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The Verizon debacle since June…

When I bought my house in Georgia in June I tried to close my Verizon account in PA because I couldn’t take Verizon with me since, in Winder, it is unavailable.

If I charged them per hour for the time I’ve spent on the phone and online with them trying to do a simple thing like close an account, they’d owe me a small fortune.

“We need you to return the equipment.”

“I will do so immediately when you send a box to the correct address.”

No boxes were forthcoming.

“We’re charging you for another month. You haven’t returned the equipment.”

“You haven’t sent return boxes and labels yet.”

20 phone calls and about the same number of online chats later nothing had changed and they are charging me for another month of services unused. Plus still no boxes for returns so my agent in PA could return the equipment.

Then lo and behold! Boxes arrived, not at the PA address, I so specifically told them to send them to a multitude of times, no, they arrived at my new address in Georgia.


Another dozen or so phone calls and online chats later they promise boxes will go to the PA address.

Finally, after 2 entire months the boxes arrived at the PA address and my agent there immediately shipped them out.

I received yet another bill with more charges.


Spent another two hours online and on the phone telling them to close the MF account.

Tentatively…I will say it is closed. However, we shall see what we shall see.

I do not, under any circumstances, recommend Verizon to anyone.

Once you’re theirs they will not let you go without a major struggle.


Dreary day

Gee, since I moved here I think this is the first completely cloudy day we’ve had. I don’t mind, it is making me do more things inside. I am trying to finish emptying bins of clothes, washing the clothes, and hanging things in closets. I still need to find dressers and a night stand for the master. Might have to look in some antique shops to find what I envision for my room.

I swear, when I look outside today, I can see the grass growing with every passing minute.  LOL

I still haven’t sold the Allentown house, much to my disappointment and aggravation. Everyone tells me it will sell soon. My questions are: How soon? What is your idea of soon? Why are people such idiots about cemeteries?

Lucy is taking advantage of this day to practice her snoozing.



The blank page…

It terrifies me.

It draws me back time and again.

Blank it remains.

I’ve taken to rereading all my writing books.

Writing prompts…still the page is blank.

Writing advice…

Blank it remains.

Building worlds.


Where have all my stories gone?

Sun porch work soon to begin

The one thing this new house lacked was a buffer between my living room and the back yard. The first house I bid on here had an all season room and I loved it.

This house was better than that one except it didn’t have the all season room and it lacked the landscaping I liked. However, this house has the potential to be oh-so-much nicer than the other one.

Later today the final measurements will be done and that means the work should begin soon afterwards.

We’ll be a bit inconvenienced for a while but I’m sure it will be worth it in the end.

Here’s a before picture of the back of the house.



The importance of self care

Far too often we forget that taking care of ourselves is as important as taking care of our loved ones.

We forget that if we aren’t happy, healthy, mentally or physically, or at ease with ourselves, we aren’t there for others.

“Self care: any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health.”

A day out with friends or alone to do whatever you want. Do it!

A few hours in a library. If you crave it why deny yourself the pleasure of it?

A trip to a coffee shop to just people watch for a while.

Time alone in your garden, work room, she or he shed.

Don’t forget you.



Send the lists to congress

Shame on our government for allowing an idiot to head our education department. Shame on our governments–federal, states, counties, and cities that do not fund education properly.

Shame on them for forcing educators to have to pay out of their own pockets for the school supplies needed for their students.

My niece is a teacher, she has, as do many teachers, a wish list on Amazon for school supplies for her students.

These are supplies that should be paid for and supplied by the American system of education. But NO! Our teachers dig onto their own meager salaries, and often beg friends, relatives, and strangers for help.

I suggest all teachers send their wish lists to congress and demand the US government get rid of Amway queen Betsy Devos and get someone in that office that actually gives a damn about educating the American children to the highest standards.

The way things are going we’re heading toward a country of morons who can’t read a map, spell, form a sentence, have no knowledge of history, or know anything about sciences or maths.

People, wake up. Fight for the children, fight for kindness, fight for good over evil…

Quit waiting for the other guy to take action. Raise your hands for peace, for equality, for truth and transparency in government. Raise your eyes from your phones and look about you. Take stock of how far down we’ve sunk into the dregs.

Don’t sit quiet when someone spouts off racist remarks, tell them to crawl back under their rocks.

my new pants


She has truly become a porch dog…

Lucy has a new daily routine these days. She stays snuggled on the bed while I get up, hit the button to flatten the adjustable bed, go to the kitchen start my coffee, get her breakfast ready…oh, there you are…

I take her out, give her her breakfast, stir my coffee, grab it and a Metamucil wafer and head for the front door.

She’s on my heels ready for her morning porch sit. She looks off in all directions, and then settles down to either chew a bone or doze on her bench.

She is so much more content and happy here.


The new house seems to be taking all of my time and energy but I am loving every minute of it.

I love watching everything pull together into a style that is all my own.

Lucy is a happier and calmer dog in the new house too.