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Upstairs doesn’t always mean a bath

I need to convince Lucy that going upstairs doesn’t always mean it’s bath time. Yeah, she hates them.

I want her to get used to sleeping upstairs with me instead of on the couch with me.

I am dying to get back to using my bed again. It’s been two years since I slept in my own bed due to The Curmudgeon and also Gavin’s ill health at the end.

Problem is, now she’s so used to sleeping on the couch with me she won’t sleep in her crate at night. So I’d just as soon get her to sleep on the bed with me if I can get her past the dreaded bath.


Lucy’s day out

I was fixing her breakfast when our lawn guy rang the bell for the key to the gate. OMG she scolded me, she scolded him, and she scolded The Curmudgeon as he arrived downstairs. Apologized for her noise telling the lawn guy that she was not happy because I was fixing her breakfast and I’d better get back at it before we were all deafened.

About two o’clock I picked up her traveling harness. Holy cow, her tail started going in circles so fast I thought she’d take off into the air like a little helicopter. She stood still for me to put it on and hook her to her leash. Then she dragged me to the door.

No hesitation getting into the van and then her crate. Lucy was ready for her adventure!

She never sits in the waiting room area, she drags me to the office door and bounds in to love up on the receptionists. They can’t resist her. She loves the fuss they make over her so much it’s hard to drag her out of there and into an exam room.

Then she got to see a tech where she once again was loved up on her and was loved on in return.

Teeth checked…Excellent!

Wart removal sites checked…Excellent!

And we were on our way home after another short love in session at the desk.

Lucy is a real character.


Lucy back to vet…

But don’t worry, it’s just her recheck after the wart removals and tooth extractions.

She’s feeling great.

And that awful breath she had is gone. Boy, before they found that rotten tooth, her breath smelled like something had crawled into her mouth and died.

She will have a great time meeting and greeting all her friends at the clinic.

newest collar

Lucy update

Wow, she is sure feeling perky.

She even gave her elk antler a few strong gnaws and nibbles today.

We’re keeping her on her pain pill so she stays less active the way they want her to be. Basically, it slows her down a little for a couple of hours.

She’s eating like a pig making up for that missed breakfast the other day.  LOL

sleepy girl

Lucy’s spa day

Yes, even with all that happened on her visit she still considers going to the vet’s a spa day.

Lucy had some skin tags removed and her teeth cleaned. She also had 3 teeth extracted. They even trimmed her nails while she was out. Then they spoiled her rotten.

Even with all the spoiling, she was ready to go home when I arrived. Except she had to stop at each one of her *ladies* and get a last pet, smooch, and hug before going home.

At the moment, she’s sound asleep and all rolled up in a fuzzy blanket.


I grievously sinned against Lucy…

She got a bath!

With my back so bad, she hasn’t had a bath in so long I’m not going to tell you how long it’s been. Suffice it to say it’s been ages.

She sure does smell better and is a lot whiter. I delight in the freckles that you can see under the clean fur.


She’s even wearing her newest Collar My World collar.

newest collar

Thunderstorms! Oh my!

So glad I washed Ted night before last. Lucy needed him to be at his best yesterday.

Below is Ted, Lucy’s blanket.


Lucy loves Ted, but Ted was getting awfully stinky. She snuggles Ted, she nibbles on Ted, she rolls up in Ted, she sprawls out on Ted. She drags Ted around the house some days. But on thundery, stormy days she hides in Ted when she’s not hiding in her crate.


Lucy loves her Ted.


If it isn’t fireworks it thunderstorms

Poor, poor Lucy suffers through another day of pure hell for her.

Fireworks to the left of her ….thunder to the right…

At least she manages to go hide herself in her crate and stays there until she feels safe enough to face the world again.

There’s no stopping Mother Nature but I’d sure like to shove a few bits of fireworks up a few asses and light them up.


She’ll MELT!

We had rain off and on all day. By night time we had pouring rain coming down at a fairly steady rate.

Lucy does not like rain. She doesn’t like it one bit, but she tolerated going out in the day time light rain.

Not so much the after dark pouring rain. No, I had to boot her out the door each time she wanted to go out because she’d stall out at the door when she saw the rain. She literally did front paw stands trying to keep from going out the back door.

Next time you bedder getz me a raincoat!


Should have mentioned dinner first…

“Hey Luce, wanna go out?”

Lucy runs to the front door.

“Oh no you don’t. Time to go pee, you don’t go pee out front.”

She runs into the kitchen, as I reach to hook the leash on her collar, she does an about face and races back to the front door.

“Get back here!”

She bows.

“Come on.”

She saunters to the kitchen. I reach for her and she’s off like a shot.

“Lucy! Quit playing games. It’s time to eat and you need to go out first.”

Lucy explodes into a wild gallop, slides into home at my feet, and waits for me to hook her up.

Food. It’s always food.


I abhor the abuse of animals

I love animals and when I hear of one being abused it hurts my heart.


This is Lucy, she lives with us. We love her very much, she sure has the life.

Lucy didn’t always have such a lush life, she carries scars all over her little body from abuses of some form.

Now she’s loved, happy, and spoiled rotten.

She’s the lucky one.

Unlike a Bull Terrier whose graphic picture of his bloody dead body is being used all over the internet to illicit horror on his part. He is not lucky. He was a victim of people’s ignorance and cruelty.




Fireworks, I still hate ’em

Poor Lucy, blissfully asleep. Stretched out full length and snoring like an old drunk, she woke up and piled off the couch like a shot when one very loud firework went off.

Next thing I know she’s opening her crate door and hiding in the back of her crate.

I drop the towel down over the unlatched door and she rattles around then plops down to go to sleep in there.

I am pissed that she’s so scared she hides.

I am pissed that this is only the beginning of her terror filled nights yet to come as the idiots keep setting them off, 1 here, 1 there intermittently, all night, every night. The entire summer.