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Join the race…

When are we, the human race, going to stop with the them against us/us against them crap?

Don’t you realize that race, religion, gender, and politics no longer have a place in our world? That all of that only leads to our destruction?

We are of one race, the human race.

Religion? Believe what you want but let the guy/gal next door believe what they want. It’s none of your business.

If you have the audacity to think you are better than any other human being in this world then it’s you that has the problem.

What we ALL need to be concerned about is how our planet will sustain us. How WE can keep our planet clean and healthy.

Greed, bigotry, misogyny, homophobia…none of this has any room in this world.

IF we are to survive, we need to become what we really are, the human race.

How long do you prolong suffering?

I was reading a post in a dog related FB group last night and was so sad that someone had a dog who has had severe neurological problems since he/she was only months old.

They’ve controlled seizures with medication but he/she has other symptoms they cannot control. Severe ones. Enough to make me think the dog’s quality of life is quite poor.

Yes, I know they love her. But seriously, love also means knowing when our beloved companions are suffering and you as a responsible owner can stop the suffering. You don’t keep the poor pet alive because you cannot bear to be without them.

Yes, it hurts to let them go. It hurts a lot. It is devastating.  Please, when they are suffering, let them go.

When Gavin, aged 15, reaches that point in his life where the quality of his life is at its low point, we will let him go as we have other sweet companions we loved with all our hearts. For now the silly boy still bounces through life.



Sleep is not overrated

When one lacks sleep due to outside influences one can and will become very cranky. AKA the bitch from hell.

Every time I dozed off, a dog, The Curmudgeon, or a noisy car right outside my window managed to wake me.

Needless to say I had a very long night.


Day three of Gavin’s recovery

I’m happy to say the day went well. He’s staying quiet and cooperative. It’s a freaking miracle, he’s a Bull Terrier for heaven’s sake.

Had to leave The Curmudgeon in charge for a bit while I made my second run this week to the pharmacy for another of The Curmudgeon’s medications. Both dogs stayed out of trouble. Yay.

coffee zombie

Day 2 of Gavin’s recovery…

He’s calm. Sleeping well and doing everything he should.

We have foregone the e-collar for the moment because he’s leaving everything alone. That may change as he heals more and the stitches begin to itch.

So far he is enjoying his pain medications and food, he wants food every minute of the day. He’s afraid we’ll not give him his breakfast again I guess.

Say ‘cookie’ and he’s on you like a shot. LOL

Today’s Tee shirt


Yesterday’s picture

I had to laugh when someone told me, after seeing his picture yesterday, that Gavin is overweight. Yes, the picture may look like it, but fact is, he’s not nearly as heavy as the picture makes him look.

Fact is, he’s at a healthy weight of 60 pounds. He’s five pounds lighter than he was in his youth.  His age is 15 years. He runs, he bounces, he enjoys life.

His vet is not displeased with his weight.




Way too much snow for Lucy and me



Lucy ready for snow…not really. She hates it!

Does this dog look thrilled with the idea of going outside in the snow? I think not.

Gavin writes

The Momma is still feeling not good. Now we all nap all day.


Oh for Pete’s sake…

Can we not get through a single day without the buffoon in charge causing us more embarrassment?

Probably not.

Join the resistance.

One of my favorites is



Oh no he didn’t…oh yes he did.

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a little funny for today


Wake me when it’s over