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Today, I wasn’t a people person sort of person

No, instead I was extremely cranky and not nice at all.


Well, maybe because The Curmudgeon woke me, less than an hour after I went to sleep, to tell me he couldn’t move, had to pee, and needed my help.(I am NOT a nurse and never once ever had a single glimmer of desire to be one.)

I am not a pleasant person when I have less than an hour of sleep.

When I wake suddenly and go directly into a state of panic, I am not a pleasant person.

So when you block my driveway and I ask you nicely to move your vehicle and please tell your guests not to block my driveway. Yet, they go ahead and block it anyway. Yep, you got it. I AM NOT A PLEASANT PERSON!

I WILL bring Gavin out and let him pee on your front steps, sidewalk, and on the offending car’s tires. (Be glad I didn’t let him run inside your house as he wanted to do–leaving the front door wide open was an invitation to him.)

HPIM4033I will peez wherever da Momma tells me to pee. I luvz to pee!

Death of a paper shredder

Alas he served us well for many years. He ripped through tons of junk mail and old bills.

However he hit the wall today when a single sheet of paper made him gasp his last, grind his gears, and give up the ghost.

It is with great sadness I send him off to a new existence, a recycling of the old one.

The new one ordered shreds 12 sheets at one time, will shred CDs and credit cards too. We won’t know how to act having paper gulped down so quickly and efficiently.

Two final words. Snow. Yuck.


The case of the creeping crud that won’t leave

Wow, this creeping crud sure does hang on for what feels like forever. Here I was hoping to be over it today, not happening.

At the rate it is leaving us we’ll be almost another week laid up with it.

We start feeling pretty good when BAM! the chest congestion acts up again.

Here’s for taking it easy and getting rid of the creeping crud once and for all.

HPIM4319Daddy’s dirty dogtor. Someone likes to combat crawl in the MUD!

It waz a walk in da park!

HPIM3879Da Momma person and da Auntie G took me to da park!

Da Momma sayz I am a berry busy girl and must’ve walked free times as far as she did.

How is dat possible?

I walked wib her.

I met a lot ob nize peoplez.

Da Momma person splained to each one that this was my first time at da park and she wanted to socialize me, what eber dat means, would dey tawk to me and petted me?  Dey was all berry nize.

Da Momma person sayz I should be tired but I iz not.


Too darned quiet.

Where did that dog go?

Yeah, better get up and see what Lucy is up to.

I check her crate, I check the kitchen, I check upstairs. Panic sets in when I can’t find her. Finally I see two white ear tips over the half-door between the kitchen and back porch. Guess who is on the back porch.

“There you are!”

Tail wags. “I got stuck out here.”

“That will teach you to mess with gates and doors that you shouldn’t be messing with, won’t it?”

“Not really. I’m a Bull Terrier.”

“Well, at least you didn’t shred anything.”

“Wait. Like I said, I’m a Bull Terrier. I’m just lulling you into a false sense of security.”

And so it begins.





Is dat cake?

HPIM3707Patty sez, “It beez my birfday Dad, iz dat my birfday cake?”

HPIM3708Gonna gibs us some ob dat?

HPIM3709Maybe iffen we do pitiful face.

HPIM3710“Gabin you needz to look more pitiful like me.”

HPIM3711Gavin sez, “Dat’z it girl werk it!”

They did get some crumbs in the end.

Nail trimmin…oh no, he’s off!

     “Get back here!”  I make a grab for the fat, white butt as it leaps from the couch.  The white dog rounds the coffee table and dashes past me with a you-can’t-catch-me grin on his face.

     “Oh, no you don’t.”

     A stifled giggle comes from the direction of The Curmudgeon’s chair.

     “You’re not helping.  I no sooner picked up the Dremel and he was rocketing off into new realms.” 

     Gavin dances to just within grasp and bolts out of the room.  Again.

     The brown dog is hiding in her crate.  She thinks she’s next. 

     “Patty, your nails are fine.  You are safe.”  I walk to the kitchen.

     Gavin jigs past me.  He’s enjoying the game.

     “Ignoring you, naughty boy.”  I go back to the couch and pick up my Kindle.  I’ll try again tomorrow.


I’ll buy stuff but…

     I have serious doubts as to me ever doing another online auction as a donator of items, at least not in the winter months. 

     We had more delays in getting the stuff in the mail than I care to admit.  The weather being a major portion of the hold ups.  Blizzard, icy roads, and the temperature dipping below freezing.

     The last delay was the cold knocking my van’s battery out of commission and leaving me stranded.  Finally got the car going and managed to get the packages in the mail.

     You all have a good one!


She doesn’t want to go out now…

     Another dog post?!  Yes, I guess it has been one of those weeks.

     My neighbor’s little bitty rat terrier chihuahua mix dog managed to get herself locked out of the house (in their fenced in yard) yesterday.  We’re glad the weather wasn’t bad and the temperature was above 50 degrees.

     The Curmudgeon, once he realized that she was outside and no one was home, called the three, in case of emergency numbers, we have for them  while I attempted to get her to come to me.  She refused and kept running away, foolish girl, she could have spent the day in a warm crate tormenting Patty and Gavin.

     At last we got a phone call and was told someone would be home shortly to take care of her.  Not long after that, the neighbor’s daughter appeared and the little dog was inside and happy.  Later in the evening my neighbor came over to thank us and told us the little dog had no desire to go out at the moment.   😉  I wouldn’t either if I were her.

English: A sleeping Rat Terrier

English: A sleeping Rat Terrier (Photo credit: Wikipedia) She sort of looks likes this one only smaller and with longer hair.

Back away from the trash can…

     While in the check out line at Bed Bath and Beyond, I glanced at a shelf in front of me and almost collapsed laughing.

     G asked me what was so funny and I pointed to the garbage can that had the sensor that automatically opened the can for you.

     “Could you picture that with my dogs?”

     She giggled at the thought.

     I about fell on the floor laughing.  Finally, I  gasped out, “OMG, they’d have the sensor worn out in less than a day and you’d find me sitting in a corner pulling my hair out while repeatedly mumbling ‘leave the trash can alone.'”

     You all have a good one!

English: Bed Bath & Beyond

English: Bed Bath & Beyond (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cherry candy…must be shared.

HPIM3192We heard you have cherry candies.


HPIM3195OOOO mine?

What you mean his?

HPIM3193This has to be mine!

HPIM3196Am I right?  This one is mine?  Back off buster!  This one is mine.

Picture day.

HPIM3162     My big brother is an idiot.

HPIM3159What are you waiting for?  It’s nap time.

HPIM3160It’s nap time.  Close door.

HPIM3161Ahem, I said it’s nap time.

He has no idea that his big butt is in the way.

You all have a good one!