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Should have mentioned dinner first…

“Hey Luce, wanna go out?”

Lucy runs to the front door.

“Oh no you don’t. Time to go pee, you don’t go pee out front.”

She runs into the kitchen, as I reach to hook the leash on her collar, she does an about face and races back to the front door.

“Get back here!”

She bows.

“Come on.”

She saunters to the kitchen. I reach for her and she’s off like a shot.

“Lucy! Quit playing games. It’s time to eat and you need to go out first.”

Lucy explodes into a wild gallop, slides into home at my feet, and waits for me to hook her up.

Food. It’s always food.


I abhor the abuse of animals

I love animals and when I hear of one being abused it hurts my heart.


This is Lucy, she lives with us. We love her very much, she sure has the life.

Lucy didn’t always have such a lush life, she carries scars all over her little body from abuses of some form.

Now she’s loved, happy, and spoiled rotten.

She’s the lucky one.

Unlike a Bull Terrier whose graphic picture of his bloody dead body is being used all over the internet to illicit horror on his part. He is not lucky. He was a victim of people’s ignorance and cruelty.




Fireworks, I still hate ’em

Poor Lucy, blissfully asleep. Stretched out full length and snoring like an old drunk, she woke up and piled off the couch like a shot when one very loud firework went off.

Next thing I know she’s opening her crate door and hiding in the back of her crate.

I drop the towel down over the unlatched door and she rattles around then plops down to go to sleep in there.

I am pissed that she’s so scared she hides.

I am pissed that this is only the beginning of her terror filled nights yet to come as the idiots keep setting them off, 1 here, 1 there intermittently, all night, every night. The entire summer.


Porch sitting dog

I do believe that Miss Lucy is going to be one of those great porch sitting dogs.

The other day I cleaned up and put The Curmudgeon’s mother’s old plastic garden bench on the front porch. (We’d had it in various spots in the yard.)

Yesterday, Lucy spotted the neighbor seated on the porch wall between our porches and began to bark at her. Not a mean bark, she was doing her ‘I want to go see her now’ bark.

So, I leashed her and took her out to say hi to Susan. All tail wags and happiness Lucy got to greet her friend.

Susan’s friend showed up so she went to talk to him and Lucy got tired of waiting for her to return. I showed her the bench and invited her to sit there with me. She had a great time.

“Gee, Mom. Wouldn’t the bench be great with a soft cushion on it? Like the couch?”


I hope they blow their hands off …


Hate them!

Not the professional displays mind you, I hate the idiots that set them off in the streets at all hours of the night and day.

Poor Lucy spent the night hiding in her crate. Idiots!


She’s so sweet

And so naughty too.

I bought a lovely canvas shopping bag to take to the farmers market and various other stores.

Lucy decided it was a toy and I caught her just as she was starting to chew on the purse flap. So glad she ignored the leather handles.

I do believe that was first time I’ve yelled at her since she arrived.

canvas bag

Updating the blog pages

It was with sadness that I updated my blog headline post. However, I do love the pictures of Lucy that I used.

I also redid my about me post, removing Patty’s history and updating Gavin’s.

Gavin was our 7th Bull terrier. In order they were: Danny, Joey, Malcolm, Mercy, Sadie, Patty, Gavin, and Lucy is #8.

There’s a certain emptiness to the house

Two dogs make a lot of noise.

One dog not so much.

Turns out that old Gavin was the noisier of the two even though Lucy tends to bark more.

Lucy was looking for him today.

in loving memory of

We said good-bye to Gavin

No matter how many beloved pets you have, it is always painful when you lose one.

During the night Gavin’s back legs began to fail to support him and he cried all night. By morning, after a dose of his pain medication, his walking improved by only a tiny margin.

We made a decision. I couldn’t see him go through another night the way his last night was. His vet gently sent him on his way.

At 15 years of age, the dear old boy took the record for the longest lived of our dogs.

I wish to thank all the people on Facebook for the lovely sentiments they expressed. They were a comfort to both of us.

Fly my handsome boy, your Patty is waiting on the other side for you.

How long do you prolong suffering?

I was reading a post in a dog related FB group last night and was so sad that someone had a dog who has had severe neurological problems since he/she was only months old.

They’ve controlled seizures with medication but he/she has other symptoms they cannot control. Severe ones. Enough to make me think the dog’s quality of life is quite poor.

Yes, I know they love her. But seriously, love also means knowing when our beloved companions are suffering and you as a responsible owner can stop the suffering. You don’t keep the poor pet alive because you cannot bear to be without them.

Yes, it hurts to let them go. It hurts a lot. It is devastating.  Please, when they are suffering, let them go.

When Gavin, aged 15, reaches that point in his life where the quality of his life is at its low point, we will let him go as we have other sweet companions we loved with all our hearts. For now the silly boy still bounces through life.



Day three of Gavin’s recovery

I’m happy to say the day went well. He’s staying quiet and cooperative. It’s a freaking miracle, he’s a Bull Terrier for heaven’s sake.

Had to leave The Curmudgeon in charge for a bit while I made my second run this week to the pharmacy for another of The Curmudgeon’s medications. Both dogs stayed out of trouble. Yay.

coffee zombie

Day 2 of Gavin’s recovery…

He’s calm. Sleeping well and doing everything he should.

We have foregone the e-collar for the moment because he’s leaving everything alone. That may change as he heals more and the stitches begin to itch.

So far he is enjoying his pain medications and food, he wants food every minute of the day. He’s afraid we’ll not give him his breakfast again I guess.

Say ‘cookie’ and he’s on you like a shot. LOL

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