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Wanna go out and play?


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Rats! More snow.

Stop snowing

Holy freezing your butt off Batman!

It is 20 degrees outside, feels like 8 degrees with the wind chill.

I suddenly remembered that it would be a good idea to go start my car and make sure the battery was at full charge since my car hasn’t been run for several days.

So glad I went out and did it. Hecuba started but her charge was almost to 0. Sat out there and warmed her up good. Waited until she had a full charge before I shut her down and came inside.

I am so glad she has heated seats and warms up quickly. Because it is damned cold!!!!

Lucy won’t go out without her coat and hat.

wintertime Lucy

The mud wars

Each year when my yard turns into a giant mud hole, I say “Next year I’ll have mostly patio so I don’t have mud.”

Instead, I have to mop the kitchen floor often, wipe Lucy’s feet each time she goes out, and be prepared to slip and fall in it at least once.

Yeah, you need to have money and willing workers to accomplish that.

We never seem to have it these days. Probably because the bulk of our ready cash goes for things like doctor co-pays, medications, groceries, vet bills, city and county taxes, insurance for autos and home, the occasional lunch and pizza….the list goes on forever.

Today’s long sleeved Teenever faked a sarcasm


Not fun in the snow

Lucy was not pleased to discover we had 7 inches of snow in the yard when she went out first thing in the morning yesterday.

Neither was I for that matter.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dog rush outside and pee as fast as this one does. She’s like me and so very not fond of the cold.


Oh no…snow

Happiness is…

Easily fitting into a beloved pair of jeans you haven’t been able to wear for two years!

Snuggling on the couch with your dog.

A quiet evening alone.

Reading a couple of good books without interruption.

A day out

G and I started with a stop at Target where we both picked up a couple of items. I tried on a jacket I liked the look of but, as is common in most women’s clothes, it was made too tight in the shoulders and arms to be able to wear any winter clothing under it. And people wonder why I do half my clothing shopping in the men’s departments.

We had a lovely lunch in Applebees. Caesar salads and Fiesta lime chicken–totally fucked up my calorie count for the day but dang it tasted good!

After that we made a pet store stop to pick up Lucy’s hip and joint formula chewies.

A quick shopping run through Giant and we were off to pick up The Curmudgeon’s favorite cookie bars at the farmers market.

Home, the car unloaded, everything put away, we both were exhausted.


Old men in politics need to retire

It’s time that congress and the senate have term limits imposed. It’s past time for the old men, who do not live in the land of reality, to step down and make way for younger people.

People who look forward and don’t retreat into blatant bigotry, lies, and the illness of the corrupt wealthy.

It’s time for the salaries of both senators and congressmen to come down to a more realistic balance with their constituents.

bird is flipped



Ah! The joy of having a properly working faucet!

We got an early morning call yesterday saying the plumber would arrive shortly. I dragged myself off the couch after a mere 3 hours of sleep, took Lucy out, put her in her crate, and made a cup of coffee.

Soon after I sat down to drink my coffee, the plumber arrived.

The thing that took him the longest was removing the old faucet. Our friend who had installed it had loaded in the caulking and turned each threaded part as tight as humanly possible.

He installed the new faucet and cleaned up after himself.

I now have a working faucet and sprayer. Yay me!

New faucet

Is there a chance we’ll recover?

I have serious doubts that the US will ever recover from this administration’s complete lack of morality and conscience.

#45 and his cronies are as corrupt a bunch of living beings as you can find. They prove how little they care about anyone but themselves more each day.

#45 has taken our nation’s reputation, shit upon it, wiped his fat orange ass with it, and kicked it out the door.

Shame on him and shame on all who worship at the altar of the idiot man-child.


Born in March


How fast does time fly?

The speed at which time flies is relevant to the lateness of the hour and how much one needs to get done.

It is also relevant to how old you are.

my watch

Well, isn’t it lovely?

The republican congress has succeeded in beginning the royal fucking of the people of this country.

fucked without orgasm