How do I get one of those?


     I’m the one gal in my family who was born without the shopping gene.  Yes sir, this gal doesn’t like to shop.  Dear Hubby is more willing to go shopping than I am.  (Talk about your role reversals.)  The man has ten times as many shoes than I do.  His clothes take up at least three times as much room as mine.  He has dragged me out shopping for clothes because my jeans were getting too ratty for his taste.  Hey, faded, ratty jeans are soft and comfortable jeans.  Some people would even say they were stylish except that mine were indigo in color and had no holes or wear marks when I bought them. 

     Have you seen the commercials on TV where someone is shopping for a computer and when they find the one they want (for under a thousand bucks) the ‘sponsor’ pays for it?  Hell, I’ll shop my little buns off; for as they long as they want me to, if they buy me one, and I HATE TO SHOP.  However, I sure as heck could use a nice new lap top so I can drag my manuscripts along with me wherever I go and work on them anywhere. 

     See me?  I’m jumping up and down, waving my arms…Yoohoo!  Look at me I’ll shop.  I will, I’ll do it!  Aw, come on.  I’m offering to do the one thing I hate most.

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  1. 1misseccentric89

    lol. Shopping can be boring especially when your tired. But when you go shopping with others it’s fun. Also I want them to choose me for that challenge, I want a new laptop desperately. I wonder how I can get on that commercial. ^^

  2. I’ve had friends drag me kicking and screaming to a mall to ‘help me’ buy a dress for a writers conference or a wedding.

    However, I’m willing to shop for a free lap top. 😉

  3. Makes sense to me – if it’s going to be free it’s not really shopping 🙂
    Says another hater of shopping.
    PS – nail scissors and a couple of washings would make the ratty fashionable!

  4. I used to love to shop but that was pre baby and about 30 lbs ago. Now I hate to shop because I feel guilty I am buying clothes for me instead of that great set of shoes for Tooters or the new Barbie movie. Plus I am not the same shape I was at 20 so it is frustrating for me to try clothes on that are so cute on the rack and then seem to highlight every bump I now have lol. But I am a bargain hunter and will hit 5 stores before finding what I want at the right price. So I feel your pain.

    • I dunno, is it really a bargain if you’ve run to five stores to find it? My in-laws used to grocery shop at a bunch of stores just to save a buck or two but when you figure in the gas they used running to all those stores they probably spent more for those bargains than they would have by shopping at one store. 🙂

  5. I love to shop now… especially if I get something FREE! I used to hate shopping for clothes but now that I have lost 122lbs…. it aint too bad! LOL But seriously, a FREE laptop or anything free is for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I enjoy shopping – I like to browse at particular stores but the older I get the more easily I tire out and just have to sit down at Starbucks and fortify myself. In this economy I can’t afford to do the shopping I once did either. Now I’m more inclined to go to a specific store with something specific in mind and not so much browsing. *sigh*

  7. It depends on what I’m shopping for. If it’s clothes, I know what I want in what size and what color since I only wear one style shirt and one kind of slacks. I grab it and go, takes about 10 seconds to get it done–if they have my size (especially in slacks) in stock. They almost never do because, according to them, “It’s a very popular size.” So I suggest, “Then stock more of them.” That usually garners me a befuddled look that makes me think I’m speaking Cherokee to a Chinaman.
    The only two places you’ll find me browsing are the book store and Sears tool department. I can spend hours in either place and never miss them.

  8. I’m just quoting what the store clerks tell me.

  9. I’d rather have them give me an honest answer like, “We don’t stock more so you’ll drag your butt back her time after time to get what you want and maybe end up buying stuff you didn’t plan on buying. Oh, yeah, and the other reason we’re always out of the popular size is we’re too dumb to tell the warehouse to send us more so we don’t run out.”

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