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The pups mani-pedi spa day

Both dogs had pedicures yesterday. Neither one is happy with me. It is so much easier to trim Lucy’s nails than it is Gavin’s.

Gavin has gnarly, crooked and thick, hard to keep up with nails and hard warts on his pads. He’s also not the most cooperative dog when it comes to a nail trim.

This time I recruited The Curmudgeon and had him sit on the couch with Gavin keeping his attention and helping to hold him still while I used the Dremel Tool on the nails and pad warts.

It took me almost twenty minutes to get Gavin done. Never a dull moment around here either. He was okay but afterwards the old boy showed us some of the old hellion he once was insisting he deserved more than one cookie. Hucklebutts, bows, and silliness went on for a little while.

Lucy with her normal nails took me all of five minutes.

HPIM4033I habs gnarly nails. Momma sez so.

Let’s do away with Black Friday

Yesterday was the one day a year you will never find me out shopping. In fact, I refuse to drive anywhere because of all the lunatics out on the roads.

Black Friday, the once a year trample everyone, rip things out of their hands, gimme that, greediest day of the year. Shame on retailers for perpetuating this. Shame on people for going along with it.

Why not dedicate the day after Thanksgiving to giving to the less fortunate? Instead of going hog-wild greedy in retail stores go donate food to a food bank, make this the day you take all those old clothes to the local men and women’s shelters.

In what I hope will be our new yearly tradition, I spent the day going through our clothes and loading bags to take to the local shelters next week.

If you don’t have old clothes or spare money, donate your time and go read to kids in the hospitals. Help out in a soup kitchen. There are tons of things you can do instead of dancing the greedy dance at the malls.

Tell the retailers to stick it and do something good with your time and money. Teach your kids that there is more to life than gimme. Have them sort through their old toys for some to donate to women’s shelters, homeless shelters, and those with less than they have.

You all claim that you are good people but what have you really done for your fellow-man lately? Sometimes it’s as simple as making sure someone less fortunate has a warm coat, gloves, or a hat for the winter.

You all have a good one.

HPIM4243Even little Lucy has a hoodie to keep her warm.


We had a nice Thanksgiving

The Curmudgeon prefers chicken to turkey therefore I made a roasted chicken. My special garlic rosemary one. It turned out tender and delicious, just the way he loves it.

Since it is only the two of us, we don’t fuss too much with ‘all the trimmings.’ For example I use Stove Top stuffing and I buy a pumpkin pie rather than bake one. I did make an orange cranberry bread though and the gravy is also made from the pan drippings just like Gramma taught me.

A side dish of collard greens finished off the meal with a lovely balance.

For those of you in the States, I hope you had a good holiday and I hope today is nice as well.

For those of you everywhere else, have a good one!

HPIM4216This is where Lucy spent the evening.

Ick. Snow.










New additions to my desk top toys.

HPIM4238So now I have 3 Target dog Pez dispensers…

How the stores add to the high stress of having to shop during the holidays.

I hate shopping. Yes, I’ve said that many times but it bears repeating.

I had to make a ‘quick’ grocery store run for The Curmudgeon yesterday. I say quick with tongue in cheek. This time of year there is no such thing as quick.

It might have gone faster if:

a. The store didn’t have all those extra displays blocking the aisles.

b. The clerks were not moving slower than a snail’s ass.

c. People actually tried to not block the aisles while they catch up on old times with long-lost friends.

And finally

d. Idiots who only shop once a year would refrain from doing that.

Nothing like taking almost an hour to pick up a couple of items…

You all have a good one.

ChocovineI do believe it is wine o’clock.

I think it’s done

I spent the entire afternoon yesterday clearing the last of the leaves from the yard. Exhaustion doesn’t cover it. Had to be done since rain is in the forecast. I’d rather move light, dry, and fluffy leaves than have to mess with wet ones.

After I rolled up the cord for the leaf blower and put everything away. I went inside, grabbed a tall bottle of lavender mint water, downed that in a few seconds, took the dogs out, fed them, and then served our dinner. Yes, that was one sentence, just to let you know how it felt.

Not much cooking. I had a lovely beef roast, carrots, and potatoes in the crock pot. All I had to do was make the gravy.

I love my crock pot.

You all have a good one!

HPIM3599Yeah, it’s that time. A chocolate martini for me tonight.

In loving memory of…

Gone but not forgotten

Some days one feels quite alone.

Pictures..fall is over

Okay, I finally took the picture of the naked trees. What a difference a couple of days makes.


HPIM4248Yep, that’s a big difference.

How long can I avoid going to stores?

I meant to snap a few pictures of my now naked trees but didn’t seem to get around to it yesterday. Instead, I went grocery shopping, a chore I hate all the way into my marrow.

As usual, I parked away from all the other cars and pulled through to the far side. I don’t care about walking a distance I prefer to keep others from scratching my car.

The store was hot and crowded. Ugh. People were rude and there was some sort of group in there that stopped for little lectures every once in a while blocking entire aisles. The worst thing was the store had so many aisle displays about that you had trouble getting things from the shelves. It took me twice as long to get my shopping done.

Out in the parking lot, a woman has pulled her car behind mine, with dozens of spaces free, she pulls in there. As she got out of her car I thanked her profusely for making it difficult for me to put my groceries into my van. She didn’t get the sarcasm.

I hate the holidays.

You all have a good one!

 HPIM4241Here’s a cute picture of Lucy to make you smile.

The dog isn’t dumb.

Yesterday, Lucy received a hoodie I’d ordered for her because she is more sensitive to the cold than Mr. Nova Scotia born Gavin. He loves the cold weather.

After going outside wearing the hoodie a couple of times, Lucy now stands in front of where I keep it, and barks to have it put on before she rings the bells to go out.

I think she likes staying warm. Well, don’t we all when the weather turns frigid?

It seems that when she’s not wrapped up in the fuzzy blanket like a bully burrito, she’s now asking for her hoodie. And people say dogs are dumb.

HPIM4235Momma pwease come ober here and cober me wight.

HPIM4239I wubs my hoodie. Momma bought it here:

Okay, I’m done with the cold already.

For some reason I seem to be very sensitive to the cold all of a sudden. Before, I didn’t like the cold but wasn’t sensitive to it. Less than five minutes outside and my shoulder and hands began to ache like crazy.

Yesterday I had to grab gloves and put up my hood just to take the dogs out for a quick pee. Color me very unhappy. If this keeps up I doubt I’ll make it through the winter with an ounce of sanity.

At least we didn’t get snow like they did in upper NY state. All we got was a lot of wind.

The wind stripped our trees bare and I’ll be back outside working on leaves this coming weekend when it is warmer.

You all have a good one and stay warm.

HPIM4214Doesn’t look like this now…I’ll snap a few pictures when it is a bit warmer.