Monthly Archives: October 2012

We’ve muddled through

     After high winds and lots of rain we feel lucky that all we had, was some water in the basement, a few branches down from both the magnolia and tulip poplar trees, some panels of the solid fencing blown out, and a few center cross pieces knocked down on the side fence.  It could have been a lot worse.

     I’ve heard that a few friends have had entire trees fall down and crush vehicles.  Ouch.  Floods swept through many areas, so a wet basement in comparison is nothing.

     Our electricity went off and on several times, enough that I stayed off the computer rather than risk having it on when the electric went out.  Nothing compared to those who are still without electricity.  We were lucky.

     We still have rain.

     The dogs were not amused with this weather.

     You all have a good one.

In the path of Sandy the Frankenstorm

     I have tied down anything outside that could blow away with the exception of our fencing.  If that blows away we’re screwed.  The fencing company that put it in is no longer in business.

      Once the heavy-duty winds and rains hit us the dogs will decide they no longer want to go outside.  I will have to shove them out the back door.

      I hope everyone weathers this storm safely.  I may not be on here for a few days if we lose power, and if that happens, I will see you all ASAP.

     Stay safe!  You all have a good one!


We’re having it for dinner again?

     If The Curmudgeon wouldn’t shoot me I’d have lasagna for dinner again tonight.  We had it last night and it tasted even better than the lasagna we had the night before. 

      It’s not just how good it tastes, it’s how easy it is for me to heat and what few dishes I have to do afterwards.  Yep, I am lazy.

     Anyone who wants cupcakes had better get over here.  I have a dozen left and they are tasty.  I do NOT need to eat a dozen cupcakes!

     You all have a good one!




A very successful Trick or Treat night

glow stick art

glow stick art (Photo credit: Web_Anna)

     G and I knew we’ve had hordes of kids come trick or treating every year.  This year I decided I’d be clever and figure out how many we get in a night.  I bought three hundred glow stick bracelets to hand out with the candy.  The idea was one per child.  Well, by eight o’clock, we’d handed out all 300 and had some disappointed kids who only got candy.  Therefore, the count is ‘over 300.’

     They were coming at us so fast that G had to take over handing out stuff alone while I went crazy snapping and putting together bracelets.  No pictures this year, we didn’t have a chance in hell of taking any.  LOL!  The way the kids went for them we could have had no candy at all and no one would have complained.

     Good idea for next year.

     You all have a good one.

It’s Trick or Treat nite here!

  Decorations up?  Almost done.  Vampire teeth, skulls, and bones ice cubes made?  Check.  Candy?  Check.  Lasagna ready?  Check.  Fancy Halloween cupcakes ready to go?  Check.  Wine and drinks ready?  Check.

Well then, LET’S PARTY!!!!

Thanks, Annie. I needed a little retail therapy.

     My cardiologist appointment yesterday went very well and I can stop another medication now.  I don’t go back to see him for another six months.

     Afterwards, I had entirely too much fun.   Annie and I went out for the day.  We drove about looking at Halloween decorations on houses, then we went to several stores.  Bad that Halloween stuff is on sale everywhere.  Good that Halloween stuff is on sale everywhere.

     Yes, I bought a lot of stuff.  I finally bought a huge cauldron, I’d eyed those up for years.  I found a light up scary pumpkin that I may turn into a great large prop later.  12 Ft. of fake chain managed to follow me home.  A bouquet of black roses, 6 goth hair clips to keep my hair out of my eyes, two bags of mini bones for use with the Voodoo dolls next year, a black leather spike and skull wrist band, spooky skull earrings, a skull and fang bracelet, 3 Sparky T-shirts (one for The Curmudgeon), and a pair of PJs that have bull terriers and other dogs on them.  Whew!

     Then we stopped for a an appetizer, water, and a drink.  We won’t go into that.  Suffice it to say, I had them take my drink off the bill, it was that bad.  Okay, we weren’t spending a fortune on food but we still deserved service as well as any other customer.  Our food, a simple appetizer, took forever and our drinks took even longer to get to the table.

     A little window shopping after that and we were ready to head home.

     You all have a good one.  I certainly did!

