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In memory of what we’ve lost

As a country we’ve lost the respect of those who were our allies.

We’ve lost allies.

We’ve lost a sane government that is actually of the people, by the people, and for the people. The majority of the people in this country are not billionaires or millionaires. The people running the government have no idea what we are all about.

We’ve lost friends over the divisions created by the orange troll and his cronies.

Racism, narcissism, misogyny, churlish and childish behavior have no place in the White House.

We’ve lost reality, lies are lies they are not alternative facts.

We’ve lost our checks and balances. No one is reining the idiot in and he is definitely unbalanced.

We need to stop losing things like rights, public lands, and more and start getting them back.

Resist! Rebel! Stand your ground!


In memory of… Mom


Peg's baptism with Mom and Dad 1954

Mom in 1950


Mom in a kitchen




So sad…

We lose Carrie Fisher one day and her mother, Debbie Reynolds, the next.
2016 the year we lost too many.

I miss you Dad.


Wish you were here.


candle reflection

Cancer sucks.

Dear Mary,

Today is your 59th birthday. I wish you were here to celebrate it. My heart still aches every time I think of you and I still think of you a lot.

If things had gone as planned, you would be playing with your granddaughters and we’d be running a beach-side bed and breakfast.

I miss you every day.

That will never stop.

I love you baby sister. I wish you were here.

102_1693We lost Mary to metastatic breast to bone cancer 4/13/2001.

A moment of silence to remember…


43 years of faithful service

So last night I said to The Curmudgeon, “The old fridge is making strange noises. I have a feeling it is not long for this world.”

It died today.

I’m used to having an overflow fridge on the back porch because the one in the kitchen is small but it is the only size that fits in the space. (My in-laws’ idiotic kitchen design strikes again. Never buy a house from your in-laws.)

I went hunting for a new one. So glad Home Dump had some on sale.

New one gets here Wednesday.

RIP old coppertone


Happy 101st birthday Dad. I miss you.



Peg's baptism with Mom and Dad 1954


I remember Mom.

Has it truly been eight years since my mother died? Seems like only yesterday that I heard the news…too late to attend her funeral.

I have one of “those” sisters.

It’s also been eight years since I’ve talked to my only remaining sister. Amazing since my phone number hasn’t changed in 42 years.

Can’t really say I have a single sister left can I? Oh well. Such is life.

Mom in 1950




Remembering you, Dad.


Not the happiest day.



Born 100 years ago…

Gone now for twenty years. Pop, I miss you still.

Dad2Dad3DadPeg's baptism with Mom and Dad 1954


On January first in 2007, my Mother died. I didn’t find out until it was too late to get to her funeral 2,000 miles away.

If your mother is still with you today, give her a hug.

Mom in 1950


Peg's baptism with Mom and Dad 1954