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Picture day

Yep, too lazy to write.




Peace and quiet?

Where does one find such a thing?

I really need to find it.

I crave it.

Salt air, sand, and waves along with it would be ideal.

sunset dauphin island


Scammed again? Not quite.

The Curmudgeon got scammed not too long ago and it cost me my desk top computer. He’s not allowed on the computer any more.

He also owes me a new desk top. I’m stuck on the lap top for now.

Yesterday I was outside with Gavin and when I came in he told me the IRS had called saying they were going to sue us and we should call such and so number.

“No dear.”

“They said they were suing us.”

“The US government doesn’t sue you. They don’t phone you either. It’s a scam.”

“Glad I didn’t call them back,” he said.

Didn’t THEY call back later (had the same phone number) and when I answered the phone they hung up. Yep, I’m betting it was the old scammer with a new scam.

He never did like me because I called him what he is. A lying, cheating, scumbag whose tiny dick would never rise to the occasion again because I told him I cursed him.

Curses! Got to love how they can dig into a guilty person’s brain and totally fuck them up.

When I answer the phone, he hangs up.

We know it is him because I have blocked his number each time with each new number he’s tried. There’s no mistaking him, he talks to The Curmudgeon and The Curmudgeon hands the phone over to me, the man cries in fear and hangs up.

WitchToday’s T-shirt.


It is possible to both love and hate someone

Tonight I hate him.

I can feel the venom filling my soul with hate for him.

I hate that he is no longer capable of doing anything around here and I am left to do it all.

I hate that he doesn’t give a tinker’s damn about my feelings.

I hate that he makes me feel this way and makes me hate myself.

are you warm yet


Time to vote

I’ve not missed voting since I turned 18, except for in two primaries, neither of which were presidential races. I have voted in every presidential primary and federal election.

The two times I missed were because I was suddenly called out-of-state to stay with my baby sister while she went through Chemo. That will always win over voting.

Not to worry about me ever again missing a vote for that reason. I have one sister left and I would rather have another heart attack than go to see her.CCARD40

Well played HBO

Sure, here we go again. Run a free HBO week or so and make sure you add a marathon of Game of Thrones. Thereby, hooking us all over again and making us suffer through waiting another year to see the next season, since we can’t afford the extra $$ for HBO.


bird is flipped

Lots of snoring going on here…

The Curmudgeon is upstairs in bed, I can hear him snoring down here.

He’s competing with Gavin who is rattling his crate with his snores.

Then there’s Lucy, buried in her blanket on the couch, getting her snores in too.

Meanwhile, I am wide awake.


We needed it…

Nothing says comfort more than a decadent dessert and some retail therapy.

Let’s begin with the decadent dessert served at Ruby Tuesday’s…

White Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake
Rich and creamy cheesecake with chocolate chunks layered with a white chocolate cherry mousse, all atop a chocolate crumb crust.

G and I often say, we should just get a dessert. By the time we finish our lunches we’re too full for a dessert. Since we both needed some true comfort yesterday, we indulged ourselves. Coffee and White Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake to die for.

Followed by retail therapy. We actually didn’t buy a lot, but we did a lot of window shopping.

white chocolate cherry cheesecake


There are days where I watch The Curmudgeon struggle just to make it across the room with his rollator and it makes me so sad, and so angry.

There are days where all I want to do, need to do, is get away from the house before I explode in pent-up anger, not at him so much as at his MS, and what we’ve lost because of it.

We’ve lost us.

We’ve lost all there was of ‘us’ because it has all become him, his MS, his weakness, his inability to do things, did he take his medications, did he eat, what can he do today, is he too weak to get out of bed?  Yes, it’s all about him.

And it is exhausting both physically and mentally.

coffee zombie


Thank you for giving The Curmudgeon his DVDs

This is a straight out thank you to my neighbor Jose.

He came over yesterday, checked and switched around some of the connections between the TV and DVD player, and got it working again!

The Curmudgeon is tickled. He can now watch the tall stack of DVDs he hasn’t been able to watch.

I’m happy because there are a few there that I want to see too.

I see a movie marathon in our future.


I’m going to go hug my best friend…

My best friend had a very bad day. She called the house just as I was unloading the groceries from my car. The Curmudgeon talked to her for a couple of minutes. He told me she was crying.

I quickly put away our groceries.

Done, I headed out the door.

“Where are you going?” The Curmudgeon asked.

“I’m going to go hug my best friend. I hear she needs one.”



Yesterday, G and I made a pet store run to get dog food and cookies.

While in the shopping center, I thought I’d look for some laminating sheets, since I can’t find the ones I know I have here somewhere. She suggested the dollar store.

We didn’t find what I needed but she found some hand sanitizer she needed so stopping in there didn’t seem like a total waste.

Standing in the check out line with her we overheard the lady in front of us say she had a cleaning business.

As she headed for the door I asked her if she had a card.

She did.

We might be able to get our attic cleaned up from the roofer’s mess and maybe even get the house spring cleaned so all I need do is keep up with the dirt.

I hope we can afford her.

warm fuzzy