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Upstairs doesn’t always mean a bath

I need to convince Lucy that going upstairs doesn’t always mean it’s bath time. Yeah, she hates them.

I want her to get used to sleeping upstairs with me instead of on the couch with me.

I am dying to get back to using my bed again. It’s been two years since I slept in my own bed due to The Curmudgeon and also Gavin’s ill health at the end.

Problem is, now she’s so used to sleeping on the couch with me she won’t sleep in her crate at night. So I’d just as soon get her to sleep on the bed with me if I can get her past the dreaded bath.


Backing away from Facebook

I’ve reached the point of over-saturation. I see far too many tiny-brained comments that make me wonder wtf has happened to our education system.

So many jaw-dropping, moronic opinions thrown out there without a whit of sense about them scares the crap out of me.

We are in danger, as a people, of becoming the worst of humanity because we have forgotten so many important things.

Things like:





Generosity–not just of wealth but of spirit




Service to others



All the goodness that women and men are capable of but have set aside. Stop setting all these things aside and start to embrace them. You’ll find through these actions we can build a better place in this world.

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I don’t need another time sucker

I live with a Time sucker. He tends to drain me of most of my time.

I am guilty of allowing a couple of computer based time sucks into my life.

I play two online games, I write this blog, and I’m on Facebook.

No, I don’t need to add more time suckers to my daily life. I have to set a timer to keep me from becoming glued to the ones I do have.

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Opting out of all those e-mails loading my in box

Yes, I’ll sign your petition for equal rights, for justice, for anything I agree with these days.

However, I cannot donate even a thin dime to all your causes so please when I opt out of your e-mails, I am opting out because all you do is ask for money.

I still believe in your cause, I just can’t afford you.


I abhor the abuse of animals

I love animals and when I hear of one being abused it hurts my heart.


This is Lucy, she lives with us. We love her very much, she sure has the life.

Lucy didn’t always have such a lush life, she carries scars all over her little body from abuses of some form.

Now she’s loved, happy, and spoiled rotten.

She’s the lucky one.

Unlike a Bull Terrier whose graphic picture of his bloody dead body is being used all over the internet to illicit horror on his part. He is not lucky. He was a victim of people’s ignorance and cruelty.




Fireworks, I still hate ’em

Poor Lucy, blissfully asleep. Stretched out full length and snoring like an old drunk, she woke up and piled off the couch like a shot when one very loud firework went off.

Next thing I know she’s opening her crate door and hiding in the back of her crate.

I drop the towel down over the unlatched door and she rattles around then plops down to go to sleep in there.

I am pissed that she’s so scared she hides.

I am pissed that this is only the beginning of her terror filled nights yet to come as the idiots keep setting them off, 1 here, 1 there intermittently, all night, every night. The entire summer.


Yay for warm weather

To relax on the porch with a glass of wine…divine!

I love that an entire small bottle of Clover Hill chocolate cherry Chamborcin fit into one large wine glass.

Read a few chapters of a new book.

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Back to his normal self

The Curmudgeon bounced back pretty well.

Lucy made sure he got plenty of exercise throwing her big, red, squeaky ball for her.

She really loved that he shared some of his grilled cheese with her.



So many projects that he never finished or even started.

All of which he is incapable of doing now.

I look at what needs doing and my back clenches in pain.

The clearing out, the painting, the building of things, and fixing up things.

The indoor projects the outdoor projects.

The clean up, the repairs…



Some days are tiring.

Believe it or not I actually hoped a package we were expecting would come late in the day so I could blow off going anywhere.

Didn’t happen.

His package arrived before noon.

Therefore, I had to load him in the car, make a stop at the local CVS to pick up his medications, then run him out to get a haircut.

While he got the haircut I ran over to the grocery store and picked up a few items.

Once we got home I had to unload the car, put away groceries, and take Lucy out before I could sit down and take the pressure off my back.

An hour later I was cooking dinner.

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Another day watching MS take its toll

The Curmudgeon won’t openly admit it but #Twitler has him scared. He’s terrified of losing our only income, the cost of his care going through the roof, and so much more.

It’s not like we don’t already have enough to worry about.


The Curmudgeon’s shirt today

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Just for general information…

I was going to test out my new weed wacker…

It rained.

Yep, such is my life.

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