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How long do you prolong suffering?

I was reading a post in a dog related FB group last night and was so sad that someone had a dog who has had severe neurological problems since he/she was only months old.

They’ve controlled seizures with medication but he/she has other symptoms they cannot control. Severe ones. Enough to make me think the dog’s quality of life is quite poor.

Yes, I know they love her. But seriously, love also means knowing when our beloved companions are suffering and you as a responsible owner can stop the suffering. You don’t keep the poor pet alive because you cannot bear to be without them.

Yes, it hurts to let them go. It hurts a lot. It is devastating.  Please, when they are suffering, let them go.

When Gavin, aged 15, reaches that point in his life where the quality of his life is at its low point, we will let him go as we have other sweet companions we loved with all our hearts. For now the silly boy still bounces through life.



Day three of Gavin’s recovery

I’m happy to say the day went well. He’s staying quiet and cooperative. It’s a freaking miracle, he’s a Bull Terrier for heaven’s sake.

Had to leave The Curmudgeon in charge for a bit while I made my second run this week to the pharmacy for another of The Curmudgeon’s medications. Both dogs stayed out of trouble. Yay.

coffee zombie

Day 2 of Gavin’s recovery…

He’s calm. Sleeping well and doing everything he should.

We have foregone the e-collar for the moment because he’s leaving everything alone. That may change as he heals more and the stitches begin to itch.

So far he is enjoying his pain medications and food, he wants food every minute of the day. He’s afraid we’ll not give him his breakfast again I guess.

Say ‘cookie’ and he’s on you like a shot. LOL

Today’s Tee shirt


Gavin looks like he’s been through a war…

We had a veterinary emergency run yesterday morning. Gavin had a small mass on his anus burst open and we had blood everywhere.

The Curmudgeon called the vet while I tried to stem the flow without success. Finally I grabbed an old pair of his undies and pulled them on Gavin pulling his tail through that convenient hole.

After some surgery there, while he was still out, our vet removed numerous skin tags and warts from his face, legs, and body since we don’t want him under anesthesia any more than necessary.

Gavin slept when he first got home then when he got up and poddied, he wanted his food. He demanded food. He screamed for food. Poor baby didn’t get breakfast and it was well past dinnertime.

I think he’ll survive now that he ate. We still have a bit of post anesthesia whining off and on, but by morning he should be fine.

Alcohol suit up


Poor tired old dog

We had a lovely, warm day today. It hit 72 degrees!

Now normally I’ll take the dogs out in the yard on retractable leashes because we have problems with crows and squirrels dropping things like chicken bones in our yard. With a leash on them I can haul them back from any bones they spot.

Since I’d done a walk through and clean up on most of the yard, I decided to let Gavin loose while I picked up branches and twigs from the front of the yard.

He moseyed all over the yard while I worked. He hasn’t done that in a while so when I was ready to go in he was too. Once inside he went directly to crate and passed out for a few hours. The loud snores coming from his crate the rest of the afternoon were a riot.


On another subject…

I sat down to work on the blog and get a few e-mails written. Looked over at the couch to find Lucy staring at me. Couldn’t help but giggle. She’s still staring.

This usually means she’s thinking of bugging me to go out but is too lazy to get up as of yet. She’ll move when her bladder says GO NOW!!! Then she’ll do the pee pee dance and bark at the back doors.

Lucy is a hoot.

Gavin will start to fuss in about an hour. You can set your watch by his poddy breaks.


 This face!

Look out Gavin the steps are icy!

Poor Gavin. Last night our back steps were transformed into a skating rink. He doesn’t do well on ice. Neither do I for that matter.

Yep, we had a nice fall.

He’s recovered nicely since he used me for a landing pad.

Life with a bull terrier…always having to explain those bruises.


13 degrees…

No Mommy, I will not go out without my hoodie!

I’ve never had a dog who was so insistent on wearing a coat, or in Lucy’s case, a hoodie.

I got barked at tonight until I picked it up to put it on her. She’d bark and back away and bark…LOL!!!


Gavin wants out…

“Lucy, your brother wants out. Come on wake up.”

1223161008“Nope. Don’t care.”

“He’s crying. You need to get up.”

1209160025“He can kiss my butt.”

“Oh, come on. You can have a cookie.”


Low and slow day

1223161007You go ahead Mom …call me when breakfast is ready.

I was sorely tempted to keep the bedding out and spend the entire day dozing off and on…

Didn’t happen though.

Photo day…


1130162344Yep. I’m lazy today.

Laughing at the dogs

I would have posted a video here showing Gavin bouncing around, but WordPress doesn’t allow the format.

If you want to see it, go to my facebook page and pray you’re a friend. I didn’t make it public.

Icy walks made for housebound happy dogs.