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Not a great start…

Went grocery shopping and, although I had pared my list down, all that good for me food my weight doctor wants me to use cost us three times as much. I swear I walked over 5 miles while shopping, having to hunt things down.

Is there any wonder there’s an obesity epidemic in the US?

Now with certain Governors dropping their state’s minimum wages to below poverty level, I’m sure we’ll see even more.

The Republican Congress and Senate wants to kill off as many of us as they can any way they can.

Then there’s that orange idiot in charge who, in actuality, hates all people and hates you even more if you aren’t lily white. His only love is of himself.

And all of them are telling us we need to:

suck it up buttercup

My day at the doctor

I really like this new doctor, she listens to me and doesn’t make assumptions.

We discussed all my test results and she’s quite pleased with them.

Last blood test indicates LDL level is very low…yay! And HDL level is at optimal high. Another Yay me.

No need for another colonoscopy for 10 years.

Pulmonary tests indicate I have an allergy related cough that we are controlling with Claritin and Flonase.

Now we are going to tackle the weight gain. She is sending me to a doctor who specializes in it.

Unless I get sick, I won’t see her until mid November.

*Update on Lucy: Lucy is doing very well.  She has become quite perky today.

Today’s Tee

old gals still rock

Better day

After taking a day low and slow I feel oh so much better.

The *cleansing effect* of the medication they give you before a colonoscopy is miserable but necessary. It is also exhausting.

I have a clean bill of health so far. 2 weeks until lab results are back but the doctor is confident all is well. Now I have 5 years before I have to go through that again.

They all liked my T-shirt.

well red

It’s that time again…

Several years ago my BFF’s husband died. He died from stage four colon cancer.

He’d put off testing for it even after his brother, many years before, had been diagnosed with colon cancer in its early stages where he was treated and survived it.

When they found his cancer, he was already at stage four. He died soon after even with surgery, radiation, and chemo treatments.

So today I begin the preparations for my second colonoscopy (I had my first one about 5 years ago.) Things have changed since my first one. Yay no Fleet enemas this time! Not sure how the junk I have to drink will be.

However, due to no food, just clear liquids and green or yellow Jellos, and a bad case of the runs from the medication I have to drink, I will be a very hungry and cranky person until well after the test on Tuesday.

I give you fair warning.




New doctor…

Maybe she’ll fix this chronic cough. She’s sending me for some pulmonary tests since she did a peak flow test on me and I didn’t do great on it. First time I’ve done one.

I never did test well.

Always hated tests, and the two others she has lined up for me rank at about #1 and #2 in tests I don’t want, know I should have, and my old doctor hasn’t ordered them done in many years.

Maybe I should have worn this shirt?


Stress test

No coffee. OMG! NO COFFEE! My appointment wasn’t until 1 p.m. and I was not to have any coffee beforehand.

Color me cranky and suffering from the sillies from being over tired.

I guess the Techs enjoyed me. As they put in an IV and glued heart monitor patches to my skin, I joked with them, especially about the cruel lack of COFFEE in my system.

I dozed in the machine. Then I huffed and puffed and sweated my way through the test.

I enjoyed it when they presented me with a tall cup of coffee and some cookies AFTER I was all out of breath and my legs were feeling like they were made of burning rubber.

Back to another nap in the machine and then off to home.


Some days you feel your age–it sort of smacks you in the face.

     I met the doctor who would treat my husband and I for the next thirty-five years after The Curmudgeon had been going to him for a year or two.  I had my family physician before then, who, after a family tragedy, quit his practice and sort of left his patients without a doctor.

    Today my doctor’s son treated me.  (I was in for my every three months check.) I swear this young doctor looks exactly like his father did when I started going to him.  He even has his smile and laugh.

     As I talked to his father while I was getting ready to leave, I could tell he was very proud of his son.

     You all have a good one.  And, if the young doctor is reading this, you did good kid.

The Doctor, by Sir Luke Fildes (1891)

The Doctor, by Sir Luke Fildes (1891) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shhhh, don’t tell him.

     Since my heart attack, almost two years ago, I have completely changed my diet, stopped smoking, and am almost back to my normal exercise levels.

     Do you think I could, in these two years, get The Curmudgeon to change his diet at all?

     That would be a no.  When I make suggestions or try to talk to him about it I get this response:

the scream

     Yeah, he’s going to change isn’t he?  Not this guy, no way!

     Want to bet on that?  He’s made some dietary changes.  He doesn’t know he’s made them and don’t you dare tell him he has.  What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, it will make him healthier.  Sometimes we wives have to get sneaky.

     You all have a good one!


Time to see the cardiologist again

     Tomorrow I have an appointment with my cardiologist.  I hope he’s happy with me.  I’ve tried so hard to make the changes necessary to prevent another heart attack.  It’s been six months since I’ve seen him.

     I haven’t smoked a single cigarette since 8/17/2011.   I’ve made significant dietary changes, and I take my medications faithfully. 

     Although so far there has been no significant weight loss, I have hopes that by the end of the summer there will be.  I would love to step on the scale and be back to my normal weight before the heart attack.

   Here’s hoping that all the days at the gym, walking with friends, and moving work.

     You all have a good one! 

Another sucky diet book…

     I’m so glad I didn’t pay for it.  It was a freebie on my Kindle.  I really hate these so-called diet books that are nothing but a sermon and insane, difficult to follow instructions or formulas.  OH, PLEASE!!!

     I don’t know about the rest of you, but I pick up a diet book to find menus and meals that are healthy and weight reducing.  I do not pick a diet book up to have a lecture on my health that I already know needs improvement.  Um, if I wasn’t concerned about my health would I be looking at diet books?

     I really don’t care why you wrote a book on dieting when you don’t include any menus or meals.  I have enough on my mind.  I do not have the energy or the time to figure out your crazy formulas.

     I would kill to find the handwritten menus I have lost somewhere in my house, or something comparable.  They were to a diet that actually worked like a dream.  A very balanced diet that melted the pounds off me so nicely many years ago and kept them off for a very long time.  I need those handwritten pages back…sob.

     I’m going to tackle the file cabinet in the attic once again on the off-chance that I somehow missed the pages the last fifty times I searched it.

     You all have a good one. 


Not as down today, but stayed off the scale too.

     I spent most of today doing some form of exercise, when I wasn’t napping that is.  I had my hand weights close to hand and would do a couple sets with them whenever the mood would strike. 

     As a result, all the free exercise has made my upper arms sore.  Good, because they are flabby.  I have sore biceps, triceps, and with the crunches I put in my stomach muscles are a tad sore.

     Tomorrow I get my hair cut, and if this storm comes through here as mild as forecast for our area, I’ll head over to the gym afterwards.  If it is worse than forecast I’ll come home and do some yoga, weights, and free exercise.

     You all have a good one!



      I knew I didn’t want to step on the scale.  I can’t believe it, I gained two pounds.  Excuse me while I go to a corner, curl into a ball, and sob.

     I’ll do another ten miles on the bicycle later today.  Weights and yoga sufficed yesterday.  I did get G to join the gym so I’ll have an exercise buddy at least twice a week. 

      I won’t let this beat me.  Next weigh in is in a week…

     You all have a good one.