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Way too much snow for Lucy and me



Lucy ready for snow…not really. She hates it!

Does this dog look thrilled with the idea of going outside in the snow? I think not.

Gavin writes

The Momma is still feeling not good. Now we all nap all day.


Oh for Pete’s sake…

Can we not get through a single day without the buffoon in charge causing us more embarrassment?

Probably not.

Join the resistance.

One of my favorites is



Oh no he didn’t…oh yes he did.

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a little funny for today


Wake me when it’s over



You should be scared

I know I am.

I am my husband’s caregiver. We live on a single disability SS check.

I cannot collect SS because, oh yes, I need 40 working hours more to get any. Can I get 40 hours? Nope, I am my husband’s caregiver and I can’t leave him alone to go work for that 40 hours I need.

Also who’s going to hire me? Yep, no one.

Why? Because quite a few years ago I ruined my work record by quitting jobs to go to Texas several times to be my sister’s caregiver/advocate.

Now we are under the threat of having what little money we have coming in getting slashed to ribbons by a misogynistic prick and his cronies.

I have a message for the orange troll.

fucking cactus prick

My thoughts exactly




Where did the night go?

One minute I am watching TV, petting Lucy, and the next I am waking to my 2 a.m. pill alarm.

I don’t remember anything after The Curmudgeon going up to bed.


Is love enough?

I always thought it was.

It may have been at one time.

Now, I’m not so sure.

Maybe because we’ve dealt with his MS for so long and he’s in such a steady decline.

Maybe, if I had help with the every day things so that when the not-so-every-day stuff happens, I had the rest behind me to deal with it better.

Young, dumb, and happy …so long ago

Jay and me0001

Look out Gavin the steps are icy!

Poor Gavin. Last night our back steps were transformed into a skating rink. He doesn’t do well on ice. Neither do I for that matter.

Yep, we had a nice fall.

He’s recovered nicely since he used me for a landing pad.

Life with a bull terrier…always having to explain those bruises.


Low and slow day

1223161007You go ahead Mom …call me when breakfast is ready.

I was sorely tempted to keep the bedding out and spend the entire day dozing off and on…

Didn’t happen though.