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What crawled up his butt?

     As I sit here at the computer I am giggling.  Why am I giggling?  Because Gavin, the foolish old dog, has barked at me all night.  He claims I am not paying him enough attention, or something along that line.

     This is not your average bark coming from him either.  It’s a higher pitch scolding bark with the stink-eye to go with it.  All I can do is laugh, which makes him scold me all the more.

     It’s not like I didn’t spend a few hours snuggling with him on the couch after dinner or scratching his belly off and on all afternoon.

     Him spoiled?  No…um…well… not much.

     Don’t worry, Patty gets her share of attention around here, but she insists on her Daddy doing it. 😉

     You all have a good one!


Nope, I am planting my butt on the couch.

     I will not be leaving the house today.  I refuse to go anywhere near a store on Black Friday.

     I had to work many a Black Friday when I was a retail manager.  I hated it then and I hate it even more now.  I don’t know how many of you hard-core bargain hunters are aware that most of the people working in those stores you throng to are there not from choice but because it is ‘work the day or get fired.’

     Oh yes, while you get to enjoy your time off retail workers don’t get the time off.  Keep this in mind when you are dragging your feet at closing time on Christmas eve too.  They can’t leave until you get the heck out of the freaking store.  Are the bargains really worth it?

English: DC USA, Target, Black Friday

English: DC USA, Target, Black Friday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have I run out of wall space yet?

    Not on your life.

I put the third picture up on the wall  and I still have room for more.     HPIM3410

If you can’t see it well enough…

HPIM3409 Here it is.

HPIM3411This one is my absolute favorite picture…a water color by Maggie Burns. What a fabulous talent she is.

Honoring my Father

     My father died on this day in 1995 after spending 15 years in a nursing home.  He’d suffered a major stroke that took away his power of speech and some of his reason.

     Not a day goes by where I don’t think of him and miss him terribly.  I have few pictures of him, the ones I do have, I treasure.





I love you Pop.

Mom and Dad

No, we don’t stuff ourselves and watch football.

     Thursday, I’ll throw together a dinner for two.  Nothing special… some ham, green beans, and canned yams.  Maybe I’ll defrost two pieces of cheesecake for our dessert. We aren’t big into holidays after Halloween passes.

     Once this week is FINALLY over with, I can get back to a somewhat normal life.  Although, going shopping for normal, every-day items will become more difficult with idiot Xmas shoppers crowding the stores and parking lots.

     I really hate this nonsense.  When we did ‘celebrate’ the holiday I had all my shopping done by July or August.  Screw getting a bargain.  It’s no bargain if you have to deal with fools.  

     You all have a good one!

Whole green beans in a carton.

Whole green beans in a carton. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not my favorite time of year.

     I truly do hate the months of November and December.  I find them depressing and way over rated. My Dad died in November and we buried him in December.

     I hate that a simple trip to the grocery store turns into hell on wheels because so many people are idiots.  You had an entire year to shop for gifts, why did you wait until the last-minute?

     Can I please just skip ahead to January?  And not the first of it either since that is when my Mother died and with her the last of my immediate family.

     So maybe February would be better.  I could easily hibernate until then. 

the scream

Busy day yesterday…

     Starting to box and set aside items for our spring yard sale.

     This toy fire truck, a Vintage Smith Miller SMFD No. 3 Aerial Ladder Fire Truck, B Mack Cab/L Mack Rear, from the 1950’s will not go out unless I find a person willing to pay a premium price for the toy.  It is quite large and metal.  Best offer over $400.00 gets it.  The Curmudgeon was never allowed to play with it so it is in mint condition.  firetruck

Shawnee Tom the Piper’s Son and S&P Shakers–$160.00  OBO.… will go out.


As will this guitar.


This crock


     And this  1952 1953 1954 Hudson Wasp Medallion Ornament OEM parts RARE vintage part!


Dr. Who 50th anniversary.

       Yes, I spent the entire week watching all the shows on BBC America and last night watching the anniversary movie.  I am not a rabid Dr. Who fan, but I do enjoy the show.

       I have discovered which villain creeps me out completely.  Not the Daleks, nope.  It’s the weeping Angels!  OMG.  They completely creep me out!

     Which Dr. Who villain stepped on your creepy meter?   

Don't blink

Don’t blink (Photo credit: Scorpions and Centaurs)

Not finished?

I never realized how many pictures I had to hang on the walls.  Some are new and some have been down for a while.

Yesterday I climbed up and down the ladder so many times I know I’m going to feel it when I wake up.  LOL!  However, it was worth it, it’s so nice to see pictures on my walls.

I still have a few to hang, but the majority of them are up and I am one happy camper.  When I paint, I will take down one wall’s worth at a time and hang them right back up as soon as the paint is dry.





It is a light!

     A while back I bought a Satco Nuvo Lighting 60/2409 Moulan 1-Light Mini Pendant with Champagne Linen Glass.  Did not open it until the electrician (The Curmudgeon and neighbor) was here to put it up, the glass is cracked, too late for a return.

     I couldn’t find anyone who carries replacements and I need a replacement.  After doing exhaustive online searches for a replacement shade, I finally contacted the company that makes the lights by E-mail.  Within minutes I had an automatic response.  However, a few minutes after that I had a solution.

     Hurrah! They are supplying me with a replacement.  I love Satco!!! 

HPIM3391Ugly ass light from MSTB.

HPIM3393So not necessary.

HPIM3394New, beautiful light.

HPIM3395I sure do love it even though it is cracked…one can barely see the crack here.

You all have a good one!

Gavin’s day.

HPIM3389He was so ticked about being at the vet’s he wouldn’t look at me.

HPIM3388Since it was his birthday I put ribbons on his bag of poo.  His gift to the lab.

Doesn’t he look thrilled to be there?

HPIM3390Still wouldn’t look at me even though he was almost done.  Such a happy looking boy…NOT.  Gavin is showing a cataract in one eye and the beginnings of one in the other eye. This is to be expected at his age.
He has a clean bill of health.  Shots are up to date. I am very impressed with their new policy of calming bandannas. With him it worked.  He got a full inspection from Patty when he got home.

You all have a good one!

Gavin’s Birthday!

     It certainly doesn’t feel like twelve years have passed, but they have. Today is Gavin’s twelfth birthday. The poor boy got a bath yesterday and today he gets to go to the place he dreads and hates the most, the vet’s. I am such a mean dog Mommy.  😉


birthday hats

Birthday ColorfulNoiseMakers


      You all have a good one!