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Short break…


     I suffered a myocardial infarction on Wednesday evening.  I am now home but on restricted activity for a while. 

     Hugs to you all!

Updated punch list on MIL’s house


    Minor hardwood floor repair—back bedroom, clean and paint a few walls in the basement, tile and laminate flooring installation in the bathroom and kitchen.  Install a new toilet in the bathroom.  Cosmetics—power wash and seal the front porch.  Possibly buy a new screen door for the front.  Install new light in kitchen.  Paint touch ups.  Install attic ladder and clear out the attic.

     We have the roofer coming to do the garage roof. 

     The list is shorter.

What a difference!

The MIL’s house is painted!!!!


     I am going over to see the house and pay the painter today.  Yes, I am taking my camera along too.  According to N it looks fantastic, especially the wall where the chimney is.  G is going with me to check it out.  Hey Chuck, you and the boss ought to come down and see it too.

     I went to Beachhead Comics to see Jonathan Maberry yesterday and we had a nice visit.  Much to my surprise, I also managed to find someone there that was interested in buying the tool chests. 



     One thunderstorm after another blasted through here last night pouring buckets of rain down upon us.

     My internet connection isn’t happy.  I keep getting tossed off line.

     You all have a good day.

The other shoe has dropped


     Whew, we got the estimate for the repairs on the garage roof today.  OUCH!  However, we know we can’t possibly sell the house without the repairs.  We’re going to go into debt for sure. 

     This house had better sell and it’d better sell for a decent price.  We have to recoup our expenses and it’d be nice to have enough left over to do the repairs to our own house that need doing.  For now it’s going to be a borrow from Peter to pay Paul sort of thing. 

     Wish us luck because we’re going to need it in this economy.

They will call me when he’s finished painting…


     I CAN’T WAIT!

      I took pictures of the worst of the walls when we were over at the house Wednesday.  Once the painting is done, I’ll take pictures of the same areas, then I’ll post the before and after pictures.

     The biggest change will be the wall where the fireplace is because right now you don’t notice the fireplace.  On either side of it, they have wood and the wood blends the fireplace in so that the natural stone fades away and all you see is a very dark wall.  Our painter is going to paint that wood.

     In the kitchen above the cabinets is the same wood.  It makes the kitchen dark and dismal.  That too is getting a coat of paint.

     Here’s to Crumb Cookie white and the miracle of a fresh coat of paint.



     I am so excited!  The house is going to be painted this weekend.  G and I went over today and managed to do a little wall scrubbing.  The next-door neighbor N and her husband J were already there and had the living room and kitchen done plus she’d scrubbed the bathroom!  

     When we left today, we decided to go directly over to the local Lowes and pick up the paint.  Then we took it back to the house.  All the paint is there ready for the painter.

     One of her sons (K) had mopped the basement floor and the older son (J) took the organ apart and has it out at the curb for garbage.  These people are real gems, I don’t know what G and I would’ve done without their help.  We’d still be cleaning things out of there.

     Hey, Chuck we’re ready for you to do your magic!  The rugs will be out of there as soon as the paint dries.  The neighbor’s son J can’t wait to drag those rugs out.

Let the painting begin!


     Today G and I will be cleaning walls and getting ready for the painter to work this weekend.  The neighbor was over cleaning the living room walls yesterday and told me I won’t believe the difference with just that done.

     When we leave, we’ll load the 1950’s dinette into the car and take it to Goodwill.  All that leaves in the house is my dresser, armoire, the cedar chest, and the damned organ.  I can’t even give that organ away!  No one wants it.  Now I’ll have to pay someone to come and take it away.

     I’ve talked to my next-door neighbor’s son about coming over to the house and using his scaffolding and ladder to get into the attic for us.  I hope we can quickly clear the attic of stuff.  I really have no idea what is up there.  I hope not much.

They don’t want to go to sleep


     It’s been one of those nights.  Neither dog will go to sleep.  If it isn’t one it’s the other. 

     “Need to go out.”

     ” Want attention.”

     “My ear is itchy.”

     “Bark, bark, bark…I heard something.”

     “Wanna go out again.”

     Dang dogs!  GO. TO. SLEEP.  It’s four in the morning!!!!

Things are ripening in the garden


Neat exercise apps on the Kindle


     I’ve downloaded two 99-cent exercise apps.  One is a yoga program that times each pose for you and the other one is an Ab strengthening app.  This should be interesting.

     I hope to start my day with a couple of routines.  It’ll be nice to get back into the swing of regular exercise.  I’ve been too stressed and too tired even to think about it lately.  I have missed going to yoga classes with G but the price went up too high for us to go.

     Now that things are moving along on the house, I imagine I’ll be able to take the time out for me and do the work.  I’ll also be able to hit the weights again, something I’ve not done in a while.