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Yard sale

One week to the yard sale. G and I are setting up in my yard. I still have to find my tags, finish digging through things, drag all sorts of stuff outside, and get a price out of The Curmudgeon for the riding mower.

Gawd, I hate doing yard sales. I am willing to haggle with people but geez, I can’t give the stuff away. We need the money.

I dread it. You can see some of the stuff on the page




Updates on The Curmudgeon

A lovely 64 degrees at a little past midnight. I do love cool nights they make for good sleeping.

Someone please explain how I pulled a stomach muscle yesterday. It has a lot to do with owning two bull terriers. 😀

A dinner of beer battered codfish, fried to a perfect golden brown, and served with french fries, made The Curmudgeon very happy.

He needs some happy, the neurosurgeon said there is nothing they can do for him. The damage is too bad and whatever they did would only make it worse.

I’ve been worried about him, he’s been looking rather thin. I was right, he  told me that they weighed him at the neurosurgeon’s office and he is the lightest he’s ever been since before I met him back in 1971. This is not a good thing him being underweight. I wish it were me taking off the pounds. He can’t afford to.

I don’t know what we’re going to do now. He’s in constant pain and his pain medications are not giving him much relief. He’s falling into another deep depression, I’m thinking they’ll need to adjust his antidepressants.

I appeal to his friends to please come see him, he needs to have his mind taken off his pain and company is a wonderful distraction for him.


Home from the fair

Forgot my camera, no big deal, it looks the same as last year.  As we were leaving to go The Curmudgeon handed me a nice sum of money and told me to get him a T-shirt anything over what that cost was mine to spend as I wanted.

G and I walked out to the fair and wandered all through it. We even went into the livestock barns.

In the entire fair we found only two stands that sold T-shirts. One had crap but at the other one we found him a Dragon T we knew he’d love.

Then I found a silver skully ring I liked. After which G and I had an early dinner of lobster rolls and lemonade. I bought The Curmudgeon a cheese steak–he mention a few nights ago that it had been quite a while since he had one.

When I got home, I told him he bought me a real nice ring. He looked at it and said, “I have good taste.”

To which I replied, “Yes, you do.”

He loved his T-shirt and cheese steak sandwich.



The Great Allentown Fair

Today G and I are going to the fair. We enjoy a walk to the fairgrounds and look-see along with stopping to sample the food at several different stands.

We aren’t there very long, but we do have a good time.

Pictures from last year.
















Last call for plants.

Yesterday I moved my iris and day lilies that I plan to keep. G picked up the plants she wanted. Now I have to get the rest of the plants off the pond area so I can begin the process of leveling the yard.

I have one stella ‘doro day lily, two other day lilies pictured below, and a rather large yucca plant that need homes. There’s also a large clump of zebra grass and a miniature lilac plant I need to re-home, but they are safe where they are for now.



Big rant here.

I saw a nasty comment about all cops on Facebook and went a bit off my nut on someone.

One bad cop does not mean all cops are bad any more than one bad basketball player, waitress, dentist, or doctor means all basketball players, waitresses, dentists or doctors are bad.

Then I remembered …Oh, yeah, bigotry doesn’t just come in racist packages.

Bigot (disambiguation)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A bigot is a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from their own or intolerant of people of different political views, ethnicity, race, class, religion, profession, sexuality or gender.

I am married to a retired on disability cop. A man who has the kindest soul, and who gave of himself selflessly every year he served on the police force. A man who often went above and beyond for you, the people.

He’s the cop who stepped between you and whatever threatened you to protect you.

He gave you CPR when you were dying. He put pressure on your bleeding wounds until medical help arrived without thinking once if he could get sick from you.

He wiped your tears and held your hand when you were injured, raped, suicidal, or lost a loved one.

He walked for hours, in the woods at night, searching by the light of a flashlight, calling out for you until he lost his voice, to find you when you were lost.

He found you and brought you home.

He worked double and triple shifts in bad weather to make sure there was coverage.

Jay in uniform

Did you clean up?

When you went for a picnic in the park did you clean up your mess and take it with you? Did you properly dispose your trash? Is it so very difficult to carry it home or put it in a park provided receptacle?

When you went fishing did you clean up your trash? Was it you who left all the balled up fishing line and Styrofoam containers on the bank? If you left that mess, you are an ass-hat.

While on your hike did you properly dispose of or take home with you your granola wrappers or did you drop them on the ground like an idiot?

Did you toss your water bottle along the road when you finished it? If you did, you are a selfish pig.

When did people quit teaching their children to leave a cleaner place behind you than how you found it? My family’s golden rule was that when you were out communing with nature, you cleaned up your mess and any other you found.

So someone else dropped their candy wrapper, it doesn’t mean that it is okay for you to do it too. A respectful, caring person not only picks up their own trash but they clean up any other trash they see around them.

I know of a few people, other than The Curmudgeon and me that do this. How unfortunate that I only know of a FEW people who do it.

Please people, teach your children to take care of the world. The easiest way to start is to teach them not to litter.

HPIM3994Please help keep the world litter free.



1st of the new Dr. Who

Did the ten-minute preshow yammering before they started the season’s first Dr. Who episode drive anyone else crazy? I’m not a rabid Whovian fan but really? You need to spend ten minutes talking like idiots about a TV show before the show begins? Then have to rehash it two hours later?

It’s an effing TV show, people. I did enjoy it and yes, this Dr. looks to be darker than the last Dr. Who.

I swear it’s like news analysts talking about a political speech for an hour afterwards. Duh, I heard the speech I don’t need to hear them pick it apart and throw in their opinions.

The same goes for the idiots who analyze a sports event afterwards. Are these people really necessary?

Why do the networks think this crap is what people want to see or listen to?

And don’t get me started on 99% of the reality shows.

HPIM4053Howling wolves are more entertaining.



HPIM4073 I’ve got my headphones on I am grooving to the music.

HPIM4072Oh Momma, lay off with the flash.

No yard work …

Rain, we needed it. We are getting some. This means I will transplant flowers Sunday or Monday when the ground is nicely softened from two days of rain.

I moved bricks to line the side garden from where it was to the front fence. I have bags of soil and peat ready to fill in there and I even have a bit of mulch for that area.

Lucy is not happy about the rain. She’ll survive even though she doesn’t think she will. Poor little sugar baby thinks she’ll melt.

Gavin never seems to mind the rain even when it is coming down in sheets.

Next week The Curmudgeon goes to see a neurosurgeon. I’ll keep you all updated on what is going on there. All we know now is that he has fractures at his T-10 spine. Some new and some old. If they can repair the damage, he will have a lot less pain.

You all have a good one!


New season of Dr. Who

Love it.  BBC is running a Dr. Who marathon before the new season begins on Saturday. I’ve been watching it since dinner time.

It should be interesting to see how the new Dr. Who is characterized in this season. From the preview flashes he’s older and sounds like he could be a harsher personality.

Could this be the darkest season yet?

What do you think?


Yes, it’s true I’ve been working on my Halloween props for months.

We have plans for another single large prop with some smaller effects for the porch this year.  We are working on our design.

We aren’t mechanics so we’re a bit stuck on how to make our prop move. However we are quite resourceful so we’ll see what happens.

Last year’s porch decor…