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Even a chore induced outing is better than none

A day out of the house even to go grocery shopping was a good thing. G and I first stopped for a lovely lunch at a nearby restaurant. Monte Cristos were in order. Delicious.

Then we were off to the grocery store where I loaded my cart and blew a fortune. I did get everything but one item on my list. That counts as a yay! Shopping with G anywhere is always fun.

Next stop, the farmers market. We love going there. I picked up some smoked Gouda, sliced and wonderful especially when added to grilled cheese sandwiches. We had them for dinner with tomato soup.

The Curmudgeon is thrilled, he has soft drinks again. The man drinks them like crazy. Nothing I say will stop him.

It is bitter cold again.

I so want to be on a warm beach.

You all have a good one!




Nothing like waking to the smell of ribs cooking in the crock pot and having had enough sleep.

We had snow showers off and on all day. No accumulation, thank goodness.

When the dogs weren’t napping they were bonkers. They need Spring as much as we do. We are all going stir crazy.

I think today is grocery shopping day. If I’m lucky I can get G to come along and we can stop for lunch somewhere.

Rick didn’t need a stent his angiogram showed that he only has a small blockage that they can control with medications.

You all have a good one!

HPIM4405Keep warm my friends!

Whoohoo! Sleep!

Finally had a real long sleep and even snuck in extra hour by staying in bed with my Tens machine on for that much longer. The attitude change was quite noticeable. I felt so much better.

No grocery shopping yesterday. Yeah, well. Every time I thought about going the doorbell or phone rang. My dear friend G dropped in at one point and aided me in procrastinating even longer.

With snow predicted for today I’ll be putting the shopping trip off until Friday. We really don’t need more snow.

You all have a good one!

HPIM4385Iz you gonna pway wiff me now?



Another lost sleep. I may well snap if this keeps up. Worst thing is if I try to go to bed earlier so I can sleep longer, I can’t get to sleep.

You’d think we could get some help here once in a while to give me a break, but nope that never happened. MS Society is great on promises, but follow through, not so much.

As a result, I am not a nice person. My temper is short and hair triggered. My brain so foggy I didn’t dare go grocery shopping again. My list grows exponentially.

Three cups of coffee in a short amount of time did nothing to curb my temper or my mouth.


On another note…please keep The Curmudgeon’s best friend, Rick uppermost in your thoughts today. He’s going in for heart surgery, looks like he’s getting at least one stent put in like me. We have a candle lit for him here.

Update on Rick. Rick didn’t have to have a stent put in. His angiogram showed a small blockage that they can manage with medications. Thank you all for thinking of him.

Temperatures into the single digits again…

Two days in a row dragged out of bed long before I was ready to leave it makes for an exhausted, mentally fogged, cranky person. The Curmudgeon had a couple of bad mornings and thus I get no sleep. Add that to this long winter of frigid weather and that equals my bad attitude.

I wanted to go grocery shopping but didn’t have the energy to go. I barely had the energy to run the vacuum and cook dinner.

I’ve groused at The Curmudgeon and the poor dogs.

I need a vacation.



Things my Bull Terriers have eaten that they shouldn’t have

I thought I’d do some reblogging since I am naturally lazy.


Patty’s towel incident prompted me to write this post.  Our first BT, Danny had a taste for rocks, socks, and shoes.  I had a lovely pair of suede boots that he chewed to bits in less than five minutes.  Dear Hubby had a habit of leaving socks on the bedroom floor, a habit he soon broke after Danny pooped one out.

Our second BT, Joey liked to chew on wood.  He redid the woodwork around the doors.  He ate my bentwood rocker and redesigned the rungs on a couple of wooden stools.  He also ate his Varikennel.

BT number three was Malcolm.  Malcolm ate a Superball, which resulted in major surgery and a vet bill that’d make you faint.  He would chew the covers off tennis balls in less than a minute.  He too had a taste for wood and added his own touches to Joey’s artistic endeavors.  Malcolm ate…

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Enough with the snow already.

Dear Mother Nature,

I know you enjoy winter sports and all but I do believe the rest of us have had enough winter.

Poor Lucy is not happy with all this snow and I’m afraid she’s holding her poop again. She does not want to go out in the snow and cold. I agree with her. I am not liking this winter in the least.

There is so much ice in the yard I’m afraid we won’t thaw out until April.

Please, may we have Spring start soon?


All of us at Casa Doggonedmysteries

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Wind up the week

The Curmudgeon enjoyed one of his favorite dinners last night, chicken and dumplings. He went to bed happy, full, and sleepy.

Gavin was particularly hungry and spent a good half an hour screaming off and on for his dinner. I finally gave in and fed the pups fifteen minutes early.

Lucy, still unhappy about the snow and cold, found out she has a March vet appointment for shots.


You all have a good one.

Princess Fluffy Butt’s dilemma.

I is supposed to go to da vet’s for shots. I is embarrassed to go because Da Momma says I am too fluffy and Da Dogtor is gonna make me go on a diet. I don’t know what a diet is but I do know that Da Momma hates them. I don’t know if I like this idea.

She’s been telling me how we are going to have to go for many walks when the weather breaks. I like that idea. I like to go for walks. Best thing is I get to have Aunties G and Annie along too! I loves them they give me cookies.

I hope the weather breaks soon. I didn’t want to go out and poop yesterday. I held my poop until almost eleben of da clock last night. I couldn’t hold da pee though and had to make many fast runs outside. I don’t like dis cold at all. I wishes Momma and Auntie G would hit dat lottery because they say we will go to a warm place to live foreber.



Yeah, I’m not buying those.

Holy crap! Three years ago I had an eye exam and bought two pair of glasses for less than half of what I shelled out today for and eye exam and one pair, using my own frames. The cost dropped my jaw to the floor!

The gal was all set to write-up a pair using my frames and a pair using theirs. As soon as she told me the total on just mine, I told her that I didn’t think I’d buy the other pair. No how, no way.

I can get a second pair online for less than a quarter of what they charged me. Guess what I’m going to do.

skunksSomething smells.

Phew, thank goodness for warrantees

The Curmudgeon’s truck wouldn’t start again. The battery, dead. Good thing it is warranted. The store where he got the battery over a year ago replaced and installed it free of charge. They also picked him up from the ground where he went down while there.

He’s happy he has his truck back. Not being able to depend on it this winter has made him crazy.

We had more snow last night. Not fun. Lucy is ready to run away from home and head to a southern beach. Believe I’ll pack her bags and mine and go with her. I am so sick of winter.

HPIM4406You all haves a good one!

I is staying warm and snuggling with da Momma as soon as she’s done typing.


It’s a thin thread to hang on to.

My sanity hangs by the thinnest of threads most days. If it weren’t for tons of coffee and a good friend to get me out of the house on occasion I would surely need a padded cell.

From the time I get out of bed until I drag myself back there in the wee hours I don’t get a moment to myself without, at the very least, one interruption.

Spend a half hour in the kitchen preparing a meal and as soon as I take a minute break, and I mean as soon as my butt his the couch, a man or a dog demands I do for them.

Mentally and physically tired doesn’t come near to describing where I am every single freaking day.

“Why do you stay up so late?”

“If I didn’t I’d never get a moment to myself. As it is, what little time I do get is not enough to get anything done for me.”

Yes, that thread wears thinner every day. You can blame my next heart attack on a severe lack of me time.

rescued wineThis is rapidly becoming my favorite shirt.