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Wow, I forgot how much I enjoyed sitting on my porch

We had a nasty, rude neighbor, who tormented us, made it a misery to sit outside, we quit sitting on my front porch. It’s been a few years since we got to enjoy it.

He moved.

The entire neighborhood celebrated.

This summer …we take back the porch.



At least that floor is clean…

The dogs had tracked in so much mud it had to be done. I can’t believe that it took me an entire day yesterday to mop the kitchen floor. I used to get every floor in this house mopped in that amount of time.

This is what happens when your back gets wrecked by a Curmudgeon and two dogs.

Anyway, today I am wearing red and not lifting a finger. I am on strike.



Look what the squirrels missed!

I kept it hidden in an onion bag as it grew. The bag even had onion skins in it.

They didn’t find it.

I picked it today.


What, did someone put our phone number on scammers anon list?

I had to block some more numbers yesterday.

Now we are getting the (woo scary) scam calls from the IRS. (Cough bullshit.) They are going to sue us! (Cough cough double bullshit.) Call us back at this number… Oh how I wish I had saved it so you all could call them back!

Oh wait…checking the blocked caller list on my phone…I do have the number from which they called me!


Y’all have some fun with that.

Maybe I should post all the scammers numbers I’ve blocked and let you have some fun…would you like that?

Today’s T-shirt



Scammed again? Not quite.

The Curmudgeon got scammed not too long ago and it cost me my desk top computer. He’s not allowed on the computer any more.

He also owes me a new desk top. I’m stuck on the lap top for now.

Yesterday I was outside with Gavin and when I came in he told me the IRS had called saying they were going to sue us and we should call such and so number.

“No dear.”

“They said they were suing us.”

“The US government doesn’t sue you. They don’t phone you either. It’s a scam.”

“Glad I didn’t call them back,” he said.

Didn’t THEY call back later (had the same phone number) and when I answered the phone they hung up. Yep, I’m betting it was the old scammer with a new scam.

He never did like me because I called him what he is. A lying, cheating, scumbag whose tiny dick would never rise to the occasion again because I told him I cursed him.

Curses! Got to love how they can dig into a guilty person’s brain and totally fuck them up.

When I answer the phone, he hangs up.

We know it is him because I have blocked his number each time with each new number he’s tried. There’s no mistaking him, he talks to The Curmudgeon and The Curmudgeon hands the phone over to me, the man cries in fear and hangs up.

WitchToday’s T-shirt.


No rest for the stressed

12/11/15 9:38 p.m. blood pressure is 124/70.

He walked better but still lacks the strength to do too much of it. At least he’s alert and more himself. I am certain now that he was accidentally over medicating.

Between him and the pups I don’t think I got a moment to myself all day.

So glad I put our dinner in the crock pot so I didn’t have to worry about what to cook and when.

I’m hoping in the morning that I can sneak in a shower and a change of clothes. Maybe I can even do laundry.

beach2I’d rather be here.

Well, The Curmudgeon is home

I think he may be getting around better now than he was before he went into the hospital.

Lucy spent a lot of time on his lap after he got a chance to sit down. She even coaxed him into stretching out on the couch for a bit just before dinner.

Gavin also got his happy welcome home Dad tail wags and sloppy greetings. However, he was more interested in the new smells on his Daddy’s bags than he was in his Daddy.

The Curmudgeon enjoyed his bean soup dinner, one of his favorites. Topped it off with mince-pie and he was in hog heaven.

10:50 12/3/2015 blood pressure 110/70, and this is just the first day.


Getting things ready for him to come home

I made a grocery store run and loaded up on things for The Curmudgeon. He loves various frozen breakfast items he can make for himself and the freezer is now fully stocked for him.

Since he’s lost so much weight and needs to put some back on, I bought pudding cups for him to try. I also have some high calorie, flavorful, easy for him to eat, meals planned.

Those days I’ll eat something else. I seriously do not need the extra calories.

He’s coming home Thursday so I don’t have a ton of time to get things in order.

HPIM3842Didz you sez Daddy iz comingz home?!


Flirty old fart

Took some clean clothes over to The Curmudgeon yesterday. Found him in the cafeteria just finishing lunch. Of course the man was seated at a table with two women…the flirty old fart. Always the charmer, him.

He was looking so much better than he was when all this crap started. It’s hard to believe we came so close to losing him mere weeks ago.

Look who is waiting for him to get home.

ready for the first snow

Whoohoo! I have all of my files!

I finally got brave and connected my Passport hard drive to my lap top. I had feared the hacker had found it and infected it too since I had it connected to my desk top when he struck.

He missed it! Yay! It is clean and clear of any interference.

I have all my books, all my pictures, everything!

Doing a happy dance!

And to the hacker I say: