a moment.  Oh, yeah wrong end.

     Do you struggle to find words?