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Update on that MP3 player and other things


     I went shopping today and ran across a 4GB SanDisk Sansa Clip+ on clearance.  After comparing it to several other MP3s and the IPods, I went with it, not only for the price, but also for the ease of downloading my music to it.  I am once again enjoying my favorite music while cooking, cleaning, and doing other menial tasks around here.

     Due to some severe weather heading our way I might not be able to post tomorrow.  Since I normally write my posts in the wee hours of the morning, the weather might put a damper on that.  Do check back though just in case the front moves more easterly instead of north.

     DH is still showing improvement in his walking so I have nothing but good things to say about Ampyra.

     Patty has decided she wants ice cookies every night after their last out.  She’s begun to sit at the freezer door and beg.  Gavin waits to one side.  He knows she has the right moves to get some for them.

     Take care everyone and have a good day!

Now why didn’t I do that before?


     I’ve missed music.  Lately the only time I’ve listened to music is while driving my car.  What an idiot I am.  A while back when my hard drive crashed, I didn’t put much of my music on the new hard drive.  I have no idea why I haven’t done this.  I have a couple albums on the computer and I have many more CDs I can download to listen to while I’m writing.  

     Tonight I remedied this and now I am listening to some of my favorite music.  I realized afterwards why I hadn’t been listening to music as much.  DH takes a nap every afternoon and I don’t play music because I don’t want to disturb him. 

     Duh, use the headphones.  Yeah, but that means I can only listen to music while I sit at the computer.  I need to buy a new MP3 player or something.  Any suggestions out there as to which one is best?  Do keep in mind that I am on a tight budget and need something I can easily download the music to from my computer.

      The next test is will music jump-start my creativity.  It used to let’s hope it still does.

Ice cookies, a doggie treat


     I used to complain about our dogs trying to crawl into the old refrigerator when I opened the door.  It was a constant contest to see if I could get things out without the dogs getting in.

     Our present refrigerator has the freezer on the bottom.  It’s actually a great idea when you have dogs, except if you’ve introduced them to the joys of crunching ice cubes.  Now I can’t open my freezer without paying a fee. 

     They know there are ice cubes in there and they want them.  They will ignore dog cookies in favor of ice cubes.  Well, at least they will until they finish crunching the ice.

     Gavin will pick his up, take it over to the rug in front of the sink, and work on it there.  Patty, little miss dainty, will chew hers where you drop it.  Gavin crunches his quicker, and always checks to see if Patty has dropped any chips, he can help himself to, she’s getting faster at eating hers and not leaving anything for him.

     It would be easier if we had a working icemaker instead of ice cube trays but DH never installed it.  It’s still in the box.  When we bought the refrigerator, it didn’t have an icemaker and they were going to charge us sixty bucks to install it later.  I should’ve paid them the sixty bucks and not listened to DH when he said he could do it.  This reminds me, I’d better go fill the ice cube trays.

My paper-recycling bin runneth over


     Another election is approaching our area.  Politicians waste trees and money sending flyers to me.  Said flyers leave the mailbox and go directly into the recycling bin.  I could probably save time by placing the blue bin under the mailbox and label it ‘political flyers here please’.  Oh, if only they’d get a clue as to how much money they waste.  No, I don’t read the flyers especially when the mudslinging begins as it always does.

     If you want my vote, do come and talk to me.  Give me some proof that you actually care about the people in your district.  Don’t waste my time calling me on the phone with a poll.  I refuse to answer questions asked by faceless voices.  Another thing that will greatly impress me is if you don’t bad mouth other candidates.  My parents always said, “If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything.”  Nothing lowers my opinion of a candidate faster than when one begins mudslinging.

     Do not talk to me as if I am stupid.  I stay informed and actually have opinions.  However, you will never see them on this blog because my politics are private.  There’s nothing I hate more than having someone try to shove their politics down my throat.  Therefore, I refuse to do it to my readers.

Nineties in mid September? This sucks.


     We’re having a weird, weird fall.  We’ve now broken all records of years with the most days in the nineties.  We’ve had fifty-five days of temperatures in the nineties this year not a good record in my opinion.  As I’ve said before if I wanted that sort of heat, I’d move south.  You don’t see me packing up and heading in that direction do you?

     I’d rather head up to northwestern NY State and live near my dear cousins and aunties than move south.  My apologies to my friends who reside in the south, but I’ve lived there and it’s too danged hot.  In addition, as the song says “All my exes live in…” and that’s more than enough to keep me north.

     I do hope that October is comfortable and doesn’t get too cold I’d hate not to be able to wear my new costume this year.  All I need to do now is figure out how we’re decorating the porch.

     Here’s hoping we have a gentle winter, a warm spring, and a normal summer next year.  We can certainly use them.

My favorite time of year is getting closer


     September is almost over.  Halloween will be upon us before you know it.  Can you guess where I went yesterday?  Yep, Spirit Halloween and I happened to find a new costume for this year.  I could easily go broke in that store every year but this time I’d saved a few bucks just in case I found another costume I liked. 

     I’d kill to have a large front yard to decorate.  I go nuts over their animatronics each year.  Drooling over the darned things doesn’t make one popular with the staff.  They do hate wiping up puddles.  I keep telling myself that one of these days I’ll buy one or two.  If I do, I can get rid of some of the smaller Halloween decorations.

