Monthly Archives: July 2020

My view tonight

IMG_20200731_222742Can I, once again, say how much I love my house?

I especially enjoy the sun porch I added on. Seems I spend most of my time there.

I added even more trees to my yard this week (the Fuyu Persimmon finally arrived with my pear tree.) I have another Snow-N-Summer™ Asiatic Jasmine Shrub coming (check for it) to go next to the porch with the first one. 2nd picture below.

I love my spacious front porch with the gate to keep Lucy safe.  I had all the hedging removed and have planted flowers. I was delighted that the one bush I didn’t have him take out turned out to be a huge gardenia bush, third picture big bush, all the way at the end.

The grass is growing well in both the front and back lawns. No more huge patches of dirt or mud tracked in.

My office still looks tossed together and one day soon I hope I will improve on that. But that will come after new kitchen counter tops.

The best thing? I am contented.

Much accomplished in a day

Spencer and Elizabeth returned today to get the master bathroom door on, it is so neat.

They then got the silk screen up in my office.

Spencer and I planted the persimmon and pear trees.

They re-did my headboard with the legs on it this time and wow, does it look great.

Elizabeth also walked through the entire house touching up the wall paint wherever she found a scrape or scratch.

Tomorrow they plan to give the gate on the front porch a “raise” to stop it from sagging.

There are plans to put up the new mailbox pole too. If they have time.



So many things to do so little…yeah, let’s not go there…

The sun porch floor was finished, things moved back in, it is lovely.

Then they did my shower!

I am dying to use it but I have to wait for the glass guys to come with all the glass first.