I ordered these cookie cutters


     I couldn’t resist them. 

I hate wireless crap!

     I am not amused today.  I spent well over two hours trying to get my printer to talk to both my desk top and lap top computers.  It still refuses.  I don’t know what they are fighting over, an affair with another printer?  I don’t think so.  Is my printer in some sort of snit over something the computers or wireless router said?  Maybe.

     All I know is, I am a writer, I need my printer to work, and it isn’t working.  I walked through the Verizon In home Agent app. and that lying piece of crap is no help what-so-ever!  I am mere seconds from throwing the printer through a wall. 

     No, that threat didn’t help, the printer still refuses to talk to my computers.  Wireless, a real pain in the ass piece of crap technology for the masses to hate.  Even my wireless mouse is crap good thing it’s only for my lap top.  I had a wireless keyboard and got rid of it.  I like my hard-wired keyboard.

     You all have a good one.  I imagine I will once I take a sledge-hammer to my printer.  😀

Another disappointing night… and a few notes

    I can’t believe that I looked suspicious to somebody as I stood outside looking at the sky.  Okay, it could’ve been the black hoodie with the Voodoo doll on it that caused the problem.  😀  I kid you of course.  I was disappointed again tonight even with the crystal clear sky I could not see even one meteor.   I could see Orion but not one meteor.

     Is it just me, or do all Pez candies taste stale?  And why do I still like them anyway?

     I find that I sometimes get a kick out of the spammers.  Akismet does a great job catching them and keeping them from being a pain in the Astrix.  I love reading some of the comments they leave behind and often wonder how they think anyone would fall for the BS.  I especially love when they call me ‘guy’ after all I do believe if they actually read this stuff they’d know I was female.  Right?

     You all have a good one!


Dang it, can’t see the meteor shower.

     I often wish I could hit a switch and turn out many of the lights that we have here in the city.  I really wanted to watch the meteor shower but we have so much light pollution that it is impossible to see anything but the brightest stars.

     I truly miss living in the boonies at times like this.  In fact, this is when I whine to The Curmudgeon about needing to hit the lottery so we can move out-of-town.  We’d never have the $$$ to move otherwise.

     To those of you who have a lovely night-time sky, think of me when you look up at all those stars, and send me some lottery winning vibes.  😀

     You all have a good one!

Gavin and Patty tell their side.

     **Gavin** We sure didn’t want to go outside yesterday, but Mommy made us.  She was mean.  She pushed us out the door into the pouring rain.  So what if she came out with us without a jacket or umbrella, We say it was raining, we didn’t want to be out in the wet grass.

     Mean old Mommy made us wait until five minutes after five to get our dinner.  I scolded her real loud.  Patty stood by her dish.  Not fair, Patty went on a secret mission with Mommy and she won’t tell me about it.  I know they went in the new car ’cause Patty smelled like it when they came back.

     **Patty**  Hehehe, I told Gavin that Mommy and I went on a secret mission day before yesterday and it’s driving him crazy.  (Mom and I went for a walk in the park with Auntie Annie)  Mommy and I couldn’t go for a walk yesterday, it rained a lot.  She says we can go sometime next week except for the day she has a doctor appointment. 

Finally got a walk in

     I wish I’d taken my camera along on our walk yesterday.  Miss Patty enjoyed herself so much!  

     When we first got to the park, I did walk over to a woman who had her little dog off lead, I ever so politely told her that she needed to put her dog on its leash because I was getting my dog out of the car.  My dog is larger, has a real problem with her dog’s breed since we have one next that she hates.  

     My dog is dog aggressive because she was attacked by a dog whose owner let her dog jump our fence and attack my dog. (I am sorry to say the dog was an apbt.)  The dog didn’t deserve such a completely irresponsible owner.

     Anyway, the woman at the park was very nice and quickly moved off with her dog.  We met two more owners with leashed dogs, both of whom I warned about Patty’s dog aggression, and we gave them plenty of room.

     The new collar proved to be very successful, I only had to give Patty one minor correction.

     Miss Patty was worn out and passed out at seven p.m. the rest of night all we heard from her was snoring.

     You all have a good one!