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Never write your blog after wine O’Clock

I started my day with a quick run to the doctor’s office pharmacy. I needed to refill my Advair. What I love about my doctor is that he trusts me and treats me like the responsible adult that I am. I e-mailed, “hey, I have 4 days left I need a refill.” He replies almost immediately, “Done.” No fuss, no “are you sure?” He doesn’t treat me like a child.

Next I had to call Lucy’s vet to schedule a quick look at her. She had what looked like a mild seizure last night and I knew she should be checked even though after all the drama, Miss drama llama seemed fine. And she checked out fine, although, down the road, I do believe she should have an EKG.

Once I got home, I relaxed with a book for a while on the front porch. I didn’t get a lot of reading in, I enjoyed being distracted by the hummingbird battles over the two feeders.

“I declare ownership of the two feeders,” chirps spotted tail boy.

“Never! I claim them for my lady love and me.” Black back Ruby throat chirps back.

The battle grew to consist of five combatants and two female observers. Two battlers hid in hanging plants to sneak into the feeders behind the others. They chased each other constantly, sometimes skimming right past my head. They would fly in a violent spinning dance of exquisite tactics and maneuvers.

The book got set aside. The dance going on in front of me was more exciting. I watched the wicked sword fighting aerial ballet until dinner time.

After dinner, I poured a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc and dove back into the book. Hours later, I remembered I had planned to post here…

It scares me, I am not ready to let go

Lucy had what looked like a small seizure tonight. This is the the third time in two years.

I carefully checked her over, she didn’t pee or poop herself. She looked like she was off balance on a level floor. Her ears were held askew, her gums were pale, her body tense, her legs splayed and held stiffly.

A few minutes later, after holding and talking to her she seemed back to herself. It’s been the same each time.

It scares me. I am not ready to lose her. It’s too soon after Jay’s death. I am afraid of what the vet will or won’t be able to find.


Continuing Improvements

  1. I have ordered the kitchen counters. It will be a while before they get here.
  2. I fired an electrician who never bothered to show up since May.
  3. I hired an electrician who will put the fans on the porch, switch out fans and lights in the living room and guest room, he’ll also do yearly maintenance on my HVAC units.

I painted my fireplace.

And I think I have finally found the back story on my new character…

I seriously hate this new format!!!!!!


I am impatiently waiting for my new table and chairs to arrive. The new table is rather small in comparison to the old one. But for the tiny space I have, it has to be.

Even though I wanted a round table I couldn’t get the one I wanted. It was out of stock. So, I settled for this one:

20200728_214217 I can drop the leaf and push it against the wall when I am alone. Takes up a lot less room.

The chairs I bought would also go with that round table I liked that was out of stock. If I don’t like the table, I can always sell it and get the other one if it comes back in stock.