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Warming up again and more…

The Curmudgeon had to turn the AC on yesterday, the house was getting too warm for him to be comfortable. At least we had a few days where we didn’t need it on.

With July 4th approaching fast, we are suffering from fireworks going off at all hours of the night. EVERY night. Scaring my dog at 3 a.m. is not a nice thing.

I am ridding us of a bunch of coffee mugs. I have accumulated far too many for what little storage space we have. With sending 10 cups away, I did allow myself to add two new ones to what remained.

The Curmudgeon broke his favorite mug the other day and I found him a replacement and, at the same time finally found one the size and shape I wanted for me.

Today’s Tee

Play in the dirt

Better day

After taking a day low and slow I feel oh so much better.

The *cleansing effect* of the medication they give you before a colonoscopy is miserable but necessary. It is also exhausting.

I have a clean bill of health so far. 2 weeks until lab results are back but the doctor is confident all is well. Now I have 5 years before I have to go through that again.

They all liked my T-shirt.

well red

Yeah…nope again

I’m taking off tonight and tomorrow. This is no fun.

First dose done second at 3 a.m.

Cya Wednesday night/Thursday morning.



It’s that time again…

Several years ago my BFF’s husband died. He died from stage four colon cancer.

He’d put off testing for it even after his brother, many years before, had been diagnosed with colon cancer in its early stages where he was treated and survived it.

When they found his cancer, he was already at stage four. He died soon after even with surgery, radiation, and chemo treatments.

So today I begin the preparations for my second colonoscopy (I had my first one about 5 years ago.) Things have changed since my first one. Yay no Fleet enemas this time! Not sure how the junk I have to drink will be.

However, due to no food, just clear liquids and green or yellow Jellos, and a bad case of the runs from the medication I have to drink, I will be a very hungry and cranky person until well after the test on Tuesday.

I give you fair warning.




She’ll MELT!

We had rain off and on all day. By night time we had pouring rain coming down at a fairly steady rate.

Lucy does not like rain. She doesn’t like it one bit, but she tolerated going out in the day time light rain.

Not so much the after dark pouring rain. No, I had to boot her out the door each time she wanted to go out because she’d stall out at the door when she saw the rain. She literally did front paw stands trying to keep from going out the back door.

Next time you bedder getz me a raincoat!


Oh, cuffing and dragging out handicapped protestors–really not a good photo op

Never have the people of this country been so betrayed by our Government as we are now.

Republican Gentlemen, (and I use the term loosely)

You have stepped over the line. Your misogyny, greed, lack of moral fiber, bigotry, selfishness, heartless cruelty, ignorance and stupidity has gone too far.

Your “let them eat cake” attitudes will bring you down.

Arresting and dragging out handicapped protestors–not a good photo op. Tsk tsk.

You see, you have angered the people you work for–yes, you work for us and you seem to have forgotten that.

You may want to be corporate toadies but you can’t have it both ways.

Go put your resumes in with the corporations because WE THE PEOPLE are fed up with you and you are going to get your walking papers very soon.

Once the minions of your idiocy finally remove the blindfolds and see how screwed they are by you, well, I’m betting they will be even more pissed off than all of us sane people are. And you know what happens when the crazies get stirred up.


One of these days my back will stop hurting…

Trying to get things done when your back is completely screwed up is not easy.

I get a minimum done and have to stop and rest my back because the pain is too much.

Seems that just when my back was feeling better, The Curmudgeon fell down (he falls all the time and does it with skill so he seldom gets hurt) And he insisted I help him up.

Like a damned fool, I did, and out went my back again, this time worse than usual.

dust bunnies killed the cleaning fairy

Best friends

My best friend scared me the other day.

I was outside lending an air pump to a neighbor when her eldest son hailed me.

As I walked over to him, he told me she was in the hospital!

I screeched “What?!”

He explained what happened. Tachycardia. Well, she’s had that before.

The next thing he said cracked me up.

He told me, “She said, darn, I didn’t beat my record.”

Her record is 222 beats a minute. This time she only hit 200.

I talked to her on the phone, she said she call me when I could come get her–they were planning to release her the same day.

However, I got antsy. I called her back and told her I was coming out and would sit with her until they sent her home.

And I did.

Priceless (2)

I told him to turn it off

It gets so all the crap on the news makes my head and heart hurt too much to watch it.

Yesterday TC had the news on, and because the AC was running, he had the volume way up. When #45 began to speak in one segment I cringed and told TC to turn it the hell off! I can’t stand that idiot’s voice for one second.

Please, #Cheeto do this country a huge favor and resign.


Opting out of all those e-mails loading my in box

Yes, I’ll sign your petition for equal rights, for justice, for anything I agree with these days.

However, I cannot donate even a thin dime to all your causes so please when I opt out of your e-mails, I am opting out because all you do is ask for money.

I still believe in your cause, I just can’t afford you.


Should have mentioned dinner first…

“Hey Luce, wanna go out?”

Lucy runs to the front door.

“Oh no you don’t. Time to go pee, you don’t go pee out front.”

She runs into the kitchen, as I reach to hook the leash on her collar, she does an about face and races back to the front door.

“Get back here!”

She bows.

“Come on.”

She saunters to the kitchen. I reach for her and she’s off like a shot.

“Lucy! Quit playing games. It’s time to eat and you need to go out first.”

Lucy explodes into a wild gallop, slides into home at my feet, and waits for me to hook her up.

Food. It’s always food.