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Time for the squirrels to leave.

We’ve set humane traps and hope to catch and move out the entire population before winter.

They ate all my tomatoes and most of my eggplants this year. They even ate the little avocado plant I’d started from a pit.

I do not want to contend with them again next season.

I want to enjoy fresh vegetables from my garden and not pay the prices at the super market.

So, buh bye tree rats. Your chariot to another neighborhood has arrived.

bad squirrel

Gavin the great white squirrel scarer

Yesterday afternoon old Gavin decided to make a vocal round of the yard.

He barked for the sake of barking at each corner of the yard.

When he got to the front, alley side corner he didn’t see the squirrel sitting on the fence, and the squirrel, as is his want, paid no attention to us.

That is until Gavin let loose with a couple of barks at the corner.

The squirrel, startled and panicked, scrambled up the tulip poplar and out of sight in record time.

I laughed so hard I almost fell down.

“Serves you right you tomato and eggplant stealing squirrel!”

Gavin enjoyed all the praise even though he had no idea why I would make such a fuss.


Still hot

dont feel like doing shitKeeping indoors in the AC these days hasn’t helped us gain anything in the fresh vegetable department.

You see, the squirrels have taken over the yard without us and the dogs out there to scare them off.

So far we’ve lost 8 tomatoes, 4 Japanese eggplants, 2 black beauty eggplants, and the little avocado plant I was just starting in soil.

It took FOREVER to get that avocado seed to root so I could plant it in the pot. The tiniest of shoots had barely begun the climb out of the pit when the damned squirrel got it. It chewed half the pit up and left the rest. Like he does with all the tomatoes and eggplants…eats part leaves the rest.

Makes me furious that he’ll ruin 4 tomatoes at a shot instead of just eating a whole one.