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So The Curmudgeon decided…

Made the decision, that…well he should (finally) replace my desk top that he got hacked a few years ago and thus left me stuck with my lap top.

For years now I have missed the comfort of my back lit keyboard.

I missed my big monitor. I didn’t have to lean forward and awkwardly tilt my head to read the screen.

So sometime soon, in this New Year, I will be enjoying a new desk top and I will shred the content down to e-mail access and word on my lap top and give that to him to use. Like he’s going to use it more than once in a great while.

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So of the things I collect…

There are favorite little toys. Most of them are target dog toys.

I added a new one and it arrived today.


She’s a bit better…


Momma spent the day in her PJs and sipping on ginger ale when she wasn’t sleeping.

She feels much better tonight but thinks she’d better buy more ginger ale tomorrow just in case.

Love to all,0928171538


Momma is sick

Hi, Lucy here.

Momma spent the night throwing up her toenails.

I am snuggling her.


I have no will power…

I realized that today when I pigged out on the cookies G gave us.

This is why I seldom bring home anything other than dark chocolate candy. At least I can limit my intake of the candies because I try to stretch them out.

Oh, poor baby…NOT

So Individual #1 was whining on twitter (as usual) …he’s all alone.

Yep, you sure are you big bag of foul wind.

Most of us wish you were alone in a prison cell facing charges of treason and the fitting sentence that goes with the conviction.

Up against the wall–No, not that one–Mother fucker, the wall you stand against for the 21 gun execution for treason to this country salute.

We all wait with bottles of champagne to celebrate your ending.



We had fun

Good friends, good food, good time!


Sleepy dog

She still knows that truck…

Lucy’s boyfriend (Carlos) parked out front this evening with his big PU truck. She was sound asleep but heard that.

I had to open the front door and motion for him to come over just to keep her happy.

She gave him a loving over complete with hugs, kisses, and ear sniffles.


A old picture of them together

Shame on you, Donald…

You have no heart, soul, or humanity.

You are nothing more than a spoiled brat who never takes into consideration the harm you do to others, or, if you do, then you seem to enjoy inflicting harm on others.

You are a small-minded, insignificant, child tyrant.

You will never be more than the moronic, bloated, piece of trash that you have always been.

Never will you live up to the even worst of the past leaders of this nation.

One day you will be a mere footnote in a history book because the harm you have caused will place you into that category of People We Choose to Forget.


Fun day…

It started with a trip to giant for the sour cream I forgot to get on Tuesday and for the butter flavored Crisco G needed for her cookies.

Then a stop at Sumo’s for lunch.


From there to the farmers market. where I picked up zesty lemon stuffed olives and sauerkraut from the NY Pickle Factory. A nut roll and a poppy seed roll from the kiffle stand. Smoked and not smoked cheese cubes, sweet and regular Lebanon bologna cubes at a meat and cheese stand. Ending with The Curmudgeon’s bar cookies and a bottle of wine for G’s Xmas gift.


Sleeping in?

Didn’t happen. Lucy and I were rudely awakened by another nonsense call from CVS, as per usual, one hour before my alarm went off.

“Do you want this prescription you’ve moved to the archives refilled?”

Um, if I moved it to the archives I’d say….no!

Pissed off?

Hell yeah.

Color me grumpy…all day.

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