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A busy day…but…

Since I moved to Georgia and all the pressure of being a caregiver (very little to no sleep nightly, stress, dealing with a man who changed radically from Mr. Nice Guy to Not so nice) is gone, I find that getting a good night’s sleep has me up early.

Today was one of those wake up early feeling refreshed and knowing I had things to do day.

Today I had to get papers notarized to send to PA for the settlement on my house. Yes, it has sold.

My neighbor joined me, since one paper needed a witness to sign it, and having her along helps me discover all sorts of ways to get around the town.

First stop was my bank for a notary…nope, they don’t deal in property things anymore. I was sent to the local library.

The head librarian is a notary. She went through my paperwork and found some things that needed to be fixed before we could sign. I went home, fortunately a mere 2 minutes away.

A phone call later things were fixed. So we thought. Back we went. She found another paper that needed fixing. Back home we went. Got that fixed and back to the library. Yay papers all signed.

Next stop LUNCH. We were both starved by then. My neighbor directed me to a lovely little seafood place where we ate enough to make us groan.

Next we ran the paperwork over to the post office and got it mailed off Priority next day mail. Not that it’ll get there tomorrow but probably Wednesday.

Two stops more and we were home.

Now this is where, if you are one of my Author friends, you will see that I spent a lot of time at my new library today. I got to meet the head librarian (a smart cookie.) I also had plenty of time to talk to her. I talked about your books, conferences, and you.

So here’s the deal my friends. This library could use your books. It looks newly built and sparsely supplied. If you could send a book or two of yours, get people hooked on your books, there’s another market down here for you.

Also any of you wonderful Author friends of mine who happen to be in Atlanta area sometime for any reason…she’d love to have you do book signings here. I have a spare room and fully stocked wine cooler too.

Love you all!





OMG I really did spend that much…

Today I wrote the final check (OMG ouch) for the sunporch/ all weather room/ sunroom whatever you want to call it. Everything was perfect after they replaced the one cracked piece, someone had tried to pass off by sealing the cracks (happens all the time in construction and most people wouldn’t have seen it), I saw it and called them on it. Once the piece was replaced, I was happy and I signed off.

Thank you for my lovely room Champion.

Lucy and I now own the sunroom free and clear. It has raised the value of our home and we use it every day.

I hope to speedily pay down my mortgage. I do hate owing money to anyone.

I had a hectic two weeks after my first doctor appointment. They dragged me back for three more blood tests, sent me to a cardiologist, sent me for a bone density test, and dragged me back to discuss that.

I also had to run Lucy back to the vet after discovering two stitches that had hidden in the swelling. Once the swelling went down, there they were. Her foot is looking terrific now.

The next thing I look forward to is the sale of the Allentown house.



Catching up…slowly

The day before yesterday I finally had a doctor appointment. I happily have my medications refilled, those that needed refilling. I’d been skipping some pills because I was running low and was nervous about stopping them altogether. I know, not smart. But I had so many other things going on I came in at second place to the rest.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day dealing with the side effects of 2 shots, flu and pneumonia. Biggest problem was the sore arms at the injection sites. This gal was good I didn’t even feel the first shot and barely felt the second. It was later that I began to have pain–lots of it. My new doctor even got me scheduled with a cardiologist too.

Lucy’s foot is much improved and tomorrow we go in for another recheck.

My neighbor is loving my porch–she drops by often to sit out there with me and have some coffee.

I have even begun to dabble at a new book idea. And I think it will manage to go into series form.

It is done!

Steve stopped by this afternoon and finished off the the ceiling, pounded a nail in for me so I could hang 1 of two door guardians, and remarked that he could see who’s porch it was…Lucy had left a lot of her toys for him to trip over. LOL

1 panel short….

So, on Wednesday they mostly finished the sun room. Yeah, I said mostly. They came up 1 panel short on the ceiling’s bead board. Yep…1 panel. They had to order it so I am waiting for them to finish.

Managed to get to a doctor this morning.  He changed one of my meds to a similar medication but now I only have to take it once a day and it is time released so it should be much more effective on my blood pressure.

He also told me stop taking a multivitamin. Says it could do me more harm than good. I also had blood work done and got a flu shot and a pneumonia shot.

I have an appointment with a new cardiologist on the 19th and my new doctor is sending me for a bone density test sometime soon too.

Lucy still has to have her doughnut collar on when she decides she has to fuss over her foot. She went with me and stayed in the car, with the doughnut on, for 3 hours. She slept the entire time. Such a good girl!