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And so it goes in plumbing….

Dang it, days till I have a properly working sink. He knows the problem but they don’t have a replacement faucet anywhere near mine. Had to buy another one elsewhere.

I probably won’t have a properly working faucet until sometime next week.

<Insert a LOT of cussing here>

Old faucet


The one they wanted to install was one of those flat down low faucets. No effing way! I need a tall one to fill my soup pots!

New faucet.

New faucet

Not a bad day.

Had an appointment with my GP. My blood pressure is under excellent control and my cholesterol levels are also excellent. Yay me!

She’s thrilled with how the weight management program is going too.

Now if I can keep this going…

Today’s Tee

Writer T

#45 A complete idiot

Yes, #45 is a complete idiot. He’s a total moron.

The (he can’t possibly be a human being) Whitehouse rat has once again gone down the road of childish behavior and brings nothing but shame to this once great country of ours.

He made himself look all of the complete racist buffoon he is by his treatment of our courageous Navajo code talkers.

It’s beyond time that this con man, this buffoon, this tiny-handed, crooked, fat man is sent packing along with everyone in his cabinet and all those who support him.

We were a forward moving, forward thinking country until this administration came into being.

We want that back!

I’d rather be sleeping

Yes, I’d rather be sleeping than sitting here writing.

Lucy looks so cuddly in my spot on the couch it is hard to resist squeezing in there and snuggling with her.


Now we need a plumber

So, now my plumbing is acting up at the kitchen sink–vibrating, spitting, being a royal PITA.

Last night it went completely bonkers. It’s nearly impossible to do dishes this way. I hate this house.

I told The Curmudgeon that his job for Monday is to get a plumber to fix it. He can at least do that much around here.

flip the bird goth style

Being conscious of what I eat…

Down another pound. This going to a weight doctor seems to be helping.

Stopped to pick up a nice sushi lunch after I left there. Plugged it into my phone app so I could see what calories I had left for dinner.

Had a simple cheeseburger on a thins and fries dinner.

Finished out the day almost even on my calories.

Hoping that by lowering the calorie number from 1200 to 1000 it will speed the weight loss along.

A lot tougher to stay in that range.



Black Friday

So, are you one of those people who was all thankful for what you have yesterday and are camping out in front of a store today?

Do you run into the store when they open the doors, knocking anyone down who gets in your way? (And you were thankful for all you had yesterday.)

Do you scream or yell at someone and snatch an item out of their hands because ‘your kid needs’ that? (And yesterday you were all so thankful for everything you have.)

Are you planning to spend the day pushing and shoving your way through one store after another for things you don’t really need but you want them because they are a status symbol? (And just how thankful were you really yesterday?)


The importance of Net Neutrality

The FCC is preparing to dismantle Net Neutrality.

In other words we are expected to roll over and allow this government to remove another *freedom from us.

The internet that you know and love will be no more. We’ll pay through the nose and will have all sorts of things blocked from us.

net neutrality

Meme day!

amuse me






A snippet of life

Grandma lived with us from 1957 on until her death in 1982 at the age of 87. She was a remarkable woman who outlived one husband who died during the 1918 flu pandemic.

She married another man who proved to be abusive. When, after a particularly bad beating in 1957, my father drove to get her and brought her to our house.

I was 3 years old when she arrived, I don’t remember much about that time. For as long as I can remember she’d lived with us.

Boy, could that woman bake too. She’d have us up at the table while she worked and taught us all about her cakes and cookies.

Grandma taught us a lot over the years and loved to tell us stories about her time with the railroad. My grandma was the first woman ticket sales person for the NY railroad. She was a tough cookie and a kind, generous soul.

When my parents lived in Menard Texas, some young men burglarized their house, stealing all my Mother’s and Grandmother’s  jewelry, among other things. It broke Grandma’s heart to find her children, grandchildren, and great grand children charm bracelet gone. I think that hurt her the most. That Christmas we granddaughters got together and made sure she a charm for each of us. This was her face when she opened the box and saw all the charms–with new ones added for our husbands and the newest of the great grandchildren.

Grama with her replacement bracelet

Yesterday at this time…

It was 49 degrees.

Tonight it is more like November at 37.

Lucy isn’t sure if she likes it or not. I think she’s more like me, a warm, sunny weather dog.

Hey Mom,

I think it’s time to dig out my hoodie!

Maybe the hat too, don’t ya think?

What climate change?

Well, here it is the 19th of November and we’re at 49 degrees with lots of rain.

But according to #45 and his knuckle draggers, there’s no global warming going on here.

NOVEMBER 19th in PA and it is 49 degrees at 2:35 a.m.