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On another subject…

I sat down to work on the blog and get a few e-mails written. Looked over at the couch to find Lucy staring at me. Couldn’t help but giggle. She’s still staring.

This usually means she’s thinking of bugging me to go out but is too lazy to get up as of yet. She’ll move when her bladder says GO NOW!!! Then she’ll do the pee pee dance and bark at the back doors.

Lucy is a hoot.

Gavin will start to fuss in about an hour. You can set your watch by his poddy breaks.


 This face!

Look out Gavin the steps are icy!

Poor Gavin. Last night our back steps were transformed into a skating rink. He doesn’t do well on ice. Neither do I for that matter.

Yep, we had a nice fall.

He’s recovered nicely since he used me for a landing pad.

Life with a bull terrier…always having to explain those bruises.


13 degrees…

No Mommy, I will not go out without my hoodie!

I’ve never had a dog who was so insistent on wearing a coat, or in Lucy’s case, a hoodie.

I got barked at tonight until I picked it up to put it on her. She’d bark and back away and bark…LOL!!!


Gavin wants out…

“Lucy, your brother wants out. Come on wake up.”

1223161008“Nope. Don’t care.”

“He’s crying. You need to get up.”

1209160025“He can kiss my butt.”

“Oh, come on. You can have a cookie.”


Low and slow day

1223161007You go ahead Mom …call me when breakfast is ready.

I was sorely tempted to keep the bedding out and spend the entire day dozing off and on…

Didn’t happen though.

Photo day…


1130162344Yep. I’m lazy today.

Laughing at the dogs

I would have posted a video here showing Gavin bouncing around, but WordPress doesn’t allow the format.

If you want to see it, go to my facebook page and pray you’re a friend. I didn’t make it public.

Icy walks made for housebound happy dogs.


Go to your end…

I say that at least once a day to Lucy.

Every time she attempts to sit in my spot on the couch. LOL!

She really does get up move to the other end of the couch.

Although she does it grudgingly, and all the while gives me the stink-eye, as she moves to the opposite end.


Lucy loves Gavin

A little too much.

She drives the old boy crazy when he’s trying to nap in his crate. She lifts his towel and peeks at him. Teases him.

He sometimes gets cranky with her and yells. Truly, he scolds her for disturbing him. Poor old dog is 15 and his greatest pleasure (other than a tennis ball) is his naps.

He can yell at her all he wants, she still loves him.


Will the old dog ever sleep in?

Seems that no matter how late/early I take the Gavin out, he still wakes me an hour or so before my alarm. So your guess is as good as mine.

I’m actually glad that the old boy is still around to wake me up so don’t get me wrong. It’s just that, every day, I want that hour back.


Lucy has it all figured out…

Or so she thinks.

Pizza bones, the dog loves pizza bones (that pizza crust some people don’t eat…I do but *other people don’t.)

I think she may need an intervention after she gets the last piece of crust tonight.

You see, we usually supply an after trick or treat dinner for our friends. This year I was lazy and ordered several large pizzas all with different toppings. Seems that I am the ONLY one who eats the crusts.

Therefore, we had a pile of pizza bones and dogs were both celebrating.

Lucy gets the last one tonight when she goes out. Gavin already had his.

She will try to climb up on the counter for pizza bones. Good thing she’s too short to get anywhere. LOL! It is comical to watch.

0805161621Got Pizza bones?

Interesting day

The Curmudgeon had a decent day until sitting on the front porch in the sun managed to wipe him out.

I’m sure you are asking, “Now why was he sitting on the porch in the sun long enough to wipe him out?”

Well it has to do with two dogs, not ours, and trying to get them safely off the street.

G and I had gone to Target again to pick up two more movies, made a side trip to a little grocery store nearby, and then came home.

I’d bought a small container of pumpkin fudge at the grocery, and after tasting it decided G would love some too. I wrapped up a piece for her and walked over to her house.

Caught her just finishing lunch so she had a nice, sweet dessert to top it off.

When I walked out of her gate, and a little past her car, I got molested by two very friendly pit bulls. No owner in sight. Both looked overheated so I talked to them as I walked back home. hoping to give them water and get them on leashes.

I went inside for treats, a dish, and water, telling The Curmudgeon to call animal control.

The boy was very happy for water and treats but about then, the girl sensed I was up to something, and got cautious. Soon taking off down the street.

The Curmudgeon came out on the porch and kept the boy occupied while I went back inside for a leash. Animal control was on the way.

Our animal control guys are very nice, and very good with dogs. One of our favorite guys showed up to take the boy. I told him about the female, described her, and told him what direction she’d gone.

I hope he found her.

The traffic around here is too fast and very dangerous for roaming animals. At least one is safely off the street.

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