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I never know what to expect one day to the next…

Today I didn’t have the heavy burden of helping The Curmudgeon go upstairs, bending his stiff legs, placing his feet on the stair after each step, steadying his progress, and keeping him from falling.

He managed to walk around with his walker or cane and take care of himself most of the day. When I woke up and came down I requested he not talk to me. I needed silence.

I, unfortunately, have spent the day on the verge of tears all day. Had to disappear a few times to take care of them. I was emotionally shot and physically exhausted.

Dont make me adult Lucy

A day in the life of a caregiver

Had to help him go upstairs. This is a long, slow process on his bad days (like today) he has to go up one stair at a time on his butt. No, we don’t have a lift of any sort and no, there’s no bedroom on the first floor.

Had to get a neighbor to help get him from the top of the stairs to his bed. I’d run out of gas by then. Thank you Susan.

The rest of the day consisted of running up and down stairs every five minutes to either empty his pee bottle or help him with something else.

It’s been a two laundry load day, he misses his bottle once in a while–which means going up and down the cellar steps and up and down the stairs to the second floor.

In and out with the dogs all day.

No sooner would my butt hit a chair when He’d holler for me again.

Hotter than blue blazes outside but I did manage to fill three garbage barrels with trimmings from the magnolia tree. Wish someone would come by with a chain saw and some energy, there are some larger branches that need removing.

Still need to find someone who can work with cement and fix the porch before winter.

Once I did get a chance to sit down, I browsed houses for sale on the Alabama coast…

Time to open a bottle of wine…


Checking in

HPIM4762I am de Jedi Master Pwincess Lucy and I sez dat my Momma will be back soon. Smooches and hugs to all!

42 years… “you don’t get that for murder in this state.”

Here's to youJay in uniformPortrait of me016

Time for a break

I have too much going on at home right now and need to take a week or so off from here.

Explanations will follow later.

Be kind to yourselves.

Gavin and Lucy send their wagging tail greetings.

HPIM4690 HPIM4033

Jumping a train of thought

I’m not sure what to write about.

The last few days have been filled with more crap than usual.

Long, slow days of heated discussions and overblown emotions.

road to give a fuck

Front porch

The dahlias on the front porch are continuing to bloom. As are the rest of the flowers. Lucky for them that I have, so far, remembered to water them daily.


HPIM4728 HPIM4726

It’s been one of those days…

Dont make me adult Lucy

Throwback Thursday


Me, Cousin Jimmy, baby sister Mary in Olcott, NY

pond view from under the magnolia tree

I miss my pond.

Tears enough to fill the oceans







Mourning the loss of him before he’s gone…for years.

Anger, lots of anger.

Many more tears.




Tears never stop.

Where did the good times go?

Love is gone

All that remains is a shell, a sham.

Tears flow.


New collars in the house

HPIM4753HPIM4751 HPIM4749HPIM4750

It takes a special person to produce such well-made collars. I am always so impressed when I get the new ones, that I keep ordering more from her. My dogs have an extensive collar wardrobe. They are reasonably priced, washable, and last longer than any I ever bought in a store.

You can find my friend on Facebook.

She’s never disappointed me and always stands behind her product.

You all have a good one!

She’s grounded

As a bull terrier owner I can tell you there are bruises on my body that I have no idea or remembrance of how I got them.


Because I am stepped on, run into, head butted, and jumped on regularly.

These dogs are not for the weak of heart.

They test you daily.

Lucy found out what the major sin in this house is. It is chewing up a book. One. Never. Chews. A. Book. Here. Three minutes I was out of the room. I returned to find her sitting in front of the damaged book with her tail wagging like mad.

I don’t think she’s ever been yelled at by me even once in the year she’s been here. This time she got it. She also got jail time so I could cool off.

Yes, Lucy is grounded. No free run time when Mom or Dad aren’t with her for a while.

Lucky for her she’s so cute.