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If you can’t eat it or play with it, just pee on it and walk away.

Wanna go out and play?


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No words


Lucy’s tail…um…tale for the day

Mom hasn’t figured it out yet. The couch has three seats and they are all mine. She thinks the one on the end is hers but it isn’t, nope, all mine.

And there’s how slow she is getting my meals. I have to holler at her to go faster all the time.

I am a sugar princess and if it’s raining I will melt. I do not like to go out in the rain.

Snow makes my feet cold so she’d better get that door opened fast for us to go in.

I love, love, love car rides and visits to my friends and we should do more of them.


Nice weather

We had sun and the temperature climbed to a balmy 48 degrees.


Take that winter!


This cannot continue

#45 has revealed his new budget and it is a death knell to those of us who have to depend on our Social Security.

If I could leave The Curmudgeon alone for any length of time, I’d be in DC marching and getting my ass arrested for protesting this malarkey.

Never before has a person in the office of president done so much damage to our country. Cadet Bone Spurs and his cronies are working hard to bankrupt this country and destroy what we stand for and all that we are.

He’s alienated our allies. He’s taunted a tyrant who would love nothing more than to blow our country off the globe. He’s damaged our government, gutted our protective agencies, and has divided our nation.

Shame on him and Republican cronies.

Impeach Trump! Impeach Pence! Impeach Ryan! And go all the way down the line until they all are jailed for their treasonous actions.

It’s enough to drive one to drink.


Let the sleeping dog lie….

Can spring be far off?

The other evening I heard a large flock of geese fly over, looked for them and they were heading north.

Yesterday I saw a drenched robin in the neighbor’s tree.

The groundhog may have seen his shadow, but the birds are saying we’re in for an early spring.

make it stop

Life on hold

Since the Curmudgeon’s MS went into secondary progressive I feel as though my life has been put on hold.

I seldom do things just for me these days. Everything is done with serious consideration to how long it takes, how upset it will make him, and is it safe to be away for any longer than an hour or two.

This means I haven’t been to conference in a few years.

I am behind, so far behind, in cleaning because running the vacuum, the paper shredder, and doing anything out of his sight causes him to complain or interrupt me numerous times with idiot things he wants to tell me about a program or commercial on the damned TV.

I am frustrated, tired, and my allergies are going insane from all the freaking dust. The need for a good house cleaning has gone into the OMG I’ll never get caught up zone.

I haven’t slept in my bed for the last two years plus. Nope, I sleep on the couch so I’ll hear him when he falls again.

Yep, my life is on hold. Maybe one day I’ll live again.


New game we play…

Phone rings and the pop-up ID on the TV tells us it’s someone we don’t know.

We look at each other.

“You want to play or should I?” He says.

“Oh, let me. I need a good laugh.” I pick up the phone.


Man with heavy foreign accent responds. “Hello, I am–”

“Hello? Is anyone there?”

“Yes, I am here–”

“Hello? Tap tap tap  Hello?”

“Hello, I am here. I wish to—”



“Hon, I can’t hear anyone.” Said to The Curmudgeon and into the phone.

Hello m’am—”

“There’s a lot of awful crackling going on on the line. Is there anyone there?”

“I would l–”


“Hello m’am, I am—”


Click. Dial tone.

Hehehehe! I am so mean.


Ice coating….

So we got some snow, then we had sleet, followed by rain, and then night came with a drop in temperature.


A snow covered yard covered in a layer of ice.

Lucy and I ….well, we are not amused.

Die winter


So Cadet Bone Spurs wants a military parade….

Thank you Senator Tammy Duckworth for coming up with that name, it is great!

The only military parade Cadet Bone Spurs should have is the one taking him to a place of execution for treason.

No, Cadet Bone Spurs. You do not rate a military parade.

don't make me get the voodoo doll

A chicken soup sort of day

No, really. We had chicken soup for dinner and it hit the spot nicely.

I’m talking home made broth thickened so he can eat it, roasted chicken, and nice chunks of boneless skinless chicken breasts. Lots of good veggies, some pasta, and barley.

It helped chase the dampness from our bones.

coffee now

Was there ever such a breed that dug so deep into one’s heart?

I admit it, I am daft about this dog.

Seems I have been daft about each one but there are two that stand out in daftness.

Malcolm and Lucy