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Lucy has it all figured out…

Or so she thinks.

Pizza bones, the dog loves pizza bones (that pizza crust some people don’t eat…I do but *other people don’t.)

I think she may need an intervention after she gets the last piece of crust tonight.

You see, we usually supply an after trick or treat dinner for our friends. This year I was lazy and ordered several large pizzas all with different toppings. Seems that I am the ONLY one who eats the crusts.

Therefore, we had a pile of pizza bones and dogs were both celebrating.

Lucy gets the last one tonight when she goes out. Gavin already had his.

She will try to climb up on the counter for pizza bones. Good thing she’s too short to get anywhere. LOL! It is comical to watch.

0805161621Got Pizza bones?

Day 2 after the fall


Oh yeah.

Every single inch of me is sore.

Once you hit a certain age, making a hard landing on to the pavement is much worse.

Parts of me are this color.



Trick or treat night…fun. Falling not so fun

I managed to take a bad fall near the end of trick or treat night.1028161802 1028161802a 1028161803 1028161803a 1028161803b 1028161803c 1028161822 1028161822a 1028162206 1028162207 1028162207a 1028162208

One of those days

The miserably cold, rainy morning was a harbinger to what the rest of the day would be.


I couldn’t get away from any of it either.

No escape.

The Curmudgeon was in a mood.

Not cheerful.


Come on lottery win!

I am already feeling the effects of the chilly weather. This is not a good thing.

I have no energy or desire to go outside and work in the yard and it needs it.

The desire for a warm climate and beach is driving me crazy.

Today’s Tee shirt


Some mall trips become adventures

G wanted to go to Bscovs for fleece sheets they had on sale. I was happy to drive us if only for a chance to get away from the house for a couple of hours.

We got her shopping done, put the stuff in the car and went back into the mall to just wander.

Some changes were made since we last were there. There’s a huge candy store with candy from around the world and bins of goodies.

Then there’s the counter of titillating temptations of tons of truffles. I wish I’d thought to pull out my phone to take a picture. Y’all would have drooled all over your keyboards.

I bought two dark chocolate candy squares. On of dark chocolate and sea salt and the other with chipoltes. OMG delicious!

Then I added a new tin of candies to my slowly growing collection of tins. A sugar skull tin!

amuse me

Not looking forward to winter

I was enjoying our unseasonable October weather and now that it is more like normal for this time of year, I am ready to get out of here.

Yep, don’t like the cold. Makes my bones ache something awful.

Seems that Lucy isn’t very fond of the cold weather either. She’s starting to look for her hoodie.

Lucy ready for snow

I hate visiting nurses too young to know they know nothing.

Not looking forward to the visiting nurse from the MS society. She’s coming today.

Last time this nit-wit visited I was ready to take a two by four to her head. She is a complete idiot. I think she’s like 12 years old and has an opinion on everything. Most of which is wrong and out of line.

Actually I have little use for most nurses. My older sister, the idiot, is one and she has absolutely no common sense. I find this all too often in that profession. (My apologies to the few good nurses I know.)

I hope someone will post bail….

well read woman


I repeat myself…

How many times does one have to repeat saying something to someone before they ‘get it’ please?

Daily, I tell him I am not interested in what he’s watching on TV and he still has to tell me what is going on.

I do not need a blow by blow on a show I don’t give a damn about.

I should have had this Tee on today…



How I multitask…

I walk out to the kitchen to take my pills, I see the water level in the coffee pot is low so I fill it.

I then remember I forgot to get something out to thaw for dinner so I do that.

Forgetting my pills, I dump and refill the dogs water dishes, see the basket of laundry waiting to go to the basement and take it down. Start the first load going.

I walk into the living room and sit on the couch. Pick up my book and remember that I forgot to take my pills.

I walk out into the kitchen to take my pills and Lucy starts bugging to go out. I take Lucy out and since she had to go, of course Gavin has to…

I go back to the couch, just get comfortable, and I remember I forgot to take my pills again…


Where did the week go?

Hell, last time I looked it was Tuesday…

Suddenly it is Friday.

I swear I’m going to dig in my heels and make it go much slower next week and then maybe I’ll get something done around here.

Today’s Tee shirt


Oh no! No internet?!

Whatever will I do?

Yesterday, my internet went down for a while.

Did I panic?

Not one bit. I have books to read.