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Lucy and Gavin

Lucy and Gavin

 If you can’t eat it or play with it, just pee on it and walk away.

Wanna go out and play?


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Another collection

I started another collection a while back. Small tins. Here are a few. Most are smaller than their pictures…LOL.

empowermints mystifying-mints retiremints skull-candy-tin

Yay, he has his new glasses!

The optometrist told him *possibly* Monday or Tuesday.

I kept him from bugging her Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday even though had to listen to his constant whining about it.

He called her today–nothing I could do to stop him. Answering machine picked up so he couldn’t talk to anyone.

After G and I headed out to go to Target and Weis’s Grocery store, she called.

His glasses were ready.

He called my cell phone while I was checking out of the grocery store. (Sigh)

We finished our shopping and headed right home so I could run him over for his glasses.

He has new glasses. He can see better now.

Today’s Tee shirt

sip coffee and pet my dog

Go to your end…

I say that at least once a day to Lucy.

Every time she attempts to sit in my spot on the couch. LOL!

She really does get up move to the other end of the couch.

Although she does it grudgingly, and all the while gives me the stink-eye, as she moves to the opposite end.


One gift given every Christmas

I give one person a Christmas present because the season is so dear to her heart, and that is G.

She puts up with my Halloween craziness so I gift her and spend Christmas eve with her every year since her husband died.

We have our own tradition of good eats and drinks and comfortable company.

Today’s Tee shirt

world revolves

Marking time

Ever see soldiers or marching bands standing in one spot moving their legs as if marching?

Yes, that is called marking time.

That is exactly how I feel every day–as if I am merely marking time.

As if I am waiting for the next command *forward march* or *to the rear, march* …the next command.


Put my book down

I miss the old me

I keep imagining myself with my old energy levels back. Floors vacuumed and scrubbed, everything dusted and put away.


Then The Curmudgeon whines that he needs this or that from the pharmacy. Off I go on another errand.

Standing in line for 20 minutes and back home.

Yeah, never did get to the dusting, vacuuming and scrubbing of floors…

Seems to happen far too often.


Wading through an ocean of paper

So many papers piled up on my table. Paid bills, unpaid bills, advertisements, receipts, too much…too much.

I need to wade through it all and get my shredder working overtime.

To have all this paper down to manageable proportions will thrill the heck out of me. My recycling cans will work overtime. If I find the energy…

I do not want to be another episode of Hoarders.


No makeup

I never saw the point in makeup.

Yes, I wore it from time to time. I don’t wear it now.

G thinks I should, now that my hair is getting so gray.

We all know why I getting grayer day by day.

Can you say The Curmudgeon?


So, about those new glasses…

One color I don’t like is purple, purple in any shade. Wouldn’t you know it, the frames that looked the best on me were..yep, lilac.


It’s that deep depression time of year

It doesn’t take much to drive me to tears.

To combat this, I start a long campaign of silliness.

amuse me




Yeah, I don’t like the holidays

I quit celebrating these holidays about the time my Dad died.

I made an effort when Mary’s kids lived with us, but when they left, I quit.

I see no purpose in celebrating something I don’t believe in.

I’ll take Halloween any time.😉


My turn at the eye doctor

I have never been an easy one for eye drops or anything near my eyes for that matter. This time was no different. My eyes kept slamming shut on their own volition.

After a complete exam my eyes were not happy with the light.

Healthy eyes!!!! Hurrah! I worry since my mother had macular degeneration. No sign of it or cataracts.

Now if only the drops would wear off and things weren’t so blurred. It’s like looking through very dirty glasses.

New glasses in 10 days.