Monthly Archives: December 2016

No more snow on my back porch

The new doors are installed, look wonderful and seal the entry the way doors should. Next…we pay off the loan we had to take out to get them.






What do you mean they’ll be here at 8 a.m.?!!

Nope, I won’t be sleeping.

New door installation (back door and storm door) will begin at 8 a.m.

Last year we had snow come in under the back door.  We always have a draft, it is also the perfect entryway for mice and insects.

Next we save for new windows out there and later maybe some insulation and dry wall… Oh, yeah…I’m dreaming there.


So sad…

We lose Carrie Fisher one day and her mother, Debbie Reynolds, the next.
2016 the year we lost too many.

Gavin wants out…

“Lucy, your brother wants out. Come on wake up.”

1223161008“Nope. Don’t care.”

“He’s crying. You need to get up.”

1209160025“He can kiss my butt.”

“Oh, come on. You can have a cookie.”


Diet and exercise…here I come

Yeah, I say that every year. Who doesn’t?


Low and slow day

1223161007You go ahead Mom …call me when breakfast is ready.

I was sorely tempted to keep the bedding out and spend the entire day dozing off and on…

Didn’t happen though.

Our Christmas eve *feast

1224162017-2Good food…good  wine…good friends…good night!

T’was the night before…

Yeah, we know the story.

Except in my house… the creatures are mooching, the man is asleep.

The chimney is almost completely blocked and the service guys come on the 30th…

G and I watch movies, drink wine, and munch on fancy foods.

Last year’s feast


LOL, quit staring at me!

Ever get that feeling  that someone is staring at you?

I woke up to it.

There snuggled next to me, head on my hip, was Lucy… staring at me.

One half an hour before my alarm went off I woke up to find her watching me.

I laughed…hard. Decided to get up.

Went upstairs, then went to the kitchen got food and water ready for the dogs and she hadn’t moved off the couch…nope, not her.

After waking me up, she went back to sleep.

My turn to wake her up. 😉


I can see again!

So nice to not have that huge scratch down the one lens that I acquired in my fall on Trick or Treat night.

Clear vision!



Sometime today…I’ll head over and pick up my new glasses. How marvelous it will be to be able to see again!

My optician wants to meet Lucy so guess who is going along with me?

Yep, she’ll love it. Lucy is a great social butterfly. (This is her at the Vet’s)




Yep, that’s what we need these days plenty of booze to blur the edges and take away the reality of what the idiots have done.recipe-1  HPIM3598