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Today’s Tee shirt.

I hug my bull terrier

Yes, I do have quite the Tee shirt collection

New Tee arrived today.

don't piss off a writer

Here’s hoping for successes

With the weather growing colder daily, I think it’s time to dig out some of my craft projects and get working on them.

We’ve been lucky to have wrens nest nearby the last few years and at the end of the season they were showing some interest in one of the wren houses I have hanging. I still have one inside that needs staining. I think that is the first project I’ll work on.

Later, as the season grows colder and snowy, I’ll begin to work on the hutch.

Then there are the two bookcases in the living room and the walls that need painting. I should stay fairly busy over the winter.

There’s always the jewelry. I’m hoping all this keeping the hands busy activity will spark my muse into competition.

You all have a good one, and because everyone can use one, here’s a warm fuzzy for you.

warm fuzzy

Gone fishing…well, not yet but on Monday!

HPIM2116Yes, I plan to sneak away on Monday and go fishing. I don’t like to go on the weekends because too many people invade the park.  Maybe I’ll even fly my kite.

You all have a good one!


I don’t normally do this….

…..but this is fantastic!  You really need to watch this.

I’ve been socked again

     I know I’ve mentioned Sock Dreams before but I had to give them another plug after I got my new socks yesterday.  I ordered them Friday night.

     These socks are fast becoming an addiction for me.  DH seems to enjoy it too.  I often crack him up with my choice for the day.  Yesterday I wore some that look like pencils.  He cracked up when I showed him my feet.  It’s fun to make him laugh.

     One day in the near future I’ll take a picture of my sock collection.  My order added four more pairs.   

We should go fishing

     My two favorite Fotosketched pics of DH fishing.

Ceramics I made… way back when


Great day fishing!


     At least it was for me.  I couldn’t toss my line in without getting a strike.  Not so, for DH, I don’t think he had as much as one bite.  At least he got some fresh air and sunshine.

     We had the park and river to ourselves except for a couple that were fly-fishing in the rapids below us.

     I caught a lovely rainbow trout in the first five minutes we were there.  Then I caught several brookies and another rainbow.  DH caught the roots of a weeping willow several times.

     It seems it was women’s day on the river.  The woman who was fly-fishing the rapids below us caught a couple of nice trout.  By the time they left, her male companion looked very disappointed.

     Sorry folks, we were over halfway to the river when I realized I’d forgotten the camera.  Maybe next time I’ll remember it.

Grabbing my fishing pole and off I go


     To keep hold of the thin threads of my sanity I am going fishing again today.  I might take DH along with me.  I’m sure his sanity could use a bit of peaceful time on a riverbank too.

     There are several places we like to go fishing.  One of them is impossible for him to navigate any more.  There are far too many rocks to climb over and too long a walk to get to it.  That one we’ll have to cross off the list.

     The whole process of fishing for us has changed and will continue to change as his MS worsens.  I am the explorer.  I scout out locations I think he can get to more easily and hope they have fish in them so he can get a little sport in too.  I am the pack mule I carry all but his fishing pole and cane.  I am the go-fer if he needs something.  Coo-coo ca choo.  I am the walrus….  Maybe I’ll remember to take the camera along this time.

A perfect day


     We had warm sun and a cool breeze.  I played pack mule and hauled all the gear to a favorite spot on the river in the park, all except for DH’s fishing pole that he held in one hand and his cane in the other.  After setting up his chair and settling him in, I walked a little further down river.  There, I set up my campstool, sat down, baited my hook, and made my first cast.

     A minute later, I had a nibble on my hook.  The fish stole half my nightcrawler and swam away.  This was indicative of what the afternoon would be like.  I didn’t mind.  I baited my hook and cast again.

     Three robins came within a foot of me.  “Sorry guys, he has the bait can.”  I pointed at DH a hundred yards up river.  They hung around me all afternoon.

     We had mallards swim by, fly by, and land on the water nearby.  Chickadees sang above us in the weeping willow.  A hawk called as it flew over.

     Joggers, bicyclists, dog walkers, and people enjoying strolls along the river passed by.

Picture day!


I took the camera outside this afternoon.