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Shopping therapy

     Two weeks of being shut in with The Curmudgeon had me desperate to go for a walk yesterday.  Imagine how completely ticked off I was when my van wouldn’t start.  I called Annie and begged her to come get me.

     “I NEED to get out of the house!”

      She came and got me.  Instead of going for a walk because the heat and humidity were up again, we went for some shopping therapy.  I found the furniture I want for my living room.  The perfect couch, a lounge chair for The Curmudgeon, and a chair and 1/2 with ottoman for me.  I’m taking him in on Wednesday so he can see them.

     We also went to Micheal’s and were tickled to find they are getting the Halloween stuff out.  Yeah, I bought a few things.

     You all have a good one!

Garden talk

     Hot day again today.  I did manage to get some weeding done even though I drenched my clothes twice, definitely need a shower tonight.  ;D  I now have three barrels of yard waste to put out at the curb again.  With all the rain we’ve had the past few days, the soft ground let the weeds go willingly.

     My two little frogs are doing well, much to my relief.  I have hopes that they are a pair and will later keep a population going.

     I am quite pleased with how my potted vegetable garden is doing.  It won’t be long and I’ll have tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers!

     You all have a good one!

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Bada BOOM!

     Off and on yesterday it threatened to rain, but the real thunderstorm didn’t arrive until almost seven-thirty p.m.  Interrupting my work in the gardens.  Not a good idea to stand under a tree holding a long aluminum pole during a thunderstorm.  I quickly put my gardening tools away and went inside.  Although it thundered and lightning flashed across the sky, this storm wasn’t as violent as the last one. 

     Yes, we were spared the Bada BOOM and hitting of the tree this time.

     You all have a good one!

We have two frogs

     My neighbor’s son brought me three frogs that he found at his job site today.  Unfortunately one died tonight probably from the lengthy transport in a dirty bucket.  The kid means well but has no idea that a clean bucket and water from where he got them would’ve been wiser.  I feel sorry for the frog but after watching the other two munching down on mosquitoes tonight I am happy they are here in my pond.  The good news is they aren’t bullfrogs.

    You all have a good one!

It rained…a lot.

     “I want to go out!  I want to go out right now!”  Gavin’s incessant ringing of the sleigh bells had me about up the wall.

     “It’s raining outside.  You really don’t want to go.”

     “WANT OUT!!!”

     “Oh for heaven’s sake…”  I open the door, the rain is coming down in sheets.  He goes out.  “I guess you really did have to pee, huh?”

      He dashes back in after peeing a lake.  “Wet, need to shake all this water on you.” 

      I throw a towel over Gavin before he can soak me and thank the fates that he’s a short-haired dog and not a long-haired one.  We go into the kitchen and Patty steps in front of me.

     “Want out.”

      “Patty, you really want out?”

     “Want out.”

     I open the back door.

     She steps to the top step and stops with her butt in the door.  “It’s raining.  I might melt.”

     “Too late you’re going now.”  I gently boot her down the steps and wait with towel in hand while she does her business.

     She piles in the door, soaked to the skin.  I throw the towel over her and briskly rub her down.  She likes the towel part.

     At least we didn’t have anything struck by lightning again…

      You all have a good one!

Phooey on grocery shopping and how much it costs.

     I really hate grocery shopping.  I know I’ve said that many times before but it is true.  Today’s shopping wasn’t too bad, the store was practically empty.   It was the cost of them, the unloading of the car, and putting it all away that about killed me.  The Curmudgeon tried to help but he can only carry so many heavy bags and then he has to quit.

     My list wasn’t as long as past lists but I swear the groceries cost two times more than the last time…again.  It’s not as though I went to an expensive grocery store either, I shopped at a discount grocery store.  If the prices keep rising we are nearing a beans and rice three times a week budget.

     You all have a good one!

Silly dogs!

     In between the kitchen and the back porch we have a half-door that we can use when we want the regular door open.  I had two dogs telling me to hurry up and get their food in their dishes.  Gavin was almost too quick to photograph.  LOL!

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Two before and one after pics of the tree










Tooth is going bye bye today

   I’ve had teeth extracted before so I know I’m not going to be feeling wonderful for several days.  Therefore I am taking a slight vacation from posting on my blog.  I’ll be back sometime next week so keep checking back!

     You all have a good one today and for the rest of the week.

So the tree guy won’t be here until wednesday….

     Meanwhile more damage is done to my poor tree by waiting–another branch broke under the weight of the broken parts yesterday.

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Where has my energy and time gone?

     I really dislike when things get ahead of me.  It then seems to take forever and more energy than I have to catch up.  The garden is a mess and I haven’t the energy and the temperature is not conducive to working out there.  I hate having my garden look so crappy.   It needs a ton of weeding done and a good layer of mulch put down.  

Don’t get me started on how far behind I am on housework and writing.  I have all the good intentions in the world about getting things done, but before I know it, days have passed me by.

     The Curmudgeon’s mobility scooter has died and he’s completely stuck in the house making for an even more curmudgeonly Curmudgeon.  I have no idea how to repair it and when he asked the company about it they blew him off–how wonderful.

     *Sigh*  I hope you all have a good one!

But Momma, I want dat lamb gravy!

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