Monthly Archives: October 2011

Another bad MS day here yesterday

     Not as bad as the last two days but bad enough to make me tell him he must go to the doctor today. 

     The use of extra meds as we had discussed with his neurologist may have helped a bit, but it still wasn’t enough.  The spasticity in the legs is bad enough but this entire episode has also had his stomach muscles spasming.  This is new.  This is also quite painful for him.

     I sit here feeling completely helpless since nothing I can do is of any help to him.  I’ve been sleeping in my chair downstairs so I can hear him if he has a problem.  In other words, sleep much?  Nope.

MS spasticity problems

     I was going to write about our freakish pre-Halloween snowstorm, but since two a.m. yesterday morning DH has been having some dire spasticity problems.  He went down on the bedroom floor and once I got him into the bed, I knew I was up for the duration.  I’ve had very little sleep since our party.

     DH collapsed onto the bathroom floor again later yesterday morning he’d gone in there without a cane, calling me,  or any other means of support. 

     My back is out from all the bending to fill short people’s Trick or Treat bags, there was no way I could get him up.  G and her hubby weren’t home so I couldn’t ask them.  I pounded on the next door neighbor’s door and soon Carlos was over to aid DH in getting back into his bed.

     I put the walker by the bed so when DH made another run to the bathroom he had a better way to get there.  He was NOT pleased about needing the walker.

    The next time he remembered to call for me and I went up to be with him while he went from the bedroom to the bathroom and back again.  Success!  The walker worked in getting him back and forth without incident.   Now maybe I can get some sleep.

     It was probably the best day for this to happen since we had all that snow and no need to go anywhere.

Whew! Trick or Treat hordes!!!

      We had so many Trick or Treaters show up that I had little time to take pictures and keeping my cauldron filled with candy was quite a trick.

Six pumpkins and a bottle of wine later…

     Okay, only three of them were big enough to carve.   Pictures will be posted tomorrow night.  I didn’t do any fancy carved ones.  I went lowbrow and easy.

The pups are ready for Halloween…

     Okay, if the dog Halloween hats had not been only $1.47 and were at their regular price of $5.99, I wouldn’t have bought them. 

I need a keeper


     I shouldn’t go shopping at this time of year.  At least I shouldn’t go without a keeper.  No, G isn’t my keeper she’s my enabler. 

     We went out shopping for three pumpkins yesterday.  We brought home four…and three teensy pumpkins, a neat garland, a fake pumpkin with light inside that changes color, a dancing, singing broom, a sign, and a battery powered color changing light for a pumpkin (I now think I should’ve bought two more of them.)

     I couldn’t help myself, all the stuff was half price!

Week of preperations for Halloween


     The beef BBQ/sloppy Joe dinner is made and ready to reheat in the crock pot Friday.

       Today G and I are going to pick up a couple of pumpkins to do some silly carvings–not the usual fancy stuff this year.  I’ll do the carving Thursday night.

     Wednesday I’ll do some last minute cleaning and get the house ready for Friday night.  DH has picked out the Halloween movie to play–I don’t ask I wait and see.

     I am undecided as to my costume this year.  It might be what I wore last year,  or I might do a Zombie costume.  It depends on the weather, the Zombie outfit will be much warmer…after all it’s easy to layer clothes in that costume.

     Until tomorrow…Boo Y’all.

Friday night the trick or treat invasion begins

     If you’re in the neighborhood on Friday night, come look us up.  We’ll be the ones with the music blasting, strobe lights strobing, fog rolling, props a hopping, handing out tons of candy, trick or treat house.

     As usual, after the trick or treaters have finished, we will have our  monster mash.  No party is complete without various Vampyre, Zombie Zin, and Howling Wolves vintages.

     For the second year in a row will also be celebrating neighbor Dominique’s birthday with one of G’s special halloween birthday cakes.

When things go bump in the night…

     In this house it most likely isn’t a ghostie or a goblin, it’s probably DH dropping something upstairs.  If not him, it’s a silly Bull Terrier rolling around in his or her crate.

     Then again, it could be the neighbors we share a wall with, the one son does tend to jump those last few stairs–he’s done that since he was a small child and we’re used to it.

     I say it most likely isn’t a ghostie because our last one left us a while back.  DH’s grandfather stayed with us for a few years when we were first married.  He died a couple of months before we married….  I’m sure he stayed just long enough to make certain we were doing okay.  Once satisfied, he left. 

     I sort of miss the door to his old bedroom opening and closing on its own and things moving from one room to another.

Have you ever had one of those days?….


     You get up too late.  Your brain is fuzzy from oversleeping.  Three cups of coffee don’t seem to put a dent in the fuzz. 

     You hurry and scurry to get things done and still are so far behind you seem to have jumped ahead.

     You feel as though you are running in clay mud.  Yeah, you know what I mean, that sticky, slippery mud in which you can’t make any headway.

     Welcome to my day….

Driving DH crazy, one day at a time

     I managed to drive DH crazy most of the evening last evening.  My props arrived in the afternoon and I couldn’t resist playing with them…a lot.

     Of course, he played with them too, but he’d never admit to it.

A new St. Joseph arrived today

       I’m up to trying anything to get the MIL’s house sold so I was very upset to find the St. Joseph statue that I’d planned to bury was stolen.  Who’d steal a little St. Joseph statue?  I had to order another one.  The new one arrived today.

     This time I’ll bury it right away and not stick it in the mailbox to bury later.  I wonder if the mailman took the other one?  No mail is delivered there, we have it all forwarded to our house.

     Anyway, I plan to get the statue buried next week and if all goes right the house should soon be out of our hands.  Please, please, please let it be so.