     I was in the store so much last year the manager recognized me as soon as I walked into the store.  Heck, she even remembered my E-mail address. 

     I’m thinking of dragging DH there so he can see the animatronics and I’ll point out the few I’d love to have.  You never know, he might decide to buy me one.  Hehehe! 

We have a diverse critter population



     We have a quite a large crop of red back salamanders in our yard.  I discovered this fact after a heavy rain last night that brought out various denizens of the yard and garden.  Seems we have a good eco system going here.  The only things we’re missing are frogs.  Yes, I do miss my bullfrogs.

     One of my favorite things to do is to take a flashlight and go out into the yard at night.  You see so many different small creatures during this time that you don’t often see during the day.  I refuse to go wandering about the yard at night without some sort of light source.  It’s no fun to step on a snake and jump out of your skin when it wraps around your foot—yes, it’s happened to me.  Thank goodness, the only snakes we have are harmless garter snakes.

     Nighttime is also a great time to rid the garden of pests.  I bet my regular readers remember how I went out picking cucumber bugs off my cantaloupe and watermelon vines.

Juggling books


     We need several rainy days in a row.  I have to settle my butt in the house instead of working on getting the house and gardens ready for fall.  I have books screaming at me to write them.  I’ve only been able to put in a few hours at a time on them.  Yes, I did say them three times.  I am juggling five now. 

     (Cue circus music.)  Step right up and watch the juggling act.  Look at how she keeps five books in the air at once. 

     It’s a good thing I learned a long time ago to keep character lists, time lines, and plot points available for each book.  It would get very confusing without them.

     I also learned about keeping storyboards at a conference session done by one of my favorite writers and friend Valarie Malmont.  The use of different shaped and colored Post It® notes for plot points, turning points, and other important things makes for a wildly colorful board.  I believe I’ve singularly kept the Post It® note company in business.  I use tons of them.  DH will sometimes present me with new ones when he sees some that are a bit different.

It’s one a.m.; do you know what your fur babies are doing?


     I know what mine are doing only because I am downstairs with them right now.

     Gavin bows in front of her crate.  “Come out and play with me.”

     Patty turns her back to him and covers her head with a paw.  “You are nuts.  It’s after one in the morning.  Let me sleep.”

     “Please, please, please come out of there.”


     “You’re no fun.”  Gavin goes and rings the go out bells.  “C’mon Mom take me out.  It’s chilly and I love it.”

     “Hold your horses, I’m writing my post for tonight.”

     In the kitchen, the bells ring again.  Gavin runs to my chair and barks.  “Didn’t you hear the bells?”

     A moan comes from Patty’s crate.  “Take him out so I can sleep will ya?”

     “Geez, it never fails does it?  I sit down to write and you guys start in.”

     “I didn’t do anything.  I’m trying to sleep here.”  Patty says.

     “I want to go out.”  Gavin runs to ring the bells again.

     “I get it, I get it.  I’m coming.”  I grab his leash and we go out. 

     Gavin sniffs over the entire yard, squats to pee a teensy bit, and drags me back to the door.  “Ready to go in now.”

     “Oh for heaven’s sake.”

Never work in a snake pit


     For lack of anything to watch on TV tonight, DH turned on that Undercover Boss show.  I was working at the computer and only half listening.  However, I did come to the conclusion that if someone had done that at one of places where I worked for a very short time I might still be working there.

     This office made you dread having to go to work.  I stayed only a couple of months.  I couldn’t take the vicious backbiting and stress it caused.  When I left there, I felt a great sense of relief.  How I left there was inspired.  I’d had a particularly bad day of dealing with malicious coworkers and impulsively called the human resources department. 

     “How do I quit this job?  Do you want two weeks notice or what?”  I asked.

     They tried to persuade me to stay but I’d had it.  They even offered to transfer me to another location.  I still wasn’t interested.  They finally told me that since I was only part time I could leave straight away.  I told them I’d finish out the day but that would be it.

     Before I left that day, I typed a letter to my boss explaining why I decided this was not the place for me and left it on his desk—he was never one to be found in his office.  In the letter, I told him it was no wonder that they had such a huge turn over in help.  They needed to clean out their snake pit if they wanted anyone to stay more than a month or two.

A bit of a ramble through my thoughts


     Although my life is mundane, there are moments that I enjoy sharing.  I know that I have a cockeyed view of the world, I write about murders.  I don’t look at things the same way a lot of people do.  My reality often bends and changes as light through a prism. 

     Because DH has a debilitating disease, we never know what each day will bring.  This is what I call living life unscheduled.  We live each day as it comes and always revel in small joys and accomplishments.  Like any married couple, we sometimes grump and growl at each other but above all else, we never forget that we love each other.

     Add two crazy bull terriers to the mix and you walk a fine line between sane and insane.  Heck, I should’ve named them that but it would only confuse them and have me locked up.  Can you picture me looking for two lost dogs calling out, “here Sane, here Insane.”  The men with white coats would scoop me up in an instant.

     When I began writing this blog, I never thought that many people would give it a second look.  Today the number of hits passed sixty thousand.  All I can say is wow and thank you Dear Readers.