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Lucy and Penny

If you can’t eat it or play with it, just pee on it and walk away.

Wanna go out and play?


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Not a great day for me.

Popping in to update

Had my left eye done in December. Wow, with the second cataract gone my vision without glasses is 20/25. I’ll still be wearing glasses especially for reading but dang it’s been a miracle.

Penny is officially staying. She’s Lucy sister from another mother, of that there is no doubt. They love each other.

They often nap together unner da bed. Penny comes out of her safe house more often each day. She comes to find me when she needs to go out rather than wait for me to come looking for her.

Penny is an eager eater and mealtime is a hoot. She dances for her meals and often yodels too.

She still hides from people when I have visitors but I think she’ll eventually get over it. I am not pushing her on anything, she’ll get there in her own time.

Take care of yourselves. Be kind to each other.

I’ll be back soon.

Time seems to get away from me.

Here it is, December already.

I had my right eye operated on, the cataract is gone and I am amazed at how well I can see. I get the left eye done in a couple of weeks.

Lucy is doing well, she’s hitting 14 very soon.

Pennywiseunnerdabed dog is still unner da bed but I am seeing more romping in the yard and lots of tail wags. I think, one day, she will be fine.

I am sending all of you joyous season’s greetings for whatever holiday you celebrate at this time of year.

Take care of yourselves, be kind to yourself and others.

She’s broken, lives under the bed, and is the sweetest thing.

I have had a foster dog since March. A very broken dog who spent 7 years as a breeder in a puppy mill.

I call her Pennyunnerdabed dog. She’s so broken, some days I just want to sit on the floor next to the bed and cry. But I don’t.

I coax her out with turkey pepperoni, maybe some string cheese, or crispy cracker treats.

My heart breaks every time she has a set back, which happens with great frequency. Someone stopping by can set her back weeks. (I still welcome anyone who comes in because it’s good for her to have to see other people.)

Oh, her good days are such a joy! The days where she shows some spunk, rolls in the grass, snorts, and does her silly bunny hop run. The days where she actually wants to play with Lucy.

Some day she might stay out from unner da bed and try sitting on the couch with me and Lucy. I will not force her because, damnit, she’s so broken.

Damn, snow.

It snowed in my little part of the south all day, and at 9 pm is still at it, only very lightly now.

The birds were at my feeders like fools at the grocery stores before a storm, emptying all the shelves, just because. I had to refill all of the feeders twice during the day.

I find great joy in the variety of birds my feeders bring in. Cardinals by the dozens, bluebirds, tufted titmice, chickadees, all varieties of sparrows, red winged black birds, starlings-the thugs of feeder birds, several varieties of woodpeckers, gold finches, purple finches, house finches…you get my drift. Never have I had so many birds as I have since moving here.

Daily, the flocks of mourning doves trundle along the ground under the feeders and clean up the leavings of the feeder birds.

The bluebirds have taken up residence in the bird houses I put up for them. They are my favorite birds. I love that they have nested here the last two years and have produced many young ones.

We’re supposed to have sun all day tomorrow, I hope all the snow melts away.

Take care of you and yours, get vaccinated, and wear a mask. Love you all.

https://www.petcraftsupplyco.com/ rocks!

A while back I ordered 2 toys for X amount from Amazon. Only one, Polly parrot arrived, there was no puffin. Today, after contacting the company the day Lucy was shorted one puffin, she received both a puffin and another Polly. She wore herself out playing with them. Yes, she is quite spoiled. The company is Pet Craft Supply Company and they are fantastic. Since Lucy really doesn’t need two Pollys one will be donated to the local shelter for somebody else to enjoy. Thank you Alexandra of Pet Craft Supply Company for making Lucy happy.

Today we met a new person…

I had a nice visit with a young man who came to do an estimate for window cleaning. The sunporch is in dire need and I have had no success in getting the windows clean.

