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So he took another bad fall

I was working at my computer when I heard a loud crash overhead. He was down and moaning and groaning.

I had visions of another ambulance run. He wouldn’t let me call for one.

He’s now quite pissed at me because I keep waking him up.

At least he liked his dinner of chicken and dumplings.

Lucy is passed out in her new bed–so cute all rolled up in her Ted the dog blanket!

Now 2 degrees smart little dog refuses to go out without her hoodie.



Best cousin ever!

My cousin, who resides in New Mexico, heard my pleas for someone to find me a certain dog bed in a Dollar General store and she came through big time.

I did ask the mailman if they had used the box for soccer practice though.


Lucy was anxious to check it out.


Glad I saw the extras in the box before she found them. They arrived slightly battered but unharmed.


We end with Lucy enjoying her lovely new bed and a huge THANK YOU to cousin Gloria!


You know it’s cold outside when the furnace kicks on with great regularity.

When the dog takes two steps into the yard to pee and then races back in like she’s shot out of a cannon.

When you need to haul out the heavier socks to keep your feet warm.

When the protein drinks you had sitting on the back porch are frozen.

When you really have NO desire to set foot outside the door.

Yeah, but I have to go out tomorrow Lucy is almost out of her dog food. Dang, I hate the cold.

Soon another year older and seemingly healthier.

I been a couple of years now since I switched doctors. I have to say it was probably the smartest thing I ever did.

I now have a doctor who actually listens rather than one who seems barely alert during my visit. Or acts like I am being ridiculous when I mention some symptom.

She seems genuinely concerned and has never once pooh poohed me on anything. She takes me seriously.

accuracy afternoon alarm clock analogue

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So depressed

All that hard work I put in, and when I stepped on the scales today I found I’d gained back each pound I’d lost and added a couple.


Thank goodness this week is over with

My new lamp got here so I was only one day without a desk lamp.

Spent the day in a sleepy fog.

There wasn’t enough coffee in the world to wake me since the phone did three times before my alarm went off at 10.

The Curmudgeon spent the entire day doing his very best to heighten my annoyance levels. If you ask someone, beg someone, tell someone, finally yell at someone on a daily basis to stop mumbling during a show’s dialogue and expecting an answer. Or mumbling at me when I am in the kitchen making dinner, running water…

There are days where I wish twice as hard for a quiet beach house with just me and Lucy in residence.

So glad I freeze leftovers so I have a quick meal for days where I am far from a mood to cook.

Speaking of foods I don’t have to cook…G brought over some home made lentil soup yesterday, I had it for lunch today. Yum!


I had to buy a new lamp

We had a short power outtage yesterday. You know just short enough to make you have to reset clocks and stuff.

Only this time it fried my desk lamp and it was on a surge protector strip!

The light bulb was fine, the lamp was dead.

So happy to have my back lit keyboard now.

I hate having to have the overhead light on.

new lamp

Wow, the temperature is rising…

It is 1:20 a.m. and it is now 46 degrees.

That’s warmer than it was all day.

Looking forward to warmer temperatures.

11 degrees was far too cold for me.

Lucy says, “too cold for me too~”

Now it looks like rain…at least it isn’t snow.

A letter to my readers

Dear Reader,

Yes, you.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read what I have written.

If I have offended you-well….get over it.

If I have made you laugh. You just made my day.

If I have made you cry, once again, you have made my day.

If you learned something new. Fantastic!

If I made you think…even better.

Thank you for being out there,


familyguy (1)


Too damned cold.

The trip to the Neurologist was mostly uneventful.

I seldom use their valet parking, but it was so cold today, I did.

It was 19 degrees then and down to 11 degrees now.

Effing brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!so damn cold

So about that snow…

After we got a few inches of snow, it rained, then we had slush. The sun came out an the wind started to blow, the temperature dropped, and now we have frozen slush.

Oh fun.

I have to take The Curmudgeon to his neurologist appointment later today.

This means I have to de-ice my van.

Double fun. NOT.

I hate the cold, I hate snow, and I absolutely hate ice.

Color me grumpy. I guess I can always have some of this afterwards…



stop snowing