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The other day G and I had Applebees’ Caprese chicken for lunch. I’m going to attempt to make it for myself.

Caprese chicken

What happened to transparency in our government?

Openness, accountability, and honesty define government transparency. In a free society, transparency is government’s obligation to share information with citizens. It is at the heart of how citizens hold their public officials accountable.Jun 5, 2016Government transparency – Ballotpedia
In other words, we no longer live in a free society.


Lucy had me up early in the morning not once, not twice, but three times before my alarm went off.


Results are in!

My polyps  were non cancerous.

I don’t go back for another colonoscopy for 10 years! YAY!!!



Always had dogs

We’ve always had dogs.

The first dogs I remember are the father and son duo we had in Maryland, big, fluffy collies. Lad and Rex. I remember Rex the most.

Next dogs my family had were poodles. Lots of miniature poodles. This is me with 4 of the puppies my parents bred.

Peg and pups

When I got married, I brought along my Siamese cat. We got a German Shepherd. He lived with us for 7 years then developed a neurological problem and we had to have him PTS.

Then we got our first Bull Terrier. We’ve had Bull terriers for 37 years.




We had BBQ ribs for dinner

Thank you Deckle. Your dry rub recipe is my go to for ribs every time.

The slow cooker, loaded with ribs that were in a dry rub for 24 hours, had us going crazy all day yesterday while they cooked.

By dinnertime we were positively starved.

Tonight we’ll have roasted chicken.

Today’s Tee-shirt

Put my book down

Yeah…nope again

I’m taking off tonight and tomorrow. This is no fun.

First dose done second at 3 a.m.

Cya Wednesday night/Thursday morning.



She’ll MELT!

We had rain off and on all day. By night time we had pouring rain coming down at a fairly steady rate.

Lucy does not like rain. She doesn’t like it one bit, but she tolerated going out in the day time light rain.

Not so much the after dark pouring rain. No, I had to boot her out the door each time she wanted to go out because she’d stall out at the door when she saw the rain. She literally did front paw stands trying to keep from going out the back door.

Next time you bedder getz me a raincoat!


Oh, cuffing and dragging out handicapped protestors–really not a good photo op

Never have the people of this country been so betrayed by our Government as we are now.

Republican Gentlemen, (and I use the term loosely)

You have stepped over the line. Your misogyny, greed, lack of moral fiber, bigotry, selfishness, heartless cruelty, ignorance and stupidity has gone too far.

Your “let them eat cake” attitudes will bring you down.

Arresting and dragging out handicapped protestors–not a good photo op. Tsk tsk.

You see, you have angered the people you work for–yes, you work for us and you seem to have forgotten that.

You may want to be corporate toadies but you can’t have it both ways.

Go put your resumes in with the corporations because WE THE PEOPLE are fed up with you and you are going to get your walking papers very soon.

Once the minions of your idiocy finally remove the blindfolds and see how screwed they are by you, well, I’m betting they will be even more pissed off than all of us sane people are. And you know what happens when the crazies get stirred up.


I told him to turn it off

It gets so all the crap on the news makes my head and heart hurt too much to watch it.

Yesterday TC had the news on, and because the AC was running, he had the volume way up. When #45 began to speak in one segment I cringed and told TC to turn it the hell off! I can’t stand that idiot’s voice for one second.

Please, #Cheeto do this country a huge favor and resign.


Farewell Batman

RIP Adam West.

Nanananananananananana Batman!

Here's to you