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I got this e-mail today….

Hello Everyone,

Just a simple, heartfelt note to let each of you know that ***** is winding down. She is quiet, comfortable, and mostly non-responsive at this time.  Please channel your love and hugs toward her as she completes her journey into the next realm. 
With love,

When she went into hospice I mourned. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep in contact with her.

My friend’s life is at its end in hospice I got the e-mail at 5 a.m. 12/8/18.

It’s only a few days until her birthday. I usually send her her favorite fruit–same as my Dad’s was–pears. I wish I was sending her pears again this year.

I didn’t post her name or her caregiver’s for their privacy.

candle reflection

RIP dear friend.


The blank page…

There’s not much that’s more frightening than a blank page.

I should have something to write about.

Nothing comes to mind.

My mind is as blank as the page I face.

Poor spoiled baby…

Lucy had a bad day because I had to run to CVS for more of The Curmudgeon’s medications and to the farmers market. She was home alone with The Curmudgeon. Therefore, she was not happy.

I wasn’t here to snuggle with on the couch for a whole hour!

No wonder I don’t get anything done around here. LOL


Oh to be alone….

Some days I think living alone with Lucy would be much better than whatever you call this.

Try to read a book and The Curmudgeon absolutely HAS TO talk to the TV and expects me to be listening to him so I can comment on his blithering.

Try to cook and The Curmudgeon HAS TO get under foot–worse than the dog.

Hell, I can’t even go to the bathroom in peace.

I am constantly having to clean up after him including wiping off jelly he’s left on the fridge handle. It’s like living with a large three-year-old.

I am honestly tired of it.


Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Ever since we saw it first advertised, G and I planned to go see it.

We went today.

We loved it and can’t wait to buy it so we can watch it repeatedly. As we left the theater, we looked at each other and said, “I want to see it again!”

A flurry of errands…

CVS called, another of The Curmudgeon’s prescriptions was in. I called G to see if she needed anything.

She asked me to let her drive and we’d go there and run her several errands.

I was game. Anything to get out of here for a while.

Off we went. We stopped for her gas additive, then I picked up the Curmudgeon’s butterscotch candies at Walgreen’s since we were in the adjacent parking lot.

Next was CVS for both her’s and TC’s scripts.

Her eldest son’s house to drop off soups she made.

The Christmas tree shop where I spend $$ for things like jellies and biscotti. She was there for paper goods and a few other items.

AC Moore’s for a couple of items she needed.

Time for a late lunch and I’d spotted the Mexican place we’d been wanting to try. Oh boy! They had chili rellenos on the menu. We had that for lunch. I’ve been so hungry for them but couldn’t find a place that served them around here. G was hungry for them too.

Delicious!!! And then we had dessert. She’d never had churros before. I decided to introduce her to them. We shared a churro and ice cream dessert.  Churros are now her favorite dessert. (I knew she’d like them!)

Next we went to Target and they didn’t have what she was looking for but said the other Target store back on our side of town had 14. When we got there they did not.

We went home.

Sure beat doing the last of the laundry.

churros and ice cream

What did you do today?…

Laundry. Effing. Laundry.

This means I ran baskets of laundry down and up two flights of stairs.

I did this seven times.

Never put off the laundry for two weeks.

At least I got my exercise…

I run

I had no set plans…

I was not expecting to go anywhere today.

In fact I’d sort of planned to get the laundry done, maybe do some dusting, cleaning and vacuuming.

It didn’t happen. Instead, I got out of the house for a little while. G called me, her car wouldn’t start. Again. She was desperate to run some bill payments to the post office branch not too far away.

I jumped on it. Why not? Any excuse to get away from here.

After she sent off her mail, I purchased three $1.00 scratch off lottery tickets. I won two free tickets and $2.00. I’m ahead!  LOL

I decided that while we were out and since neither of us had lunch I’d take us to lunch at a little deli nearby. G had a steak sandwich and I had a Reuben. Both were good and we had fun–we do enjoy going to lunch and talking about everything.

So much better than housework.

Market finds…

G and I made a farmers market run today.

The trip netted me pimento cheese, lobster cream cheese, 2 lbs. of The Curmudgeon’s raspberry bar cookies, and 3 persimmons.



So I took him to the eye doctor today…

He’s been bitching about his glasses almost from the day he got them. One year later we’re back getting his eyes checked and new glasses.

Final cost for him–over $800.00 and that’s with AARP discount and a sale on his lenses.

I put my appointment off for over a year because I knew he was going to cost us a fortune again.

I go in March. I will not feel guilty buying a slightly more expensive than usual frame since I tried on frames today that I loved. Titanium, super light, super strong looked nice. I’m pretty sure I’ll get those come March.

The need for something to relax me…

Spent the day listening to him moan, groan, hack and cough.

No he’s not sick. This is a daily thing.

And there are days when it drives me up the proverbial wall.

I decided early on that I was probably going to need a drink tonight so I didn’t take the one pill that says not to drink while taking it.




Last night, during my sleep, I bit my tongue so hard it woke me up.

I bit it so badly that there was blood, plenty of blood.

It seemed to take forever to get it to stop.

Do yourself a favor, don’t bite your tongue. LOL