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Lucy and Gavin

Lucy and Gavin

 If you can’t eat it or play with it, just pee on it and walk away.

Wanna go out and play?


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I hate visiting nurses too young to know they know nothing.

Not looking forward to the visiting nurse from the MS society. She’s coming today.

Last time this nit-wit visited I was ready to take a two by four to her head. She is a complete idiot. I think she’s like 12 years old and has an opinion on everything. Most of which is wrong and out of line.

Actually I have little use for most nurses. My older sister, the idiot, is one and she has absolutely no common sense. I find this all too often in that profession. (My apologies to the few good nurses I know.)

I hope someone will post bail….

well read woman


I repeat myself…

How many times does one have to repeat saying something to someone before they ‘get it’ please?

Daily, I tell him I am not interested in what he’s watching on TV and he still has to tell me what is going on.

I do not need a blow by blow on a show I don’t give a damn about.

I should have had this Tee on today…



How I multitask…

I walk out to the kitchen to take my pills, I see the water level in the coffee pot is low so I fill it.

I then remember I forgot to get something out to thaw for dinner so I do that.

Forgetting my pills, I dump and refill the dogs water dishes, see the basket of laundry waiting to go to the basement and take it down. Start the first load going.

I walk into the living room and sit on the couch. Pick up my book and remember that I forgot to take my pills.

I walk out into the kitchen to take my pills and Lucy starts bugging to go out. I take Lucy out and since she had to go, of course Gavin has to…

I go back to the couch, just get comfortable, and I remember I forgot to take my pills again…


Where did the week go?

Hell, last time I looked it was Tuesday…

Suddenly it is Friday.

I swear I’m going to dig in my heels and make it go much slower next week and then maybe I’ll get something done around here.

Today’s Tee shirt


Oh no! No internet?!

Whatever will I do?

Yesterday, my internet went down for a while.

Did I panic?

Not one bit. I have books to read.


Interesting day

The Curmudgeon had a decent day until sitting on the front porch in the sun managed to wipe him out.

I’m sure you are asking, “Now why was he sitting on the porch in the sun long enough to wipe him out?”

Well it has to do with two dogs, not ours, and trying to get them safely off the street.

G and I had gone to Target again to pick up two more movies, made a side trip to a little grocery store nearby, and then came home.

I’d bought a small container of pumpkin fudge at the grocery, and after tasting it decided G would love some too. I wrapped up a piece for her and walked over to her house.

Caught her just finishing lunch so she had a nice, sweet dessert to top it off.

When I walked out of her gate, and a little past her car, I got molested by two very friendly pit bulls. No owner in sight. Both looked overheated so I talked to them as I walked back home. hoping to give them water and get them on leashes.

I went inside for treats, a dish, and water, telling The Curmudgeon to call animal control.

The boy was very happy for water and treats but about then, the girl sensed I was up to something, and got cautious. Soon taking off down the street.

The Curmudgeon came out on the porch and kept the boy occupied while I went back inside for a leash. Animal control was on the way.

Our animal control guys are very nice, and very good with dogs. One of our favorite guys showed up to take the boy. I told him about the female, described her, and told him what direction she’d gone.

I hope he found her.

The traffic around here is too fast and very dangerous for roaming animals. At least one is safely off the street.

Today’s Tee shirt

Writer reality

I am avoiding all things political

I refuse to watch TV.

I go on my Facebook page once a day and all flyers hit the recycling bin immediately.

I already know who I am voting for and don’t need an avalanche of paper to sway me because it won’t.

I already know who I am voting for so I don’t need a bunch of mud-slinging commercials to make me decide who I am voting for in all offices open for this election.

I refuse to discuss this election.


I think I watch too many cooking shows

What’s for dinner?

Three words I hate hearing the most.

Last night I pulled some boneless chicken breasts out of the freezer and thawed them.

What to do?

Remembered seeing someone soak the chicken in (smoked paprika and Adobo) seasoned milk…so I did that. Then they dipped the chicken in (smoked paprika, Adobo, and rosemary) seasoned flour, back in the milk, and into the flour again…I did that too.

Heated some oil in my non stick pan and dropped that chicken in there.

Cooked for four minutes a side and dang, they were good!

Sorry, I forgot to get a picture of it.

Therefore, I’m putting The Curmudgeon’s Tee shirt of the day up.

Jay's shirt

He struggled yesterday

It was hard to watch how much The Curmudgeon struggled to stay upright.

I cry every night after he goes up to bed.

I find myself pushing him away, distancing myself and I get so angry all the time.

I’m not a nice person.

I used to be a nice person.

old gals still rock

A Pooh Bear sort of lunch

So I called G yesterday morning and asked her if she’d like to make a Target run with me.

She was game so off we went.

After making our purchases at Target, we headed over to the farmers market.

By the time we left the farmers market we were both starved and set our sights on our new favorite restaurant, Wrangler’s Roost.

As usual we ordered the same thing, a Southern fried chicken sandwich. It comes with either BBQ sauce or honey for dipping. We chose the honey.

The right choice! Absolutely delicious but very sticky. We were the image of Winnie The Pooh in the honey pot.🙂

Today’s Tee shirt

world revolves

Lucy at the vet’s

Lucy went to the vet’s today, for her while asleep leakage problem and a sort of pre-tooth cleaning visit to set things up for it.

She managed to charm everyone there. She’s truly a love sponge.


Just for laughs picture day