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Lucy loves Gavin

A little too much.

She drives the old boy crazy when he’s trying to nap in his crate. She lifts his towel and peeks at him. Teases him.

He sometimes gets cranky with her and yells. Truly, he scolds her for disturbing him. Poor old dog is 15 and his greatest pleasure (other than a tennis ball) is his naps.

He can yell at her all he wants, she still loves him.


Picture day 7/24

Gavin 9 weeksGavin at 9 weeks


Never ….

Stay seated when a crazy bull terrier runs directly at you.

A. They don’t stop, they just run over you.

B. You thought you had bruises before? Yeah, guess again.

Today’s Tee shirt


Yes, she is spoiled.

Decided to try to sleep in my bed last night. I took Lucy up with me only because I knew she’d be yodeling in her crate if I left her downstairs. And over the last couple of weeks I liked having her next to me.

She was so good, she may do this permanently.

I got to sleep in comfort and I got to sleep in. She didn’t insist on getting up early.

HPIM4762Iz we weddy to goez up to bedz yet?

Zzzzzzzzzz, Oh my!

What is it about having a dog who is snoring while snuggling with her head against my hip that makes me so sleepy? This is a nightly thing around here.

I can’t believe how sleepy I get when she’s next to me snoring her silly head off.

Anyone else have this problem?HPIM4375


Oh, my goodness I iz ober da moon!

Momma went to diz place cawed da fahmers mahket. She broughted home a bag ob cheeze cubeez and she letted me an da brudder habs sum ob dem!

Day iz gud!!!

HPIM4532Gimme sum moah ob dat cheeze Ma!

Greedy drug companies

Finally there was a medication that helped Gavin with his allergies. It was expensive but it helped so we paid for it. Lucy is also on it and it has helped her some.

Went for a refill yesterday and the price has almost tripled. I might not be able to afford refills after this. I will have to rob Peter to pay Paul this month after paying for the medication.
Not my vet’s fault, it is the manufacturer.

Greedy freaking drug companies not only rip us off on our own medications but they keep many pets from having a happy, healthy life by jacking their pricing through the roof and making them hard to get.

Shame on them.

These two deserve to be comfortable.


New collars in the house

HPIM4753HPIM4751 HPIM4749HPIM4750

It takes a special person to produce such well-made collars. I am always so impressed when I get the new ones, that I keep ordering more from her. My dogs have an extensive collar wardrobe. They are reasonably priced, washable, and last longer than any I ever bought in a store.

You can find my friend on Facebook.

She’s never disappointed me and always stands behind her product.

You all have a good one!

She’s grounded

As a bull terrier owner I can tell you there are bruises on my body that I have no idea or remembrance of how I got them.


Because I am stepped on, run into, head butted, and jumped on regularly.

These dogs are not for the weak of heart.

They test you daily.

Lucy found out what the major sin in this house is. It is chewing up a book. One. Never. Chews. A. Book. Here. Three minutes I was out of the room. I returned to find her sitting in front of the damaged book with her tail wagging like mad.

I don’t think she’s ever been yelled at by me even once in the year she’s been here. This time she got it. She also got jail time so I could cool off.

Yes, Lucy is grounded. No free run time when Mom or Dad aren’t with her for a while.

Lucky for her she’s so cute.


Gavin’s day


I loves my snuggles wiff Mom and Dad.


I will gib my paw to anyone who habs a cookie.


I lubs to chew mah pink bowling pin. I am in touch wiff my feminine side.


I let my liddle sister pester me.

Copy of HPIM4440

Thiz spot on mize noze is my kissy spot. Thatz what da Momma tells me it iz.

Wowz, anudder thunderstorm!


I do notz like thunder boomer storms. Not one bit. I don’tz run and hide but I putz my ears back and shibberz. Mommy made it awl better though. She wrapped me up in my Ted blankie and snuggled me tight. I didn’tz shibber no more when da thunder boomers were loud. I didn’tz eben needz a cookie!

Can’t live without them

Spent $102.00 at the vet’s without taking either dog there. Yep, that’s what six months worth of heart worm medications cost us.

Lucy is scheduled to go in for shots, heart worm test, and intestinal parasites test. Yeah, that’s going to cost us a pretty penny too.

We don’t mind, truly we don’t. We love these two lunatic dogs with all our hearts.

I might bitch and moan about them from time to time but I don’t know what I’d do without them. They are my heartbeat.

Lucy and Gavin

Lucy and Gavin