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So sad today

All my writer friends are in Pittsburgh enjoying the Pennwriters conference. I have been unable to attend a conference for a few years now and I truly miss it.

Pennwriters conference was where I could mingle with other writers, attend workshops, and have a wonderful time being with my writing family.

Hell, I even miss the early morning wake up calls complements of Dave, who always took such joy in my “Idon’tdomorningshandmethatcoffee” misery.

I miss the late night conversations in the bar until it closed then in the lobby until we were chased to our rooms.

I miss handing out chocolate to everyone.

BASKETS! I miss donating them and winning them. LOL! They were my fun thing.

More things to rant over

Has anyone noticed the ‘natural gas’ ads that claim they are good for the ecology and all?

Did you also notice that the ads are Exxon/Mobil ads? Oh, yes they are. Look at the last few seconds of the ads and you’ll see Exxon/Mobil owns the ads.

Yes, big oil wants you to support them and forget that they are the biggest enemy of our delicate ecology. Think fracking, their desire to drill in our public lands without regulation, and the pipelines…mustn’t forget those nasty, polluting things.

Their ads are banned in the UK.

A letter to all nations

Dear World,

I wish to apologize for every faux pas and idiotic statement the #notmypotus #Cheetoincharge #Whitehouserat has made.

I did not vote for the moron and I feel that you all deserve to know that most of us are embarrassed that he even exists.

The fact that he actually garnered enough support to get as far as he did makes me want to apologize for those imbeciles who did vote for him and caused so much pain for the rest of us.

The Cretin in charge and all his billionaire con artist buddies are a blight on our country.

Help. I need asylum …preferably on a beach somewhere.



Oh for Pete’s sake…

Can we not get through a single day without the buffoon in charge causing us more embarrassment?

Probably not.

Join the resistance.

One of my favorites is



Yep, that might just be winter out there…


Yuck, we got some.

Thank goodness, not in horrible amounts, so far.

Lucy, like me, is not thrilled.

Gavin doesn’t mind it a bit.

The Curmudgeon barely notices anything other than the TV screen.

That’s enough winter.

Die winter

As his MS grows worse priorities change

It used to be I wanted time alone to write, these days I beg for a few minutes to sneak in a shower undisturbed and an extra five minutes of sleep.

I don’t do a lot of writing.

Mostly I do scut work, and when I’m not doing that, I’m trying to catch up on sleep.

The constant surges of adrenaline are driving me into a sleep deprived psychosis.


Look out Gavin the steps are icy!

Poor Gavin. Last night our back steps were transformed into a skating rink. He doesn’t do well on ice. Neither do I for that matter.

Yep, we had a nice fall.

He’s recovered nicely since he used me for a landing pad.

Life with a bull terrier…always having to explain those bruises.


I saw a robin today…

According to the forecast, we will have a lovely day today. A high of 41 degrees sounds almost Springlike after the cold we’ve had.

Does seeing a robin yesterday trump all the dire six more weeks of winter groundhog predictions? I hope so.

Lucy was a very good girl about going outside in the bright sunshine we had yesterday. I’m sure she is looking forward to Spring as much as I am.

Gavin has always been a homebody and never enjoyed going away from his yard or house. Therefore, we didn’t take walks in the park with him. Lucy is another story. Looks like we’ll be going for daily walks in the park as soon as the weather gets nice enough to do so.

This will be a great way to drop both hers and my weight and we can work on her training too. Socializing her is easy. She loves people and new places.

You all have a good one!

HPIM4351I am holding my Daddy. He needed a cuddle.

Nope, I like classic mode better.

WordPress says that this is supposed to be easier to post using this mode of editor. So far they’re wrong in oh so many ways.

I much prefer the classic mode. Here they make it so you have to scroll through eternity trying to find the tags you wish to use. Stupid set up WordPress, the other way was much easier! I’ve given this a try and I am very disappointed in the new editor mode.

It’s back to classic mode for me until you make this better, easier, and not quite so idiotic.

the last word

Fried brain

     It seems that not enough has happened this past week so The Curmudgeon had to go overboard. He didn’t tell me he fell again the other day and smashed his ribs into the side board of his bed. Well, he did. Yep, looks like he cracked a couple of ribs again. Worse thing is he’s come down with a bit of a cough with it. Uh huh, that hurts.

     His moans and groans are epic and I swear Gavin mimics him once in a while to garner attention. Thank goodness for bedtime around here, a time where I get a little break in the chaos, unless The Curmudgeon can’t fall to sleep, then the chaos continues.

     I long for a day of silence. Not complete ear ringing silence, but the silence you find at a beach when you are the only one there, or in the woods in the early evening.

     I don’t want a running commentary of what is playing on TV. I am in the same room and trying to do something not pertaining to the TV. Please don’t tell me about that stupid commercial for the four hundred and thirty-seventh time.

     By the end of the day my brain is fried into a crispy non-functioning pile of cells. You all have a good day.


Oops! Poor kitty.

     Last night I was in the basement getting ready to load the washer when I heard a cat yowling. We don’t have a cat. They do have an inside cat next door. The sound was not coming from their cellar though, it was coming from outside. Felix never goes outside…wait, yes he does. He will go out once in a while with them and usually doesn’t leave the back porch steps.

     “Felix is that you?”


     “Did you get left outside?”


     “Hold on a minute. I’ll let them know.”

     “Meow meow meow MEOW!”

     “I know it’s raining. I’m hurrying.”

     It was nice and warm in the late afternoon and early evening.  I’m betting he slipped out when they had the dogs out last and they didn’t notice him.  He is a black cat after all and practically invisible in the dark. He’s now inside and happy.


Do I really hate the house I’ve lived in for over forty years?

I hate this house. I have hated this house for over forty years. We made the HUGE mistake of buying the house from the in-laws. Never buy a house from your in-laws. We weren’t in it a week when we discovered we had termites, thirty years worth of them. Did the in-laws pay to get rid of them? Nope, we did. Yes, I hate this house.

Our first winter in the house the furnace blew, filling the basement with smoke and leaving us without heat on the coldest week of the year. Yes, I hate this house.

The roof leaks. It has been repaired more times than I care to count. It only leaks when we finally get ALL the damage repaired from the last leak. It’s enough to make you stop repairing the damage.

Back by the back of the house, where the outside cellar door is, we have another leak. A leak that we can seem to stop. We’ve tried everything available to do so and yet, it still leaks. Yes, I hate this house.

The cement front porch has decided to decay, badly. This winter wasn’t kind. Repairing it is going to cost us a small fortune. Yes, I hate this house.