Damn, we should be able to delete and rewrite


     Have you ever wished that life had a delete button?  Imagine if you could delete embarrassing incidents or nasty people from your life at the touch of a button.  Maybe even have a chance to do a rewrite. 

     Were you the one who drank too much, danced on the tables in bar, and had a friend post it on You Tube?  Uh oh, delete, delete, delete.  Did your Aunt Betsy regale everyone with every little detail of her recent surgery during your wedding reception?  DELETE! 

     How about when Nurse Nocompassionatall treated you like a side of beef with cooties?  I bet you want to rewrite that scene now that you’re no longer drugged to the gills and have had time to think of what you should have said to the nasty b@$*!

     Come on, don’t be shy, tell us what happened in your life that you’d change.  Or, better yet, hit that delete key and give us a rewrite! 

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Agented Mystery Writer, Bull Terrier owner--I have one at the present time, Avid gardener.

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  1. Well . . .

    There was the balcony incident.

    Nuff said?

    • Dear, at lest you were fully clothed on that balcony and tall enough to climb over all the railings. Imagine if you’d gone out there in your skivvies or less.

      Hey, do you think we can get some mileage out of that tale with LS at PW? Maybe she’ll even sit with us and talk for a while.


  2. That wasn’t me who, while escorting two adorable senior citizens and their walkers to the lounge, stood on her shoelace, fell flat on the floor and was pinned down by a walker that leapt onto my sweater while it’s driver was trying to pick me up.

    I was voted better entertainment than the dry lecturer who came to enlighten.

  3. Come see me – left a fun tag for you! Hugs!

  4. If it takes mentioning the balcony scene to get LS to sit and chat with us at PW, she’ll have the plot for her next book: BT loving writer murdered at convention.

    • Hey, I promised no wanted posters or blooper certificates. I didn’t promise that no one would bring up the subject. Don’t forget, Mike will be there this year…
      [Batting innocent eyes at Dave]

  5. Batting the innocent eyes doesn’t work with me, dear.

  6. Good grief, it would take a whole ‘nother blog to write all my delete/rewrites! But my main one would have to be~
    When I was singing in a bluegrass band, standing on stage, singing harmony to the “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou” theme song and having my upper plate slip clean out of my mouth! Yes, it really did & yes, I really just told that to someone who didn’t witness the whole incident! HA

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