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It had to get better

The day began with the doorbell (loud Westminster chimes), above my head, waking me up at 9 a.m..

Mind you I went to sleep after 5 a.m..

The mowers had arrived to cut my grass.

After the mowers left, I took the dogs out, stopped to take care of me, and then went back to sleep.

That lasted for about a half an hour.

That’s when The Curmudgeon decided to shred some mail. Then he cranked the volume up on the TV.

(He’s for sale to anyone who wants him.)

So with a grand total of 4 and one half hours worth of sleep. I yelled at him, crawled off the couch to feed the dogs, and poured some coffee down my throat.

That done, I called G and told her we needed to leave soonest before she had to bail me out of jail.

We took off to get some shopping done.

Did not find what I needed at Ollie’s. We headed to Weis’s market to pick up lottery tickets. Then to the liquor store, Target, and a late lunch at Applebee’s.

I’d cooled of by the time we got home.

After dinner, I took a four pack of Myx fusion Muscato over to G’s. We liked it!

Lovely evening and the sake gets a grade

Lovely Sunday evening with G. We sat on her deck and played Uno and Farkle.

We talked and blew off steam that we’d accumulated over the week.

We also tried the Moonstone Asian Pear Sake. On a scale of one to five, five being the best and one being the worst we give This one a four.

This sake is best served chilled and is smooth with a fabulous true pear flavor, a real treat for us.

Asian Pear Sake

Lucy wasn’t happy with me being gone for so long. She’ll get over it.

The great Sake experiment

G and I are on our way to trying different Sakes. I bought our first bottle this week. This one is a fairly inexpensive American Sake, Moonstone Asian Pear.

We are looking forward to trying it. When we do, I’ll write our own review of it and any others we try.

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for us to add to our list of Sakes to try, keeping in mind we are on a tight budget so no expensive ones, please give us some suggestions and let us know if your suggestion is best served warmed or cold.

Asian Pear Sake