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Potted gardens…

I picked two more eggplants yesterday which brings our total to date to four.


Picked two each time and gave G one per picking.

Oven fried last time–spread with Mayo and dipped in seasoned crumbs baked at 350 for 20 minutes.

Any ideas on how to do our second one?

What is your favorite way to cook eggplant? (I have two more small ones still growing.)


Maybe my gardening joy is gone?

It’s not just the back pain preventing it but now it’s too hot to go out and get the much-needed yard work done.

Yesterday I managed to cut down some of the suckers growing from the roots of the sweet gun tree. Some, not all.

I have yet to tackle the mess where the pond once was. If you know of anyone who wants a rather large (triple) Yucca plant send them my way. They can have it if they dig it out.

I’m still trying to move the other plants but have run out of energy and I have no gumption left.

Maybe I need a new line of Tees and not wear my gardening ones.

Today’s Tee


Dang it!

Five minutes into clearing the tall grasses and weeds on the pond bump in the yard and my battery powered weed wacker went dead. Completely, totally DEAD. I switched batteries and it was still dead.

I ordered a corded one that will arrive on Friday. No more batteries dying on me and no heavy gas trimmer to lug around.

Now if only my aching back and the weather will cooperate I should have everything trimmed by Sunday for sure. And it will look like this:


I managed to plant the petunias in the rocking chair pot.

Look what the squirrels missed!

I kept it hidden in an onion bag as it grew. The bag even had onion skins in it.

They didn’t find it.

I picked it today.


Still hot

dont feel like doing shitKeeping indoors in the AC these days hasn’t helped us gain anything in the fresh vegetable department.

You see, the squirrels have taken over the yard without us and the dogs out there to scare them off.

So far we’ve lost 8 tomatoes, 4 Japanese eggplants, 2 black beauty eggplants, and the little avocado plant I was just starting in soil.

It took FOREVER to get that avocado seed to root so I could plant it in the pot. The tiniest of shoots had barely begun the climb out of the pit when the damned squirrel got it. It chewed half the pit up and left the rest. Like he does with all the tomatoes and eggplants…eats part leaves the rest.

Makes me furious that he’ll ruin 4 tomatoes at a shot instead of just eating a whole one.

My potted garden









Lazy Sunday

More garden pictures. I love this Baptisia plant. So glad I planted it.




I took some pictures yesterday…



HPIM5038Better to post pretty pictures than scream about the damned squirrel already stealing small green tomatoes from my plants.

Still waiting for the black iris to bloom

I was hoping to have a picture or two of this year’s blooms, but the buds haven’t opened yet.  In a few more days they should open and I’ll get some pictures.

In the meantime, these are from last year.


Picture day number… who cares?

When you can’t think of what to write you fall back to pictures.

Took these yesterday.





A hodgepodge day

Never have an MRI done when you have a stuffed up nose. Oh, did I need to sit up and breathe! Longest 30 minutes of my life. No results for a couple of days while the radiologist reads the scan and reports on it to my doctor.

Earlier in the day, G and I went to Home Depot where I found a pot of flowers for the blue rocking chair on the porch, eggplants for two of my large pots, a large patio tomato plant in its own pot, and a smaller heirloom tomato plant for another one of my pots, and a pepper plant.

From there we went to Dan Schantz’s nursery and I found some pale lavender petunias to put in the three planters behind the blue rocker that I thought would go very well with the purple flowers in the chair.

A late lunch at Ihop of grilled a chicken club on brioche with a fresh fruit cup for the next stop which we followed with a quick stop at the nearby dollar store where I found three different types of radish seeds.

We got home just in time to unload my stuff and hers before I had to dash off to have the MRI done.




Spared the worst

Wow, we thought we were in for some real nasty weather.

Thunder crashed in the distance. The sky blackened. Wind picked up and made the tree branches dance.

We had a spatter of rain. The clouds moved off. The thunder still rumbled and complained in the distance.

I had to water my tomatoes and other potted plants.

That’s okay. South of us got whipped hard with high winds tearing down trees and heavy rain. We were spared even the cutting of the switch.