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Three times…

Three freaking times the sale of my house has fallen through. This last time, the wife loved the house and cried when her husband was too scared of the cemetery to buy the house.

People, my husband lived in that house for 65 years, I lived in it for 46…the residents of the cemetery left us alone  They made for very quiet neighbors.

The house was a blast to decorate for Halloween and see how many people we could tempt up the street for candy.

I will never understand the sheer cowardice and superstitious idiocy that caused the baby man to back out of the sale.

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The house is still not sold

I long for the day when I can come on here and type “It is sold!” So far that day has not happened.

I had a couple of close calls–two offers I accepted one–it fell through. I accepted the other one and that too fell through.

I can’t seem to win.

I swear it’s either Jay or his mother that is screwing this up. Probably his mother–it seems like something she do from the grave. Anything to fuck up my day.

It is depressing as hell to have to pay bills on a house I hate and no longer live in.

Let’s get the good mojo going.

Repeat after me: The house is going to sell this week…the house is going to sell this week…one more time…the house is going to sell this week.

Lucy is not a fan of loud noises.

She especially takes exception to fireworks and thunderstorms.

We had a thunderstorm most of the evening. She went unwillingly into her crate which is where I put her so she she doesn’t panic pace all over the house.

It used to be she would head for the crate during a thunderstorm, but lately I literally have to drag her to her crate. I give her two calmatives and cover the crate. She falls asleep until I later retrieve her (when the thunderstorm passes by.)


So today my neighbor took me furniture shopping…

When I left Allentown, I left my old bedroom set behind. My parents bought it for me when we moved to Allentown back in 1969. Yes, I’ve had the set since junior high.

I do believe it was way past time to invest in a new bedroom set.

When I first moved here to Winder I bought a bed, later I bought a headboard I liked. I wasn’t finding anything that tripped my trigger in dressers, chests, amoires, or bedside tables.

My neighbor Vicky and I set aside Thursday for the strict purpose of finding me bedroom furniture.

The first place we tried here in Winder was a dreadful failure. The furniture was cheapass and poorly made. I need something that will last for the rest of my life.

We looked online and found a place in another town, Lawrenceville, GA. Brownlee’s furniture was a huge surprise. They had tons of furniture and plenty of bedroom sets to choose from.

Yep, I found what I wanted. Suzan was a big help and I am sure I’ll be speaking to her again…they had great bookcases…

So when I said forward my mail, USPS….

I didn’t mean put my deceased husband’s name on every freaking mailing list in existence.

My daily mail seems to consist of a ton of junk mail addressed to him at MY address. Nope. Sorry. He has nothing to to do with this house. I bought it. I live here. HE IS DECEASED. He had nothing what-so-ever to do with this house.

Daily, I am making calls to places to tell them to take his name off their mailing lists…he is deceased! He has NEVER lived here.

His mother died in 2010 and I am still getting things for her.

It NEVER ends!!!

“Hi, I’m calling you to ask you to please take my husband off your mailing list. It seems he cannot take advantage of your offers since he is deceased and was cremated back in February.”

So many changes…

After my husband died in February, I knew I had to get out of that house I’d hated for 46 years. No matter how hard I had tried while he was still alive he would never consider selling the house and moving.

Now that I am in my own house in GA I’ve made a few other changes too. I left my bedroom set behind and am working on designing my new bedroom the way I want. I bought brightly colored rugs for my office and living room that he would not have liked in the least.

The other day I replaced my silverware of 46 years with something completely new and I’m loving the change.  Jay would have hated the set.