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Lucy and Gavin

Lucy and Gavin

 If you can’t eat it or play with it, just pee on it and walk away.

Wanna go out and play?


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Opening line…

For about a week now I have had an opening line buzzing around in my brain. Nothing else, just an opening line.

Not an idea, well… maybe an inkling of an idea, but not much else.

I did write it down.

I’d hate to lose it because I rather like it.

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Picture day number… who cares?

When you can’t think of what to write you fall back to pictures.

Took these yesterday.





Call a telephone scammer today!

Don’t you just hate telephone scammers?

I sure do.

I have taken it upon myself to publish a list of their numbers so you can have some fun and call a scammer and prank them today.

Here goes! Starting from the newest numbers to the oldest:







Have fun!

a fool

Writing a blank page

Yes, I tend to stare at a blank page for what seems like forever. The words don’t come. I’ve lost my words.

People tell me to relax, they will come back. I’m not so sure.

I had an opening for a book pop into my head yesterday and had to scramble for a pen and paper so I wouldn’t lose it like I’ve lost so many words before.

May that MRI I had will find them.

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Really? More rain? Ugh, I’d rather be at the conference.

You have to be kidding me. Rain and more rain all the way until Tuesday night.

I wouldn’t mind so much if I were down in Lancaster enjoying the Pennwriters Conference. This is the third one I’ve missed. I miss all my friends and the stimulation of writerly and bookish conversations of which I have none.

The Curmudgeon hasn’t read a book in years. His biggest contribution to a conversation is “I haven’t seen that commercial before.” (And it’s been running for months.) Or something along that line.

Color me blue and deeply depressed.

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I dream while awake


Yes, I am a gaming idiot

Some days I feel like a gaming idiot when I play my Age of Empires Castle Siege.

The former Emperor left and threw his mantle on my shoulders. I didn’t ask for it.

So, I now find myself as an Emperor in a game, a game of the sort I’d always avoided before. An MMORPG. For those that have no idea and I know a few of my readers are of them. It means Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.

They always scared me (playing against and with a gazillion people) so I stayed away from them. Turns out that, although I am bad at it, I am enjoying the heck out of it.

My apologies to my fellow members of our alliance that I am not as proficient as most of you are, but I’ll get there. Just give an old gal some time to catch up on the skill set.

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A hodgepodge day

Never have an MRI done when you have a stuffed up nose. Oh, did I need to sit up and breathe! Longest 30 minutes of my life. No results for a couple of days while the radiologist reads the scan and reports on it to my doctor.

Earlier in the day, G and I went to Home Depot where I found a pot of flowers for the blue rocking chair on the porch, eggplants for two of my large pots, a large patio tomato plant in its own pot, and a smaller heirloom tomato plant for another one of my pots, and a pepper plant.

From there we went to Dan Schantz’s nursery and I found some pale lavender petunias to put in the three planters behind the blue rocker that I thought would go very well with the purple flowers in the chair.

A late lunch at Ihop of grilled a chicken club on brioche with a fresh fruit cup for the next stop which we followed with a quick stop at the nearby dollar store where I found three different types of radish seeds.

We got home just in time to unload my stuff and hers before I had to dash off to have the MRI done.




Oh great… more testing

Busy day of running errands, a doctor’s appointment, and him sending me for an MRI.

When your doctor says, “In my 37 years of practice I have never seen this before.”


Now I’m in for more testing. An MRI with contrast to begin. The way he’s talking, there will be more tests.


Just send me away to beach, a peaceful beach… for the rest of my life. I’ll pack up my dogs and me and gladly go. Maybe I’ll find happiness again. I miss that. It’s been a long time gone.


Fun with scammers day!

Hey everyone! Guess what time it is?

Yep, you got it!

It’s time for more fun with scam callers.

Hit them with your best shots. We have two new numbers for you to play with today.

Are you ready?

Here goes!



Previous numbers are:



Have fun!

*Quick note*  I got another call again the following day and here’s the number: 1-210-249-0540

amuse me

Poor old boy…

I wasn’t kidding in the least when I said Gavin hates going to the vet’s office. As sweet as they are to him, he stresses out completely.

By the time Dr. Ashley got to him, he was a stressed out mess. Poor traumatized baby who never even felt the shot when he got it. Insists that they mistreat him there.

More like treat the heck out of him…he got cheese on a tongue depressor, twice! Lots of his Nutro berry treats for tricks to keep his mind off of where he was. One tech loaded him up on dog food treats after she took his temperature. All this before Dr. Ashley came in to give him his shot.

Why does he hate going there? We will never figure it out. But the older he gets the worse he about it.

He has to go back for a booster. I asked about just giving him the shot in the car. Dr. Ashley thinks it might be a good idea. Anything to lower his stress level.

easy-cheese1He loved it!

nutro treatsHe got a lot of these. We buy these and each of the other flavors they make. Good treats. Healthy treats.

Oh, he really hates going to the vet but…

I’m taking Gavin to the vet today for his Leptospirosis vaccine. At his age catching it could be immediately fatal.

I’m hoping they’ll do a nail trim while we’re there since I am unable to do so without help. The Curmudgeon is no help.

For more information on Leptospirosis go here:


HPIM4953This boy is not going to be happy.

Uneventful…I like the sound of that word.

So we had a fairly uneventful week, which for The Curmudgeon, is a very good thing.

Uneventful, what a nice concept. We sure do need more uneventful weeks.

Uneventful, means no ambulance rides. No nasty falls. Nothing.

He hasn’t missed a medication since I bought his fancy pill caddy. I fill it once a month and he’s good. It is so much easier on both of us. I only have to remember to fill my pill case weekly.:)

pill caddy



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