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Gavin looks like he’s been through a war…

We had a veterinary emergency run yesterday morning. Gavin had a small mass on his anus burst open and we had blood everywhere.

The Curmudgeon called the vet while I tried to stem the flow without success. Finally I grabbed an old pair of his undies and pulled them on Gavin pulling his tail through that convenient hole.

After some surgery there, while he was still out, our vet removed numerous skin tags and warts from his face, legs, and body since we don’t want him under anesthesia any more than necessary.

Gavin slept when he first got home then when he got up and poddied, he wanted his food. He demanded food. He screamed for food. Poor baby didn’t get breakfast and it was well past dinnertime.

I think he’ll survive now that he ate. We still have a bit of post anesthesia whining off and on, but by morning he should be fine.

Alcohol suit up


One of THOSE days


Yesterday’s picture

I had to laugh when someone told me, after seeing his picture yesterday, that Gavin is overweight. Yes, the picture may look like it, but fact is, he’s not nearly as heavy as the picture makes him look.

Fact is, he’s at a healthy weight of 60 pounds. He’s five pounds lighter than he was in his youth.  His age is 15 years. He runs, he bounces, he enjoys life.

His vet is not displeased with his weight.




Poor tired old dog

We had a lovely, warm day today. It hit 72 degrees!

Now normally I’ll take the dogs out in the yard on retractable leashes because we have problems with crows and squirrels dropping things like chicken bones in our yard. With a leash on them I can haul them back from any bones they spot.

Since I’d done a walk through and clean up on most of the yard, I decided to let Gavin loose while I picked up branches and twigs from the front of the yard.

He moseyed all over the yard while I worked. He hasn’t done that in a while so when I was ready to go in he was too. Once inside he went directly to crate and passed out for a few hours. The loud snores coming from his crate the rest of the afternoon were a riot.


Oh crap, that means I actually have to clean…

We got a call from our life insurance agent and The Curmudgeon let HER make an appointment with us.

Crap, just what I need.

Someone who would not be happy with white dog hair on their pants from sitting on the couch that Lucy and I share. I’ll have to switch out the cover.

Someone who would look at the dust on everything and recoil in horror. I dust once in a while but it is not something that is at the top of my to do list. Not when I have so much other stuff to do around here.

Someone who will judge me on my housekeeping skills. Someone who has no idea what life as a wife/caregiver for an MS patient is like.

Sigh. You think I should hang this sign up?



And so it goes on…

Life was a bit easier here at casa Doggonedmysteries this day.

He woke and got up without a problem.

I think even the house breathed a sigh of relief. I know I was holding my breath waiting to see what this day would bring.

Yes, he drives me completely crazy, but when he’s down for the count, it’s worse.


They arrive with greater frequency

These bad days of his show up more often and last longer than they used to. It kills me to see him helpless and in bed. He doesn’t deserve this. No one does.

He had a horrible day today.

I can’t lift him from floor if he goes down. I can’t lift him into his bed.

My body has its own problems, some connected with being his caregiver. Some connected to the years I broke horses and rode trails. If my father had known how often I got thrown, I wouldn’t have had my horse for long. Although she wasn’t who I got thrown from. It was the horses the stable owner let me break and train that almost killed me a few times. At that age I was fearless and resilient.

I didn’t care that I’d pay for it later.

Time to dig out the tens machine again, being a caregiver today took its toll on my back.

Today’s Tee shirt




I have pipe dreams

There’s that one about being able to find simple help when I need it.

What do I mean by simple help?

Here are two examples:

One of our smoke alarms, the one for the second floor, died a very noisy death a week or so ago. The Curmudgeon could barely get it down and there’s no way he can put the new one up. I can’t put the new one up because with my bad shoulders I can’t work above my head. Therefore, I have a brand new smoke and CO2 detector that is still in the box.

I have a new doorbell to put up and, oh yeah, same problem.

Simple help…

Today’s Tee shirt

I hug my bull terrier



On another subject…

I sat down to work on the blog and get a few e-mails written. Looked over at the couch to find Lucy staring at me. Couldn’t help but giggle. She’s still staring.

This usually means she’s thinking of bugging me to go out but is too lazy to get up as of yet. She’ll move when her bladder says GO NOW!!! Then she’ll do the pee pee dance and bark at the back doors.

Lucy is a hoot.

Gavin will start to fuss in about an hour. You can set your watch by his poddy breaks.


 This face!

Free HBO

Means I can watch Bill Maher rip apart the orange troll with finesse.

I wish he was on regular TV so people would learn to think.

Today’s Tee shirt

Is it just me or…

Why is it, that the more your back aches, the heavier the laundry baskets?

The more you want to sleep, the more things keep you awake?

The less social you are feeling, the more people show up at your door?

Have you any more to add?

Today’s Tee shirt


SOS… this country is in trouble

The orange troll, the bilious billionaire, the nutcase in office, the man who would be king, the man who should be committed, not my potus, the child-handed, weird rug wearing jerk needs impeaching.

This idiot of the highest caliber has his finger on the red buttons of nuclear launches.

This child-man has the temperament of a sleep deprived three year old.

Wake the hell up people and take him down. Put him in a rubber room. Better yet …a jail cell.