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Lucy and Gavin

Lucy and Gavin

 If you can’t eat it or play with it, just pee on it and walk away.

Wanna go out and play?


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Off schedule is out of kilter

It seems that The Curmudgeon is falling into the routines at the rehab hospital so well that he gets a bit peeved when one of the therapies throws another one off schedule.

I’ve been down with a creeping crud and dare not take it out there with so many compromised patients. So  he’s taken to calling me twice a day.

He gives me the low down on which nurse is driving him bonkers and who has visited or called him. He has his cell phone with him. Therefore, if any of his friends are reading this–you can call him on it. If he’s in therapy, he’ll call you back.

If there are no set backs and things continue to go smoothly, he may be home a week from Thursday.

HPIM4093We iz waiting for himz.


I knew he needed a brace

Finally, the doctor at Good Shepherd Rehab hospital tried a brace on The Curmudgeon to keep him from dragging his foot. Now they are fitting him for one after seeing how much it helped.

I’ve been saying for years I thought he needed one to help him walk better. All one has to do is look at the wear and tear on his shoe to see the need. But who am I other than just his wife who doesn’t have an armload of medical degrees? I couldn’t possibly know these things. Right?

bird is flipped


Addicted to coffee? You betcha.

My ICoffee machine is definitely feeding my addiction these days. It’s far too easy and yummy to have a good cup of coffee in my hand. It comes with its own reusable pod that I haven’t tried yet.

Why is that?

I found variety packs of pods on Amazon. I am enjoying trying all the different coffees, teas, hot chocolates, and even hot ciders.

Once I narrow things down to some favorites I know which ones to buy regularly.

Still feeling yucky and Lucy is insistent on being my nurse. She’s such a cutie.


Lucy posts today

Momma iz not feeling berry gooder. I Lucy amz making her stay on da couch wiff me and snugglez.

She talked to Da Daddy on da phone a cuppla timez but she notz going in dere to see him when she iz sickiez.


Quiet day

The pups had me up early so I called G and asked her if she wanted to join me on farmers market foray. (I was jonesing for a bear claw.) She hot-footed it over and off we went.

After a quick trip to the farmers market, I spent the rest of the day trying to catch up on my sleep. I still feel exhausted, but it could be whatever I am coming down with is making itself known.

The Curmudgeon called late afternoon and sounded pretty good. He’d had a busy day of therapy and was heading to a shower.

HPIM4441I wore this today.

Day two Good Shepherd

Actually day three, but we aren’t counting the late arrival on the first day as a real day there.

I woke to the phone ringing, feeling lousy, coming down with something. Not my idea of fun going out to the rehab, in the rain, when I feel like crap but he called with a list of stuff he wanted.

Ran out to take The Curmudgeon some clothes and other things.

Waited in his room for about half an hour and then went hunting for him. Found him in the occupational therapy room.

Yes, I was a bit cranky but I felt like crap. His room was like a sauna making me feel worse. I needed to get out of there so I could cool off.

Today I have the ringer on the phone turned off and I plan to get as much rest as I can.

HPIM4762Huwwy up Mumma, It beez time to snugglez.

His first day in the Rehab hospital

It sounds like they worked his buns off all morning.

When G and I arrived, he was in the cafeteria having his lunch.

He looked tired already and had to work with a speech therapist later. The speech therapists are working on helping him with his swallowing problem which is why he got pneumonia before this last incident.

He’s lost too much weight and is nothing but skin and bones.

He’s determined to do everything they tell him to do so he can come home soonest. Wish him luck.

HPIM4716Someone is missing her daddy


Not sure how long he’ll be there…

You never know what each day will bring.

Yesterday, they released my husband, The Curmudgeon, to Good Shepherd Rehab Hospital. Where with hard work on his part and plenty of luck we hope he’ll come home soon. I’m still waiting to hear if he’s settled in there. Last I heard They were transporting a half hour from his call.

I wish to thank everyone for their prayers and good thoughts.

Now I’ll go relax with the dogs.

sip coffee and pet my dog

Today’s T-shirt

Very good news

So, if all goes well, The Curmudgeon should be in Good Shepherd rehab hospital by late afternoon.

How long he’ll be there, I have no idea.

I do hope that they can get him back to where he can take care of himself as he was doing before all this.

I truly fear that we need to sell this house and move to where we can manage more easily. However, to do that we have plenty of work that needs completion to get the house up to where we can sell it.

the scream

He’s starting to sound like his old self again

The Curmudgeon sounds like himself again. He called me a couple of times yesterday. He’s gone from death’s door to almost back.

I did not hear the weak old man voice rambling on about nonsense. I heard his old self.

Monday the doctors plan to redo all the paperwork to get him in Good Shepherd rehab. Seems that even though the insurance company had authorized him going there, when he had that set-back this past week, then they have to start it all over again.

Keep your fingers crossed!

I will keep on watching for him!



Quiet day

Momma is too tired to update. She didn’t go in to see Daddy yesterday since we didn’t let her get enough sleep. Instead, she tried to catch enough sleep, she says, once again we were no help.

I the Gavin was a whiney butt all day.


He’s still doing well

The Curmudgeon looked much more like himself when G and I stopped by to see him.

Rick was there and had him nicely shaved when we arrived. The Curmudgeon teased Rick that he could have a new vocation as a barber.

Later, The Curmudgeon was in for a surprise when our next door neighbor and her daughter stopped in to visit him. I sent along a Ty Beanie Baby bull terrier with them to keep him company.

After they left, he phoned me, he was very tired but happy he’d had visitors.



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