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Maybe this will help relieve my stress

A while back I fell in love with ear cuffs. I also found out that they are not easy to find. I have quite a collection but am always looking for more.

Yesterday I found a place that sells blanks with holes. Now I can create my own designs.


ear cuff with loop

Didn’t win the lottery so I have other things to do…

     Years ago, I attended a Spiritual Holistic Expo here and planned to go again the following year but dates  were changed and it has coincided with my Pennwriters conference ever since. 

     Tomorrow I am going.  Since I’m not at the conference I might as well enjoy the Expo.  Plus, in the same building, at the same time, the Innovative Beads Expo is going on.  Wow, a twofer!

     The Curmudgeon is encouraging me to go because he knows how unhappy I have been about missing the conference. 

    You all have a good one.

The Holistic Approach of Alternative Medicine ...

The Holistic Approach of Alternative Medicine symbolized by the aura of man. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Look what we found…


     Since the MIL is never going to go back home from the nursing home, we have to clean out the house.  While cleaning some things out of the MIL’s house today G and I came across these items.  There are two of those lamps.  I tried to find out what the items were worth online but had no luck at all.  I guess this means a trip to an antique shop now and hope the owner is honest.

     I plan to keep one of the beaded bags.  I have no use for three of them since I seldom have a need to dress up. 

     One thing we found in abundance everywhere we looked was pennies.  The in-laws were penny hoarders of the first rank.  OMG I never saw so many.  They are going to love me at the sorting machine, LOL!

     The MIL was a QVC jewelry nut.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with all the rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.  I do know that I will get some use out of the several fancy watches she had that she never wore once.  They still had the protective plastic on the faces and backs and holding the stem out.

     We only cleared one dresser, two closet bottoms, two freezers, and two refrigerators today and we were both beat when we left.

Maybe I should get a clue.


     I tried to write today but my over medicated brain refused to work.  All it wanted to do was take a nap, or two, or three.  I thought perhaps I’d do some bead work but my over medicated brain fell asleep and only woke when my nose hit my bead board. 

     I sat in front of the TV, closed my eyes, and I didn’t go to sleep.  Yet when I got up and tried to write again my eyes grew tired and kept slamming shut.  I crawled back into my lounge chair.  This time I snoozed. 

     Dear Hubby kept telling me to quite fighting it and “for heaven’s sake, rest.” 

     “But I haven’t decided what we’re having for dinner.”

     “Don’t worry about it.”

     However, I do worry about it.  I see him having trouble getting around, and right then he looked so tired.  I made a deal with him.  If he’d go take a nap and I’d try to snooze a bit before dinner.  He did and so I did.

Beads and bedlam don’t play well together

     I wanted to sit down, listen to my French course, and work on a necklace for which I had an idea.  I needed to get my mind off my book for a little while and relax.  It didn’t happen.  When I pulled out my boxes of beads Gavin started shaking his head repeatedly.  This is not a good sign since he’s subject to a chronic ear infection.

     Gavin’s ear was bothering him again so I spent some time cleaning it out and babying him.  Poor dog hates having his ears cleaned but with a few cookies to aid me, I got the job done.  Tomorrow we’re making an appointment to take him to the vet.  He hates going there so this should be fun-NOT!

     Once I settled Gavin down, I started to get out my beading board.  Then I looked at the clock, realized that Dear Hubby was hours late returning home from his pain management appointment, and began to worry.  Trying to call him on his cell phone didn’t help since all I got was a busy signal.

     Then DH arrived home, he hadn’t made his appointment, instead he’d been in a minor fender bender and sat for over two hours waiting for the police to arrive.  Don’t worry he’s fine and his truck only had some paint transfer on it.  

     It’s no surprise that at this point the whole idea of working on a new necklace design escaped me.

I work with beads when I’m not writing.

     A while back, I began to make my own necklaces because I fell in love with those lovely chunky ones I kept seeing but couldn’t afford to buy.  Whenever I saw an interesting necklace on TV, (Bones wears some great ones by the way) I would think of how I could make something similar.  

     It got so that people I knew were asking me where I bought mine.  When I told them that I made my own, they began to ask if I d sell some.  I hadn’t thought of that, but soon I was making and selling a few necklaces.  I didn’t make any money at it but I did enjoy having something to do with my hands when I wasn’t writing. 

     Dear Hubby has no manual dexterity left due to his MS.  However, he did help me invent a combination ID tag holder/necklace.  At my last writers conference I ran out of them the first day.  Now if only my books sell as well…. 

     Recently an extraordinary friend sent me two hefty boxes full of beads of all types and sizes along with some tools I didn’t have.  What a marvelous treasure they are.  I know she reads this, so here’s another thank you, Elena.  An additional thank you goes to another wonderful friend.  She owns the shop on my blogroll, and she has permitted me to put some of my necklaces and earrings in her store.