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RIP Robin Williams

It’s so sad when laughter dies. It died yesterday with Robin Williams. He’s one man I loved to watch whether he was acting, doing improv, stand up, or making an appearance on a talk show.

He made me laugh even when I fell into the depths of sorrow. He shall be missed.

I lost a sister to suicide, she was 29 when she died. It completely gutted our family.

Mr. Williams’ family has my deepest sympathy.

Robin Williams


Is it March yet?

     I’m sure I am not the only one who faces the holidays with a heavy heart.  There are many of us.

     I would rather skip right from my favorite Halloween to St. Patrick’s day.  Just hop over the four months and land the day before my birthday.  January and February can go  away since they are winter months.

     March, I love March because it holds the promise of Spring and my birthday.  Not that we actually celebrate my birthday or anything, which we don’t, I just like it.

     April I hate, because we lost my dearest sister then.  However, now that I’ve started a yearly ritual on that day to celebrate her love and life, it doesn’t stab the heart as hard.

    You all have a good one.  I still have some lost ones to mourn over the next week or two.

candle reflection


Yeah, not in the best of moods these days





RIP to both Paul Walker and Roger Rodas

     My opinion may not be popular, but I feel so sorry for the family and friends  left behind to grieve, and angry that they, yes I said they,  pulled such stunt that endangered others. Two grown men were in the car and had to be in agreement to the reckless act for it to happen.

     I find it very sad that Paul Walker and Roger Rodas, men old enough to know better, are dead because they thought that a car was a toy to be played with and were speeding on a public street.

Anyone sense a theme here?





Grama, Mom, Dad, Kay, Betty

Dad's birthday in Alaska

Remembering Mary

     On this day in 1957, my baby sister came into this world.  It was my parents anniversary and I was three years old.  

Mary Randolph AFBMary…Randolph AFB …1965?

Mary and Sadie 2Mary and Sadie

Mary and me 3She always made me laugh.

Mary and JayThe Curmudgeon’s favorite sister-in-law.

Mary aMy best friend.


candle reflectionI love you

MS sucks.

     The Curmudgeon had another really bad MS day.  He finally gave in and went back to his bed.  Sleep did not come, he grew weaker, and more miserable as the afternoon turned into evening.

     He refused to eat dinner.  Gee, I could have skipped cooking and rested had I known he’d do that.  He did take his medications.  However, they didn’t help.  The Curmudgeon is having great difficulty walking and I cannot pick him up from the floor.  This makes for a very frustrating time for both of us.

     I hope that today he feels better.  I will know as soon as I wake up because these days he never lets me have one moment to catch my breath before he needs this and that.  I do wish he’d wait until after I had my first cup of coffee.  I function so much better then.

     Keep your fingers crossed that he is improved by the time I wake.  You all have a good one.


Leave it cleaner than you found it.

     One family rule, taught to us from early childhood, one I never forgot and still practice religiously:  Clean up where you picnic, fish, hike, or just plain enjoy the outdoors.  Never leave anything behind!

English: Waikiki beach trash cans

English: Waikiki beach trash cans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


     I take it so far as to clean up after other people who are piggish enough to litter wherever I am unlucky to follow behind them.  I’ve been known to haul out garbage bags full of other people’s trash. 

     There’s nothing worse than to set out to enjoy the beauty of nature and to find it covered in someone’s beverage cans and other non-biodegradable trash.  Especially when the area provides many convenient trash barrels for your convenience. 

     Before you drop that food wrapper or can, think about the next person.  Don’t be a lazy pig, use the trash cans or, better yet, take your garbage home with you.  Pick up any garbage you find and leave the place cleaner than you found it.

     It’s not hard to do.  If everyone did this, imagine how lovely our parks, beaches, rivers, and even our own streets would be. 

     You all have a good one!

Remembering ….


With all my heart, all my soul, and all that is me, I promise I will never forget you my baby sister Mary.  RIP 11/7/1957-4/13/2001

I wish I’d said…

     How many times has that gone through your head?  Had a fight with someone and an hour later a brilliant riposte comes to mind…dang it… too little, too late. 

     Thinking of my baby sister and things I wish I’d said to her before she died.  Too late now.

     Telling my mother I loved her once again…wasn’t allowed to talk to her so that would be too late again.

     Thanking a dear friend for being my friend…he’s gone now…too late.

     Yes, there are many things I wish I’d said that I can’t say now…

     Here’s one I can say to a certain few people…even though you do not deserve it…  I forgive you.

      You all have a good one and be kind to each other.

Shawnee Tom the Piper’s Son

     I am not a collector of tea pots although I have three now.  2 of which I love and plan to keep forever because they came from my parents.  I have very little from them.

     Then there’s #3…it was my MIL’s…she was never nice to me and I have no desire to hang onto it and the S&P shakers that go with it.  Yes, they are for sale!!!!   $160.00  OBO!



Sad day, the first of many from now until February

He left us back in 1995 on this day.  It still feels as if it was only yesterday.  I love you, Pop.