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Spoiled brat, self-centered….

Tiny-handed princess Cadet Bone Spurs has set a date for his undeserved, uncalled for, needless waste of 30 million dollars parade.

Just when the hell do we get to tell this debauched bastard NO?

I say now.

I am telling him HELL NO!

30 million dollars can better be spent on education, disability, veterans, homeless, meals on wheel …hell, anything other than his damned tiny penis enhancer military parade.

Stop it. Just stop it.



Still no winning

Yeah, not talking about #45 this time.

Talking about PA lottery tickets and scratch offs.

G and I buy the big lottery tickets together and we each buy scratch off whenever we have a spare buck or two or five and are in the mood to spend it.

A few weeks ago I was winning back everything I put in…not so this week. Sigh.

Here’s an old one…LOL


Over 60 and tired of cooking…

It wasn’t so bad when The Curmudgeon would grill things for dinner all summer long and all I had to do was come up with side dishes.

With him the way he is that’s over with.

I sometimes will grill. (Except for now when I need to get more gas.)

I am just so tired of cooking. He won’t go out to eat and there’s only so much in delivery meals that I can handle after a while.

Don’t get me wrong, my freezer, fridge, and cupboards are well stocked. I am so tired of cooking, I have trouble trying to come up with ideas for what to cook.

I hate having to think of a meal idea, then seeing if he’s interested. It usually takes three or four tries before he says, “That sounds good.” Without any enthusiasm mind you.

I’m a damned good cook I’m just sick of being the cook.

Cheers for the survivors!

Those young people who survived the violence of the attack in Parkland have my support.

Yell, scream, holler, text, post and do all you can to wake up Congress and drive #45 over the edge of sanity!

I am proud of you all!

You are what this country needs, more activists for gun control and peace.

To the rest of you: get out and vote these bought and paid for politicians out of office!

Let’s take back our country.

We The People do have the power to do it if we unite and work for change!

We need to work hard to rescind all the crap these bastards have heaped on us.

I say to those young people, Good job!


Yeah, it’s not me. Stock photo looks better than I do. 😉

Heavy fog

I love it!

I’ve said it many times.

The eerie horror movie-like night with fog hanging heavy in the air.

Visibility is less than a street wide.

Yep, my sort of night!


I don’t watch it so much these days

I used to be a news junkie.

I read the newspaper every morning with my coffee.

I watched the six o’clock news every evening and the eleven o’clock news every night.

I don’t do that these days.

I think I stopped watching most of the news when #45 got elected.

I find his voice beyond fingernails on the blackboard annoying.

I read my news when I can tolerate it.

Most days I can’t, it makes my stomach churn, and raises my blood pressure to dangerous levels.

Avoiding news shows keeps me healthier, keeps the TV from being smashed, and prevents me from needing anger management.


Tonight’s weather…

No words


Lucy’s tail…um…tale for the day

Mom hasn’t figured it out yet. The couch has three seats and they are all mine. She thinks the one on the end is hers but it isn’t, nope, all mine.

And there’s how slow she is getting my meals. I have to holler at her to go faster all the time.

I am a sugar princess and if it’s raining I will melt. I do not like to go out in the rain.

Snow makes my feet cold so she’d better get that door opened fast for us to go in.

I love, love, love car rides and visits to my friends and we should do more of them.


Nice weather

We had sun and the temperature climbed to a balmy 48 degrees.


Take that winter!


This cannot continue

#45 has revealed his new budget and it is a death knell to those of us who have to depend on our Social Security.

If I could leave The Curmudgeon alone for any length of time, I’d be in DC marching and getting my ass arrested for protesting this malarkey.

Never before has a person in the office of president done so much damage to our country. Cadet Bone Spurs and his cronies are working hard to bankrupt this country and destroy what we stand for and all that we are.

He’s alienated our allies. He’s taunted a tyrant who would love nothing more than to blow our country off the globe. He’s damaged our government, gutted our protective agencies, and has divided our nation.

Shame on him and Republican cronies.

Impeach Trump! Impeach Pence! Impeach Ryan! And go all the way down the line until they all are jailed for their treasonous actions.

It’s enough to drive one to drink.


Let the sleeping dog lie….