Anyway, he’s Lucy approved and was more interested in what trees I had planted in my yard than counting windows. He and his wife are currently trying to grow stuff without a lot of success. I invited him to bring her over so she can snag some gladiolas and Japanese eggplants. (I am currently eggplanted out, the harvest has been so amazing that I am sick of them at the moment.)

I had an incredible harvest of tomatoes, peppers, and various herbs too. The garden is still producing. This is a picture from last month, the garden is almost twice the volume now.

While sleep eludes me…

I figured it was a good time to get in here and write another day in the life of…

Lucy and I had a quiet day yesterday. She is relegated to wearing a diaper most of the time and she really doesn’t seem to mind. I guess she too is of the opinion, better a diaper than a spoilt couch and heaps of embarrassment. The diapers are cute and colorful and easily removed for time in the yard. Even with her old girl bladder medication it seems she’s unable to control herself when deep in a morning or afternoon nap. Now she is not only more comfortably dry but she’s cute too.

The weather has become a tad chilly. We have actually dropped to the mid thirties at night and 50s and 60s during the day although this week it looks as though we’ll make it into the 70s during the day. I can live with that.

I find that I have put off hanging the pictures in my bedroom, not sure why, but I think it’s mainly because I don’t want to have to move my heavy bed. I have a couple pictures to hang in the guest room too.

I have also begun to wonder if I should have sold his grandfather’s bedroom set in PA instead of hauling it down here. It’s lovely but now I think it is completely unsuited to the guest room. Maybe I’ll try to sell the set and decorate the room in a more modern style. I really don’t need a wardrobe in that room.

Enjoying my new life but…

Last post here was almost a year ago. Don’t know why I have neglected this page so much other than laziness or apathy on my part.

With all the Covid close downs and me self quarantining, I am a bit on the low side.

I miss having friends, seems that the neighbors here are not at all that friendly. I thought I’d made one friend but it turns out she was just a user. I should know better by now.

I don’t go anywhere other than to my doctor and Lucy’s vet. Seems in this area you often get catcalled and insulted for wanting to protect your vulnerable self by wearing a mask.

I miss sensible people. People who enjoy having a glass of wine and good discussions without falling down the rabbit hole of politics and conspiracy theories, and maybe playing a game or two. (Cards, dominoes, board games, any games.)

Yeah, I am often lonely, but then again I do like my solitude. Most times. I never mind a drop in guest or two though.

She who holds my sanity in her paws.

It’s been awhile

I’ve been busy getting the last couple of major projects done on the house. The young couple of Spencer and Elizabeth finished tiling the foyer and guest bathrooms. I now have a buttload of work to do cleaning the entire house. Forced air heat and tile removal causes lots of dust to scatter. Everywhere.

I love the finished look. but I don’t love the week or two it is going to take to get this place clean.

Why is going to take so long? You ask.

I’ve been effectively knocked down with a kidney stone. But, as I know from past experience, this to shall pass.

My blog my opinions

If you don’t like what I have to say, go away. I don’t have to allow your poisonous and certifiable clap trap on my blog.

You see I have control over my blog. I didn’t invite your opinion on my thoughts. I didn’t twist your arm to get you to read my blog.

If you must express such bigoted rhetoric do it on your own blog.

I am sure your little band of trump trolls have better things to do. See, I already voted for Biden and I encourage all people with more than two brain cells to rub together to do the same.

Have a nice day!

I effing hate the changes done to WordPress!!!!

I find the changes made to WordPress have made it much more difficult to use, less intuitive, and a royal pain in the ass.

I am looking for a way to move the entirety of my content to a different platform because this is now a giant piece of crap to use.

It isn’t easier by a long shot.

I used to love posting on my blog. Now I dread having to do a post, much less typing it up, and getting it out there.

WordPress, you are losing people right and left.

If anyone can tell me how to download and save all my content I’d REALLY appreciate it.

I wanna leave but I don’t want to lose my stuff here, there are posts and pictures I can’t bear to lose.