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Lucy and Gavin

Lucy and Gavin

 If you can’t eat it or play with it, just pee on it and walk away.

Wanna go out and play?


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Too damned cold already

For a couple of days now we’ve had our heat turned on and I’ve had to wear a hoodie to take the dogs out.

I am not ready to face another winter.

The house is not ready for another winter.


Where’s my beach?


Can’t keep my eyes open

Another day where I felt as tired when I woke as when I went to bed. This has gone on for a solid two weeks.

No amount of coffee consumed upon rising has brought me to full alert status.

I need to go grocery shopping but have been getting up too late in the day to go where I don’t have to contend with crowds and idiots. Now I’ll wait until after the weekend because I never shop on the weekend where all the people are in all the stores.

I think I’ll need some of that five-hour energy drink stuff.


Nothing more to lose

There are days where I feel lonelier than I ever thought possible. More depressed than I ever knew I could become. Lost as if in a forest deep.

So angry at the man I should have the most compassion for and in more of a panic than I ever could believe a person could panic.

If only there were some way to escape other than the sleep I try so hard to get each day.

A woman should always have enough money set aside to give her a new beginning if need be. I, unfortunately, do not have such a thing.

I don’t even have the advantage of social security since I had to quit jobs to help care for my baby sister, then her kids for a short time, and finally The Curmudgeon.

I stopped writing because the stress of taking care of him plundered my concentration and imagination. I live in a harsh reality.

Now, I have no escape, no hope, and nothing more to lose.


Oh crap, I’m not ready!

It’s the first of October already. I haven’t even started on my porch design!

Dang it.

I have a great idea, but I need someone with more artistic talent than I to do a couple of silhouettes to make this work…

Any volunteers?

HPIM4179Halp, she’s starting already. Someone sabe me fwom da cwazy lady!

I don’t NEED more to do, I need LESS

So the Verizon guy arrived two hours early.

And you know what that means.

Yes, I was in bed.

The Curmudgeon let him in, he put the new back-up battery in and left.

Without taking the old router.

So now, (when I have a spare moment) in addition to having to take the paper-weight computer in for repair because of the damned hacker,  I have to go to a UPS store and mail out the damned router that the S.O.B. could have taken with him or we’ll be charged for it.

I still haven’t been able to go grocery shopping or anywhere else with all the other (The Curmudgeon’s doctor appointments, lab work, tests, etc.) running around I’ve had to do.

WTand F


Go to tech hell and wipe that smirk off your face

Ah, the frustrations in dealing with technology and the superior attitude of Techs who are young enough to be my grandchild.

I had to teach myself everything I know about computers today, I didn’t learn it from elementary school on.

I wasn’t allowed to touch a computer in school since I wasn’t a math genius. Computers then were rudimentary.

I bought my first computer when they became cheap enough for me to afford one and taught myself how to use it. I had no classes or teachers to walk me through it. Instead, I worked through every tutorial I could find, sometimes staying at it all night.

Now, if I can stay calm enough, have no big frustrations doing it, then I can pretty much figure everything out on my own.

That said, if I come to you asking for help, remember that I have other insurmountable obstacles in my life and this irritant is a fire ant on the toe of my zen. Don’t smirk, don’t judge, just do your effing job.

Kermit face

Full blood moon

Got to see the full eclipse of the moon. I was afraid I’d miss it since the clouds had covered the sky earlier.

It’s times like this where I wish I had a good camera.

One of these days…

For now…You have been Gavin mooned.


What’s for dinner?

Three words I hate to hear.

Am I the only one who struggles to think of what to cook for dinners?

I always have a freezer full of meats because we order through a company called Five Star Foods and they deliver and fill our freezer every six months.

However, this does not mean I have any idea what I am going to cook each night. Often times, thanks to a microwave and its defrost capacity, I don’t know until five minutes before I start cooking what I am going to make for dinner.

Are you a menu planner or a by the seat of your pants cook like me?

HPIM2599Last night we had ribs.

Not sleeping through that call

I guess three days was the limit, the charm, the best I could get.

Still sleeping deeply because of the muscle relaxants so I was jolted awake to hear The Curmudgeon’s voice on the phone.

This time he was not down at home. No, this time he was down at the CVS.

I needed to pick him up along with his truck. I was not into the idea of making two trips.

Thank goodness for G. It was G to the rescue! I called her and asked if she’d be willing to drive his truck home for me. She was.

Hooray! One trip.

We arrived to find a police car  just pulling in as we did. Thanks whoever called them, I really didn’t need to waste my time giving him all sorts of information.

G drove the truck with him in it home and I drove my van. Once home, I snagged some help from next door (thank you Kevin) to get The Curmudgeon inside and in his chair.

All this, I accomplished without the consumption of coffee.

After taking the dogs out, my reaction was:

hippo coffee

Muscle relaxants the key to getting nothing done…At. All.

If my back weren’t so sore, I wouldn’t take the muscle relaxants and would actually get some things accomplished.

As it is, I take a half of one before I go to sleep. Then I zonk out until almost three in the afternoon and nothing gets done.

My back is feeling better though.

Is it worth the trade-off? I don’t know.

HPIM4345Dis whad da Momma wooked wike today. Hehehehe!

So here we are in fall now…

I still do not have my back porch winterized, no caulking done, no weather-stripping on the back door up. Nothing.

The front porch is still falling apart.

My attic is not cleaned. Hell, the house isn’t clean.

I’ve not rearranged one single piece of furniture in any room.

The yard still looks like crap as does the gardens.

In other words, I’ve accomplished nothing.

It sucks to not have any help.

dust bunnies killed the cleaning fairy

A miracle

The Curmudgeon actually had a good day.

I woke late, due to taking a muscle relaxant for my back, to find that he went out and picked up the dogs’ medications and his own.

I was so grateful and surprised that you could have knocked me over with a feather.

Here's to you


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