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Sorry Texas…

Sadly, the federal government is preparing to cut money that would help the people of Texas in rebuilding their lives.

Instead, the idiot in chief and his cronies will be stripping FEMA of funds along with wherever else they can pillage to build that stupid wall and give billionaires more tax breaks.

I think it’s time to get a passport update and get out of here.


So now what do I do with it?

I picked our first ripe Marconi Pepper and finally decided that I’ll split it in two and treat the halves as I would a regular pepper and stuff them.


Fall approaches…

As much as I am a Halloween fan, I find the approach of fall a thing that fills me with dread.


Because once fall arrives winter is not far behind and I absolutely hate winters.

Not looking forward to this…


Go Joe!


To my dying day I will never understand how the Republicans can sleep at night.

Their budget plan, calls for huge cuts to food stamps and other social safety net programs, and is turning Medicare into a voucher-like program, which would be a complete overhaul of the program.

They’re proposing slashing $500 billion from Medicare, $1.5 trillion from Medicaid. They also plan to make enormous cuts to federal employee pensions, food stamps and tax credits for the working poor.

If the voucher plan goes through for Medicare, it will force seniors to pay out-of-pocket for their healthcare. Vouchers would pay for some of the costs. The voucher plan would get rid of the single-payer system retirees have relied on to cover the majority of their healthcare costs.

It’s unclear how much the vouchers or, as Speaker Ryan puts it, “premium support” will be. So what it comes down to is if you receive a voucher and it’s not enough to cover the costs of private insurance, you are shit out of luck.

If you voted Republican, you are as guilty of killing us off as those ham-fisted, cold-hearted, greedy sons of bitches that are laughing all the way to the bank.

If you think that the #idiot in chief gives a single fuck about you, you are dumber than a box or rocks.


Upstairs doesn’t always mean a bath

I need to convince Lucy that going upstairs doesn’t always mean it’s bath time. Yeah, she hates them.

I want her to get used to sleeping upstairs with me instead of on the couch with me.

I am dying to get back to using my bed again. It’s been two years since I slept in my own bed due to The Curmudgeon and also Gavin’s ill health at the end.

Problem is, now she’s so used to sleeping on the couch with me she won’t sleep in her crate at night. So I’d just as soon get her to sleep on the bed with me if I can get her past the dreaded bath.


Day after

The day after a migraine day feels like you have a slight hangover. That mild pressure behind the eyes, stomach a bit touchy, light sensitive hangover.

Decided a second day in PJs was warranted.

I did manage to do a little vacuuming…

I run

I fell asleep early for a change…

Lot of good that did, I woke with an aura–the beginning of a migraine for me. I haven’t had a migraine in well over a year.

I hate seeing that aura. It means I get to spend the rest of the day feeling rather crappy. If I take migraine medicine as soon as I see the aura I don’t get the head splitting headache but I do still get the slight nausea and general mild headache for 24 hours. Feels like a mild hangover.

This is close to what my aura looks like, only it’s more cross hatched than wavy, is super bright, starts as a tiny spot in the lower right corner of my vision and grows to block my sight completely if I don’t take the medicine. Luckily mine are now controlled with over the counter medicines instead of prescription ones, and they are very few and far between. They used to be hormonally triggered now it is stress and/or petroleum fumes of any kind that triggers them.

migraine aura

You can tell a storm came through here…

You can tell a storm came through here because:

Lucy is asleep in her crate.

Lucy is only in her crate on her own for three reasons.

  1. She thinks she’ll get a cookie.
  2. Thunder and lightning.
  3. Fireworks.

She went in before the rain started, she must have heard distant thunder.

The storm stopped, and now she’s here.


1 day 1 night running

The dehumidifier has run for a full day and over night. There is a noticeable difference in how humid the basement is.

It is about half of what it was.

I’m actually able to tolerate it down there enough to get laundry done.


suck it up buttercup

The dehumidifier…

The saga begins with the delivery of the large box. Our mailman dumped this large box on the porch Saturday afternoon.

I go out to get it and…. I can’t lift the danged thing.

Tried several times…. Not moving it at all.

Oh great. Now what?

Bang on the next door neighbor’s door.

Well, V’s husband carried it into my house. He’s strong and he even struggled to lift it. Once he got it into the house My turn at it began again.

I dragged the box from the living room to the kitchen. Once there, I opened (cut into pieces) the big box and slid it off the smaller box carrying the dehumidifier..

Still unable to lift, the now, smaller box.

Spent the rest of the day watching for young man who lives across the street to appear outside. No such luck.

Sunday rolled around.

I see my neighbor’s son show up for a visit with his parents. I ask him to carry it to the basement which he does with a smile. He helped get it out of the box too.

After doing your basic set up tinkering, my dehumidifier is now making my basement dryer.




Potted gardens…

I picked two more eggplants yesterday which brings our total to date to four.


Picked two each time and gave G one per picking.

Oven fried last time–spread with Mayo and dipped in seasoned crumbs baked at 350 for 20 minutes.

Any ideas on how to do our second one?

What is your favorite way to cook eggplant? (I have two more small ones still growing.)