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15 minutes a day training

     Gavin and Lucy are getting along, although at times she gets to be a bit much for him. Those are the times when he decides the crate is where he wants to be. He closes his door so he is safe from her excitement and comfortable enough to take a good nap.

     Yes, he is getting old and showing it lately. We didn’t realize how much until live wire Lucy joined our family. We forgot how busy these guys can be.

     Lucy does enjoy our quiet lifestyle but only because we give her several good workouts a day.

     She’s learned her recall very well, she knows drop it, she sits, and she gives paw on command. We will begin working on her down and stay. I hope to be able to build a few obstacles for her to play on and have fun with.

HPIM3959You all have a good one!

This gift will keep on giving

     After an overwhelming day the day before, yesterday, The Curmudgeon (Jay) took his mobility cart for several spins in the yard and showed it off to the next door neighbors.

     I think he’s still a bit in shock over everyone’s generosity in getting the cart for him.

      You have to understand that even though he was an only child, he was never treated well by either of his parents. They were cold people who never hugged or showed much affection.

      Coming into my family, where most of us were demonstrative, was culture shock for him. My grandmother giving him hugs, my father treating more like a son than his own father ever did, my mother treating him better than his mother, sisters teasing him and showing him affection, he discovered a whole new sort of life and he liked it.

     He was so touched by this gift. This outpouring of love from people he knows so little about. He was at a loss for words for most of the day, but I caught him outside admiring the cart more than once.


The Curmudgeon is mobile!










HPIM3969You have no idea what this gift meant to this man.

You all have a good one!

Yes, there is good in the world

     A little while back I posted a link that a couple of friends on Facebook had set up to get The Curmudgeon a  mobility scooter.  These are friends whom I have never met in person.

      Most of the people who donated money to this I’ve never met.

     This is why my heart is full and my eyes are leaking. I love this man and to have him feel so happy about being able to play with the dogs outside once again is a blessing.

     The scooter gets here today between 11:00 a.m. and 1 p.m.

     I don’t think he believes it yet. 🙂

     When you start to think there is no good left in the world, talk to me. I know better.

     You all have a good one.

     There will be pictures when it gets here.



Lucy’s idea…

This is the crosspiece under my desk.



Busy day…


HPIM3944After these three plus one bins filled…


HPIM3942Yep, I worked hard again today.

Still didn’t touch the back corner…

HPIM3935All that mess on and around the arbor must go.

I hate grocery shopping but this time wasn’t so bad.

     I needed to go grocery shopping, my list had grown overlong.  I hate grocery shopping and put it off for as long as I can. Yesterday, was that time.

     The Curmudgeon decided to come along so he could get a haircut at the salon next door to the grocery store while I shopped. A little over halfway through my shopping he appeared, driving an electric grocery cart, willing to take part of my list and doing a bit of shopping.

     It’s been a long time since he’s gone shopping with me. I appreciated it since he saved me about ten minutes. Although, he needs to learn to wait near the registers when he finishes his part so I don’t have to hunt for him at the end.  LOL!

     Now, he may not be able to help me load and unload the car but having him along for company and not having to shop completely alone was nice.

HPIM3859Someone was tired when we got home.


The best laid plans…

I’d planned to move bricks to build the new garden area yesterday.  That didn’t happen.

     Instead, for some odd reason, I washed dog bedding and bathed a certain little Lucy dog. Just as well, since she’s off to see the vet on Friday for her follow-up.

HPIM3923Next time that Mommy person puts dis wed baving suit on me I will hide.

HPIM3924You haz bedder habs a cookie for me Daddy person.

I am tired…

Right after I finish posting this, I am going to go take a nice shower. I can’t stand myself. Why? Well, I worked my buns off cutting down and putting all the vines from the shed in trash bins.

HPIM3922The vines were top-heavy and pulled the trellis down along with the drip guard of the shed.

HPIM3921Four big bins worth. I topped the bins off with a couple of tulip poplar branches that were over the hood of my van. Maybe now the birds will stop pooping on it.

Bedtime around here is always a hoot

HPIM3874     Behind me, one of those crates is bouncing about. Yep, you’d be right if you guessed the grey one with the little girl in it. She’s fixing her bedding for the night.

     She just did a wild hucklebutt moments before ending with her piling into her crate and then sticking her head out to make sure I knew she was ready for bed.

     Gavin just barks at me to cover his crate. LOL! What a pair they are.

     You all have a good one!

It’s a dog’s life


HPIM3909It’s all about a nice stretch out on the rug….

HPIM3907And a snuggle with Dad…

HPIM3908Privacy please!!!!  No pupparatzi!

Too hot for him to handle

     Ninety degrees yesterday. This meant I had a ‘jolt me out of a sound sleep give me a headache to start my day’ phone call from The Curmudgeon to say he couldn’t walk well enough to take care of Gavin but Lucy was done. I’m happy he tried but unhappy that he probably would have been able to do both dogs had he just worn his ice vest to keep him cool.

     Why didn’t he wear his ice vest you ask? I asked him the same effing question. I have no idea what is so difficult about putting it on before he gets too warm and collapses.

       I hate this effing disease that has taken away the strong man I married.

     I can’t wait for him to get his cart. He still doesn’t know about it. Everyone will love the delivery of it. His surprise?  Priceless!

HPIM3901You okay Daddy?