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Decompression Day!

Everyone should have at least one day a week where they turn off the phone, shut down the computer, and decompress.  Maybe all this being connected 24/7 has a lot to do with road rage, escalating violence, and a lack of manners.

In honor of my baby sister, I declare April the 13th (anniversary of her death) Decompression Day!!!   For 8  hours–24 if you are retired, or if you have to work– from the time you leave work for the day until you go to bed, turn off your phones, get off the computer, turn off the TV, and decompress.  Go for a walk.  Play with the dog.  Do something you enjoy that isn’t connected to electronics.

You will be amazed at how being disconnected for a day will make you feel less stressed.

Pass this on we could start a movement!

You all have a good one!

Patty’s turn to write

     Mom said I could write today’s blog.  She was too tired to think straight. 

     Gavin thinks I should write about food, but that’s all he ever thinks about.  I want to write about all the bullies like me that someone rescues.  Mom and Dad rescued me and I think that’s important.

     We have many friends on Facebook that are rescues.  Lil Bit and Tugg are two of them.  They had a much rougher start than I did.  We Bullies are made of tough stuff and more often than not we bounce back from the worst of circumstances. Those two certainly have.

     I was lucky.  I was what Mommy calls a dump off.  Some man had imported me from Budapest Romania so he could breed Bullies.  He got a boy Bullie from Oklahoma too.  I didn’t like the boy Bullie much and the man decided I was too much trouble.  Mom ran the Lehigh Valley Bull Terrier Club rescue at the time and he brought me to her.  She says he was supposed to bring my papers and shot records and stuff but he never did come back with them.

     At first I didn’t like Gavin very much, but he was nice to me except when I stole his bones.  Mommy says she had planned to place me in a home but since Gavin’s Auntie Sadie died, he was lonely for another Bullie and she and Dad decided that maybe I should stay.

      That was almost eight years ago and I am still happy here.  I love my Mommy and Daddy and my bratty big brother Gavin.

Love this time of year

     Definitely the strangest weather ever this year.  We hit 70+ degrees yesterday, below freezing the night before, and they are predicting snow for Saturday.  We’ve also had plenty of wind.

     The magnolia tree is now stripped of most of its flowers and the leaves are started.

     Both the tulip poplar and Sweet gum are pushing out leaves now too.  Tulips are blooming, as are the bleeding hearts now.  The lilac bush is all green and starting to bud. 

     The grass is growing so fast The Curmudgeon will have a time getting it mowed.  Thank heavens for riding mowers.

     You all have a good one!

I took my camera to the park again

I keep walking

     G doesn’t go walking in the wind since her cataract surgery.   Annie and I had a great walk in a brisk 45 degree, windy day.  Although I thoroughly enjoyed it, I was very glad to get home to hot cup of coffee.  Gone was the warm weather of last week.

     The strong winds grabbed most of the flowers from the magnolia tree and threw them on the ground.  We’re almost knee-deep in petals now.

     The chilly weather screamed for a substantial dinner.  The Curmudgeon and I enjoyed low-fat cheese ravioli smothered in a heart smart sauce.

     Gavin and Patty seemed disappointed that yesterday wasn’t as warm as the days we’ve had lately. 

     You all have a good one!

Lost Girl is doomed

     It never fails, whenever I really, really LOVE a TV show, it invariably is canceled.  Therefore, since I really, really LOVE Lost Girl, you can be certain the cancellation of the show is imminent.

     I love the originality of the show, the writing is crisp and terrific,  the characters are beyond excellent.  I’ve heard some of the greatest lines ever come from this show.  This can only mean the death knell is not far behind.

     Of course this show is not for everyone.  However, for me it’s one of the best to come along in years. 

     You all have a good one.

Verizon does a bait and switch

     Don’t be fooled when you get a letter in the mail from them that tells you since they are switching everyone over to Fios You really should go and change your bundle.  Hey, we’ll give it to you for 59.99!

     Liars!  When it comes up 74.99 that is not 59.99 am I right?  I questioned this and suddenly was on chat with someone from customer service.  They tried to convince me that I should go ahead and order it and then call the company on Monday about the price difference.

     I wasn’t born yesterday.  I did NOT ‘buy’ the bundle change, instead I backed out of the page, told the customer service person what I thought of the company and their bait and switch tactics, and left the chat.

     I am now going to begin shopping for another internet and phone service–I might even go through my Cable company and to heck with the phone companies altogether.

Updates, or things to write about when I can’t think of anything to write about…

     So the roofer is almost finished with the garage roof at the Mil’s house.  I hope this means we can put it on the market soon.  I haven’t done anything over there since the heart attack.

     I still need to get the last two pieces of furniture out of that house and over to my house.  We haven’t had any luck finding helpers.  I’d be willing to trade a large Lane cedar chest for help in moving the two items and clearing the attic.

     I keep hoping that the elves and faeries will have taken care of everything that needs taking care of over there.  I really don’t want anything else to do with it.

     You all have a good one.

Park pictures

May conference is getting here fast

     Today I filled out my Pennwriters conference registration form and paid for it.   I am almost ready for May to get here.

     I have begun to create some baskets to donate.  I plan to shop for a dress–yes, I am going to attend the banquet this year.  I wouldn’t miss Hank for the world.

     I’ve started putting leftovers in the freezer in containers that The Curmudgeon can heat  in the microwave for dinners while I am gone.  I’ve arranged to have friends check on him and the dogs for the four days I will be away too.

     I even talked to my room-mate yesterday so we are now on the same page.  Yay!

     You all have a good one!

Entered Patty and her Daddy in a contest

Copy and paste the link into your browser and go vote for them!  Patty needs a new collar.

Once upon a time

     A long, long time ago a poor lad discovered a strange pathway through a nearby forest.  No one ever traversed the forest for fear of the ogres and beasties that dwelt within.

     Every day for a week he walked to the path, stood, and stared down its length as far as he could see.  Which wasn’t far for the forest gulped the path down into its black maw a few yards beyond the edge of the trees.

     “Tomorrow I’m going to follow the path and see what lies beyond the edge of the forest,”  he said to himself every day, but he never did it.

     Do you put off entering the forest  or do you follow the path and seek out the unknown?

     I’m following the path…

     You all have a good one!