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favorite garden pictures

Maybe my gardening joy is gone?

It’s not just the back pain preventing it but now it’s too hot to go out and get the much-needed yard work done.

Yesterday I managed to cut down some of the suckers growing from the roots of the sweet gun tree. Some, not all.

I have yet to tackle the mess where the pond once was. If you know of anyone who wants a rather large (triple) Yucca plant send them my way. They can have it if they dig it out.

I’m still trying to move the other plants but have run out of energy and I have no gumption left.

Maybe I need a new line of Tees and not wear my gardening ones.

Today’s Tee


Wow, that was quick!

I ordered a new weed wacker the day mine died (the 17th) because I was in no shape to go shopping for one at a store. My back is a mess these days.

My new 10 amp electric weed wacker arrived yesterday (the 19th).  The Curmudgeon helped me put it together…he held it while I put the parts on it.

I’ll test drive it later today providing it stays rain free.

new weed wacker

My tree didn’t bloom

My magnolia tree didn’t put on its finery this spring. We’ve barely a dozen flowers on the tree. Instead of loads of blossoms the tree has started with leaves. So very saddening.

At least I have the pictures from previous years.




My potted garden









Lazy Sunday

More garden pictures. I love this Baptisia plant. So glad I planted it.




It’s going to be so pretty!

Yesterday, I finally got the petunias in the planter boxes on the front porch.

I should have planted them earlier in the day before the porch heated up.

By the time I finished, I was drenched in sweat.

Yes, I believe in global warming. It shouldn’t be this hot this early.


HPIM5040I’ll post more pictures as the summer goes on.

This is two petunia plants per box.

The shovel is part of all the crap the porch repair guy left and never cleaned up.

Yes, I went back to and redid his rating.

Dropped it a lot.

Anyone need a shovel, a tarp, and can dump all the other crap he left?

I took some pictures yesterday…



HPIM5038Better to post pretty pictures than scream about the damned squirrel already stealing small green tomatoes from my plants.

Still waiting for the black iris to bloom

I was hoping to have a picture or two of this year’s blooms, but the buds haven’t opened yet.  In a few more days they should open and I’ll get some pictures.

In the meantime, these are from last year.


Oh yeah, spring.

It is definitely spring here.

My flyer from Countryside Farm and Greenhouse arrived. Time to mark it up and make my lists, flower and veggies. Also time to gather together all of the friends who want to go and make an afternoon of it.

I’m sure we could find a nice place to luncheon.

Our magnolia tree is in full bloom as are our daffodils.




Lazy day pictures from my garden

With all the rain, my garden is in dire need of weeding and mulching. I haven’t gotten around to it yet.


HPIM4721 HPIM4722 HPIM4723 HPIM4724 HPIM4725

The front porch looks pretty nice too.

HPIM4728 HPIM4727 HPIM4726 HPIM4729

Gardening day.

We had a lovely day yesterday. Mid 80s fabulous breezes. Perfect for me to get some work done in the yard.

I didn’t get a great deal done but enough to make me happier.

I ran the weed eater in the pond area. Gee, maybe one day I can stop saying that when we finally get it level.

Then I cleaned out some of the weeds and suckers under the sweet gum tree and trimmed a few low hanging branches off the magnolia. I still have plenty more to do.

Looks like today will be the same routine and maybe I’ll actually get some of the mulch down.

You all have a good one!


I now have two of these wind chimes. I love them!

How does your garden grow?

My potted garden is growing well. I have peppers coming on my pepper plants, tomatoes on the tomato plants, and blossoms all over my little cucumber plant. The eggplant hasn’t any blossoms yet but I don’t expect them for a while.

Now if only we can keep the squirrels away from them, we might get to have some fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and eggplants.

Anyone have any fool proof squirrel chasing tactics?

bad squirrel